Developments in Transparent Electronics (TechVision)

Advanced Materials and Display Technologies Drive Growth Opportunities

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Transparent electronics is actively being pursued as a key technology as it has the ability to revolutionize various converging technologies. Developments in transparent electronics are largely dependent on prime enabling technologies such as the manufacturing process, organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) display technology, and material sciences. The application of transparent electronics has influenced major markets and has harnessed the interest of various funding agencies.The transparent electronics industry is increasingly gaining attention from the government agencies in the form of both legislative and financial support. The trend among the players is to develop a structured supply chain and focus on dev

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Key Findings – Significance, R&D Focus Areas, and Applications 1.5 Key Findings – Global Challenges and Scenario, Industry Initiatives2.0 Transparent Electronics Technology and Market Landscape2.1 Transparent Electronics Significantly Enables Advancements in Various Technologies and Opportunities in Businesses 2.2 The Road So Far2.3 Advancements in Material Sciences, Process Technology, TFT, and Display Technologies Enable Transparent Electronics2.4 Impact on Mega Trends2.5 Increased Funding Opportunities and Penetration of Touch Devices Are Top Drivers for Technology Development2.6 High Initial Cost and Technological Limitations Are Prime Restraints for Technology Development3.0 Development Landscape and Innovation Areas3.1 Market- and Application- Driven Innovations Are the Key Development Areas3.2 A Strategic Overview of Materials and the Fabrication Process as Market-driven Innovations3.3 A Strategic Overview of Transparent Display, Lighting, Smart Windows, and Solar Cells as Application-driven Innovations4.0 Assessment of Materials Used in Transparent Electronics4.1 Snapshot of Materials Used in Transparent Electronics4.2 APAC and North America Expected to Gain Technological Dominance in the Transparent Materials Market4.3 Structuring the Supply Chain and Research Focus on Carbon Nanotubes and Silver Nanowires Are Popular Funding Choices4.4.1 Key Innovation Profile – Cambrios Technologies Corporation4.4.2 Key Innovation Profile – Corning Incorporated4.4.3 Key Participant Profiles in Transparent Materials4.5 Applications of Innovations in Transparent Electronic Materials, Including Consumer Electronics, Smart Wearables, and Lighting4.6 Strategic Perspectives5.0 Assessment of Transparent Display Innovation Landscape5.1 Snapshot of Transparent Display5.2 Increasing Innovations in the OLED-based Display Technology in the United States and the Republic of Korea5.3 Major Areas Receiving Funding Are Technology Development, Automobile Applications, and Supply Chain Enhancement5.4.1 Key Innovation Profile – LG Display Co. Ltd.5.4.2 Key Innovation Profile – Planar Systems5.4.3 Key Innovation Profile – AU Optronics Corp.5.5 Major Industry Participants5.6 Major Application Areas of Transparent Display – Gaming, Wearables, Mobile Displays, and Automobiles5.7 Strategic Perspectives6.0 Transparent Lighting Innovation Landscape6.1 Snapshot of Transparent OLED Lighting6.2 China and the Republic of Korea Are with a Strong Technological Leadership in Transparent OLED Lighting6.3 Commercialization Activities of Transparent OLED-based Lighting Receives Funding6.4.1 Key Innovation Profile – OLEDWorks6.4.2 Key Innovation Profile – Acuity Brands Lighting Inc.6.5 Major Industry Participants6.6 Architectural Lighting, Automobile Lighting, and General Lighting Are Key Application Areas in Transparent Lighting6.7 Strategic Perspectives7.0 Smart Windows Innovation Landscape7.1 Snapshot of Transparent Electronics7.2 Electrochromic Glass Innovations Trending towards Becoming Intelligent7.3 Efficient Energy Sources Actively Funded by Government Agencies7.4.1 Key Innovation Profile – SAGE Electrochromics Inc.7.4.2 Key Innovation Profile – View Inc.7.5 Major Industry Participants7.6 Buildings, Automobiles, and Aircraft Are Key Application Areas of Smart Windows7.7 Strategic Perspectives8.0 Transparent Solar Panels/Cells Innovation Landscape8.1 Technology Snapshot8.2 Prime Patent Holders Are Clustered in European Union, APAC, And North America8.3 Academic Research-based Spinoffs Being Increasingly Pursued by Funding Agencies8.4.1 Key Innovation Profile – Ubiquitous Energy8.4.2 Key Innovation Profile – SolarWindow Technologies Inc.8.4.3 Key Innovation Profile – Oxford Photovoltaics8.5 Ability to Transform Any Transparent Surface to an Energy-generating Surface Drives the Application Landscape8.6 Strategic Perspectives9.0 Emerging Application Segments9.1 Tiny and Transparent Sensors Are an Emerging Innovation Area9.2 Patent Insights and Strategic Perspective9.3 Transparent Batteries: Latest Innovations in Transparent Electronics10.0 Technology Roadmap and Growth Opportunities10.1 Technology Roadmap10.2 Growth Opportunities10.3 Key Questions for Strategic Planning11.0 Key Patents11.1 Key Patents – Transparent Electronics11.2 Key Patents – Transparent Display11.3 Key Patents – Transparent Lighting & Smart Windows11.4 Key Patents – Transparent Materials & Manufacturing Process12.0 Key Industry Contacts12.1 Industry ContactsLegal Disclaimer13.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story13.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story13.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career13.3 Global Perspective13.4 Industry Convergence13.5 360º Research Perspective13.6 Implementation Excellence13.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

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