Desalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis (Technical Insights)


This "Desalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stateholder Analysis" research service analyzes the technological trends in desalination and benchmark the important desalination techniques using analytical hierarchy process. The pertinent technologies that has been considered for the benchmarking at the commercially successful techniques such as multistage flash distillation, multieffect distillation, and reverse osmosis. for any technology, stakeholders are very important and hence, this research study has identified the stakeholder networks and has provided with a detailed stakeholder analysis for a desalination project.
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Table of Contents

Desalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyResearch ScopeResearch MethodologyResearch FindingsResearch SnapshotKey FindingsDesalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis (Technical Insights), Technology Snapshot and TrendsTechnology CapabilityTechnology PrimerDesalination Techniques - Pros and ConsTechnology Maturity and ReadinessTechnology Maturity Technology ReadinessDesalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis (Technical Insights), Key Stakeholder Analysis and Technology BenchmarkingStakeholder Analysis and Technology AssessmentStakeholder Networks Analysis of Stakeholder RequirementsAnalytical Hierarchy Process-Competitive Technology BenchmarkingOverview and Benchmarking CriteriaPrioritization of Level 0 and Level 1 CriteriaEvaluation of AlternativesFinal Priorities and AHP - Insights Analyst InsightsDesalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis (Technical Insights), Key Patents and ContactsKey PatentsApplied Patents - MSF and MEDApplied and Granted Patents - Reverse OsmosisContactsAcademic and Research ContactsCorporate ContactsDesalination--Technology Benchmarking and Stakeholder Analysis (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TableDecision Support DatabaseTotal Population--World (2004 to 2014)Total Freshwater Resources--Global (2005 to 2015)Water Consumption--Global (2005 to 2015)

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