Decision Support Database - Burden Of Disease And Conditions

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Burden of Disease or Conditions Decision Support Database provides information on exhaustive list of Measurements on Incidence, Prevalence and Mortality for different types of Communicable and Non Communicable Disease.

Table of Contents

Decision Support Database - Burden Of Disease And ConditionsResearch OverviewAbout this DSDSample TableCommunicable Disease ConditionsIncidence of Acute PoliomyelitisIncidence of AIDSMortality due to AIDSIncidence of DengueIncidence of DiphtheriaIncidence of Gonococcus InfectionIncidence of Haemophilus influenzae Type B invasive diseasePrevalence of HIVIncidence of LegionellosisIncidence of MalariaIncidence of MeaslesIncidence of Meningococcal MeningitisIncidence of MumpsIncidence of PertussisIncidence of RubellaIncidence of SalmonellosisIncidence of SyphilisIncidence of TetanusIncidence of TuberculosisIncidence of Viral haemorrhagic FeversIncidence of Viral Hepatitis AIncidence of Viral Hepatitis BCancer Incidence and MortalityIncidence of Total CancerIncidence of Bladder CancerIncidence of Brain CancerIncidence of Breast CancerIncidence of Cervix CancerIncidence of Colon Rectum CancerIncidence of Liver CancerIncidence of Lung CancerIncidence of Prostate CancerIncidence of Stomach CancerMortality due to Total CancerMortality due to Bladder CancerMortality due to Brain CancerMortality due to Breast CancerMortality due to Cervix CancerMortality due to Colorectal CancerMortality due to Liver CancerMortality due to Lung CancerMortality due to Prostate CancerMortality due to Stomach CancerNon Communicable DiseaseIncidence of Age Related Macular DegenerationPrevalence of Age Related Macular DegenerationPrevalence Of Alzheimer's DiseaseMortality Due To Alzheimer's And Other DementiasPrevalence of ArthritisPrevalence Of AsthmaPrevalence Percent of AsthmaMortality due to Asthma Bronchitis and EmphysemaPrevalence of Cardiovascular DiseasesIncidence of Bladder CancerPrevalence Percent of Cardiovascular DiseasesIncidence of Brain CancerPrevalence of Coronary Heart DiseaseMortality due to Coronary heart diseaseIncidence of Cervix CancerIncidence of Myocardial InfarctionMortality Due To Myocardial InfarctionIncidence of StrokeMortality due to StrokePrevalence of StrokeMortality due to Cerebrovascular diseaseMortality due to Circulatory DiseasesMortality Due To Rheumatic Heart diseasePrevalence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseMortality Due To Respiratory DiseasePrevalence of DementiaIncidence of DiabetesPrevalence of Type 2 DiabetesPrevalence Percent of Type 2 DiabetesPrevalence Of DiabetesPrevalence Percent Of DiabetesPrevalence of Diabetics Foot UlcerPrevalence Percent of Diabetics Foot Ulcer Prevalence Of Renal FailureMortality due to Renal FailurePrevalence of Urinary IncontinencePrevalence Of EpilepsyMortality due to EpilepsyIncidence of GlaucomaPrevalence Of GlaucomaPrevalence of HypertensionPrevalence Percent of Hypertension in Total PopulationMortality Due To HypertensionMortality due to Liver FailureMortality Due To Nervous DiseasePrevalence of Parkinson's DiseasePrevalence of SchizophreniaPrevalence of Multiple SclerosisMortality due to Multiple SclerosisBurden of Disease and Conditions - United StatesPrevalence Of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeIncidence Of ChlamydiaNumber Of Ears Nonfatal InjuriesPrevalence Of NeuropathyPrevalence Of PsoriasisPrevalence Of OsteoporosisIncidence Of GonorrheaPrevalence Of Erectile DysfunctionsIncidence Of Haemophilus InfluenzaeIncidence Of ShinglesPrevalence Of Trigeminal NeuralgiaIncidence Of West Nile VirusIncidences Of SepsisOthersHospital Discharge From Cerebrovascular DiseaseMortality Due To Road AccidentsNumber Of Casualties In Road Accidents

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