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Table of Contents

Decision Support Database - Power EquipmentResearch OverviewAbout this DSDSample TableInstalled CapacityElectricity Installed Capacity - Total (Million KW)Electricity Installed Capacity - Thermal Power Plants (Million KW)Electricity Installed Capacity - Hydel Power Plants (Million KW)Electricity Installed Capacity - Nuclear Power Plants (Million KW)Electricity Installed Capacity - Other Sources (Million KW)Electricity Installed Capacity by AutoproducersPower Generation & DistributionElectricity Generation - Total (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Thermal source (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Coal (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Oil (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Gas (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Hydel source (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Nuclear source (Billion KWh)Electricity Generation - Other sources (Billion KWh)Dependency RatioTransmission and Distribution Losses as a Percentage of Total OutputLength of Transmission and Distribution NetworkElectrification (as a percentage of Total Population)Electricity Generation by AutoproducersConsumer ProfileNet Electricity Consumption (Billion KWh)Electricity Consumption - Per capita (KWh)Demand Growth of Electricity Consumption (Percentage)Electricity User Profile - Commercial Consumption (Billion Kwh)Electricity User Profile - Residential Consumption (Billion KWh)Electricity User Profile - Industrial Consumption (Billion KWh)Electricity User Profile - Transport Consumption (Billion KWh)Electricity User Profile - Others Consumption (Billion KWh)Electricity User Profile - Percentage Of Commercial UseElectricity User Profile - Percentage Of Residential UseElectricity User Profile - Percentage Of Industrial UseElectricity User Profile - Percentage Use In Transport SectorElectricity User Profile - Percentage Use In Other SectorsElectricity Customers - Residential ('000)Electricity Customers - Commercial ('000)Electricity Customers - Industrial ('000)Household Expenditure on Electricity as Percentage of Consumption ExpenditureElectricity Revenue Per CapitaPower PricesElectricity Prices - Commercial Electricity Prices - ResidentialElectricity Prices - IndustrialElectricity Prices - OthersElectricity Revenue as Percentage of Private Consumption ExpenditureElectricity Revenue as Percentage of Disposible IncomeElectricity Revenue - TotalElectricity Revenue - Household SectorElectricity Revenue per HouseholdElectricity Revenue - Industrial and Commercial SectorElectricity Revenue per EnterpriseElectricity Revenue - Other SectorsOthersPower Industry StructurePower Sector Reform StatusMajor Power Generation CompaniesElectricity Contribution to GDP (Percentage)Number of HouseholdsNumber of Enterprises

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