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Economics and Demographics Decision Support Database Service is a compendium of various Economic, Demographic and Topographic measurements which are critical for any business to evaluate the external environment it operates into. In today’s highly competitive market, it has become extremely important for the businesses to understand the changing environment and demographic pattern. This DSD service provides good insight into these aspects, thus helping businesses in evaluating the potential addressable market for its product and services

Table of Contents

Decision Support Database - Economics & DemographicsResearch OverviewAbout this DSDSample TableGross Domestic ProductNominal Gross Domestic ProductPer Capita GDPNominal GDP Growth RateReal GDP (in Local Currencies)Real GDP (US Dollars)Real GDP Growth RateGDP DeflatorConsumer Price IndexExchange RateGross National IncomeAgricultural Output - Value AddedGDP Composition - Agricultural Sector PercentageManufacturing Output - Value AddedGDP Composition - Manufacturing Sector PercentageIndustrial Output - Value AddedGDP Composition - Industrial Sector PercentageService Industry Output - Value AddedGDP Composition - Service Sector PercentageGovernment Consumption ExpenditurePercent Government Consumption ExpenditurePrivate Consumption ExpenditurePercent Private Consumption ExpenditureGross National Disposable IncomePer Capita Disposable IncomeDisposable Income Per HouseholdTotal ExportsPercent Export in GDPTotal ImportsPercent Import in GDPPercent Total Trade in GDPGross Domestic SavingsPercent Gross Domestic SavingsAverage Households SavingsForeign Direct InvestmentsHousehold ExpenditureTotal Household Consumption ExpenditureConsumption Expenditure per HouseholdPercent Total Household Consumption Expenditure in GDPPopulationTotal PopulationTotal Female PopulationTotal Male PopulationTotal Population Sex RatioTotal Infant PopulationFemale Infant PopulationMale Infant PopulationPercent Infant PopulationInfant Population Sex RatioPopulation 5 to 14 yearsFemale Population 5 to 14 YearsMale Population 5 to 14 yearsPopulation Below 15 YearsFemale Population below 15 yearsMale Population Below 15 yearsPercent Population below 15 yearsPopulation Below 15 years Sex RatioPopulation 15 to 24 yearsFemale Population 15 to 24 yearsMale Population 15 to 24 yearPopulation 25 to 34 yearsFemale Population 25 to 34 yearsMale Population 25 to 34 yearsPopulation 35 to 44 yearsFemale Population 35 to 44 yearsMale Population 35 to 44 yearsPopulation 45 PlusFemale Population 45 PlusMale Population 45 PlusPercent Population 45 PlusPopulation 45 to 54 yearsFemale Population 45 to 54 yearsMale Population 45 to 54 yearsPopulation 55 to 64 yearsFemale Population 55 to 64 yearsMale Population 55 to 64 yearsPopulation 25 to 64 yearsFemale Population 25 to 64 yearsMale Population 25 to 64 yearsPercent Population 25 to 64 yearsPopulation 25 to 64 years Sex RatioPopulation 65 Plus Female Population 65 PlusMale Population 65 PlusPercent Population 65 PlusPopulation 65 Plus Sex RatioNumber of HouseholdsPerson Per HouseholdNumber of Students in SchoolsGraduates and Post Graduates StudentsUrbanization RateUrban PopulationRural PopulationSex Ratio in Urban AreaSex Ratio in Rural AreaUrban Agglomerates with more than 1 million PopulationUrban Agglomerates with more than 5 million PopulationUrban Agglomerates with more than 10 million PopulationLanguage by percentage populationBirth Rate Total Number of BirthsDeath Rate Total Number of DeathsTotal Life ExpectancyFemale Life ExpectancyMale Life ExpectancyFertility Rate Infant Mortality RateTotal Illiteracy RateTotal Illiterate PopulationMale Illiteracy RateMale Illiterate PopulationFemale Illiteracy RateFemale Illiterate PopulationTotal Population living below poverty linePercent Population living below poverty lineLabour Force and EmploymentLabour ForceMale Labour ForceFemale Labour ForceParticipation RateMale Participation RateFemale Participation RateTotal EmploymentMale EmploymentFemale EmploymentEmployment RateMale Employment RateFemale Employment RateTotal UnemploymentUnemployment RateWorkforce aged between 15 to 24Workforce aged between 25 to 64Workforce aged between 65 and abovePercentage of Workforce contributed by persons aged between 15 to 24Percentage of Workforce contributed by persons aged between 25 to 64Percentage of Workforce contributed by workforce aged 65 and aboveEmployment in Agricultural EnterprisesPercentage in Agriculture SectorEmployment in Mining EnterprisesPercentage Employment in Mining SectorEmployment in Manufacturing EnterprisesPercentage Employment in Manufacturing SectorEmployment in Industrial EnterprisesPercentage in Industrial SectorEmployment in Service EnterprisesPercentage in Service SectorPublic Sector EmploymentPercent Public Sector EmploymentTeleworkersTopographyLand Area including Inland WaterwaysLand Area excluding Inland WaterwaysCropland AreaPermanent Pasture Land AreaForest & Woodland AreaOther Land AreaPopulation DenistyInfrastructureRoad NetworkRail NetworkNumber of AirportsNumber of PortsInternet PenetrationMainlines Per HouseholdMobile PenetrationPC PenetrationPC Per HouseholdTeledensityTelevision Installed BaseTV PenetrationEnterprisesTotal EnterprisesMining EnterprisesManufacturing EnterprisesIndustrial EnterprisesService EnterprisesSmall EnterprisesMedium EnterprisesLarge Enterprises

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