Decision Support Database - Health Behaviors and Status

Decision Support Database - Health Behaviors and Status


North America
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Health Behaviors and Status Decision Support Database focuses on the habitual indicators, as well as on major transplants and surgeries performed across countries and occupational injuries involved in different sectors. Measurements in this DSD help to make a comparative study on the risk factors associated with different disease conditions across geographic regions.

Table of Contents

Research Overview

  • About Health Behaviors and Status DSD
  • Sample Table

Habitual Indicators

  • Total Prevalence of Smokers
  • Prevalence of Male Smokers
  • Prevalence of Female Smokers
  • Per Capita Consumption of Cigarettes
  • Total Red Meat Consumption
  • Per capita Red Meat Consumption
  • Total Alcohol Consumption
  • Per capita Alcohol Consumption
  • Prevalence of Obese Population

Transplants and Surgeries

  • Prevalence of Cataract Blindness
  • Prevalence Percent of Cataract Blindness
  • Number of Cataract Surgeries
  • Number of Cochlear Implants
  • Number of Heart Transplants
  • Number of Kidney Transplants
  • Number of Liver Transplants
  • Number of Lung Transplants
  • Number of Pancreas Transplants

Workplace Injuries

  • Total Workplace Injuries
  • Workplace Injuries in Agricultural Sector
  • Workplace Injuries in Industrial Sector
  • Workplace Injuries in Service Sector
  • Workplace Injuries in Manufacturing Sector
  • Workplace Injuries in Mining Sector


  • Number of Abortions