Developments in Digital Twins

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This edition of the Future Tech TOE highlights the latest advancements in digital twin technology that are empowering sectors such as manufacturing, automotive and transportation, and others to enhance applications such as monitoring, control, asset management, and predictive maintenance. The TOE provides an overview of the key challenges, benefits, implementation barriers, industry initiatives, transformation success stories, and application impact in the digital twin technology space. The study also offers analysis of patenting trends revolving around various
areas under the technology, along with futuristic application ideas that the technology can trigger.

The Future Tech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures emerging innovations in research and development, or profile existing technologies which have seen a resurgence in terms of new markets and applications. It usually provides a technology overview, drivers, challenges, research and development, analyst insights and key patent information. In some cases, technology convergence scenarios and future growth opportunities are outlined. It covers innovations and technologies in a variety of industry spaces including manufacturing, sensors, electronics, information and communications technologies, networks, lighting technologies, healthcare, medical devices, materials and coatings, and developments in the energy sector that contribute toward a sustainable and greener world.

TechVision Information & Communication Technology cluster provides global industry analysis, technology competitive analysis, and insights into game-changing technologies in the wireless communication and computing space. Innovations in ICT have deeply permeated various applications and markets. These innovations have profound impact on a range of business functions for computing, communications, business intelligence, data processing, information security, workflow automation, quality of service (QoS) measurements, simulations, customer relationship management, knowledge management functions and many more. Our global teams of industry experts continuously monitor technology areas such as big data, cloud computing, communication services, mobile & wireless communication space, IT applications & services, network security, and unified communications markets. In addition, we also closely look at vertical markets and connected industries to provide a holistic view of the ICT Industry.

Keywords: Digital twins, digital replica, predictive maintenance, remote maintenance, digital factory, product lifecycle management (PLM)

Table of Contents

Developments in Digital TwinsTechnology Snapshot on Digital TwinsOverview of Digital TwinsKey Challenges for Digital Twin DevelopmentBenefits from Implementation of Digital TwinsKey Barriers for Digital Twin ImplementationKey Technology Focus Areas and IP AnalysisKey Technology Focus Areas for Digital TwinsPatent Publishing Numbers Rising Since 2016Innovators Aiming for US Patents Innovators from Europe and Asia Have More Granted PatentsApplication Potentials of Digital TwinsApplication Impact on Key SectorsKey Directions Of Digital Twin Development – Projects and Use CasesKey Directions Of Digital Twin Development – Projects and Use CasesKey Directions Of Digital Twin Development – Projects and Use CasesKey Directions Of Digital Twin Development – Projects and Use CasesAnalyst Point of ViewTechnology Convergence Will Create New Application OpportunitiesAnalyst InsightsAppendixPatent LandscapePatent LandscapePatent LandscapePatent LandscapeKey Contacts




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