Digital Innovations in Healthcare

Transformational Impact is Expected as Health Systems Become Hi-tech and Hi-touch

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The challenges in the US healthcare industry continue to make health accessibility, affordability, and availability increasingly difficult. As the 7Ps of healthcare become disrupted digitally, the ecosystem is expected to collapse but transform business operations. Emerging benefits of adopting digital transformation include lower re-admissions, better health outcomes, enhanced remote monitoring capability, and an overall increase in awareness of health, wellness, and well-being. Varying levels of platform maturity and the drivers for platform adoption, such as disease prevalence and ICT development, are expected to open up several opportunities.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryFive Industry Trends that Define the Future of Healthcare in the USDrivers for Growth of PDHPsHealthcare: Game Changers and their Impact on the FutureMarket AttractivenessTop 5 Things a CEO Should Know AboutMega Trends to Micro Booms—Definitions and Tie-insMega Trends to Micro BoomsConvergence of Mega Trends Micro Booms—Actionable Insights FrameworkIntroduction—Scope and SegmentationScope of the StudyBusiness IssuesBusiness IssuesBusiness Issues—Patient Digital Health Platforms(PDHPs) Poised to Disrupt, Collapse, and Transform the US Healthcare SystemCurrent State of US Healthcare System: Highest Spending GloballyTraditional Healthcare Vs Digital HealthcareDigital Platforms: Integrating the Fragmented Healthcare EcosystemDigital Innovations Fight Healthcare ChallengesMajor Transformations Across the 7Ps of HealthcareGrowth OpportunitiesGrowth OpportunitiesGrowth Opportunities—Patient Digital Health Platforms (PDHPs) Gain Prominence as Care Becomes Value Based and Moves Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital PDHPs Enable a Multitude of Value-Added ServicesGovernment Regulations Set Mandates for Technology AdoptionGovernment Regulations Set Mandates for Technology Adoption (continued)Technology Facilitates and Improves Healthcare OutcomesRepresentation of the Digital Health Ecosystem (Partial Listing)Care Coordination—QualcommPersonalized Care—IBM WatsonHealth and Fitness Tracking—Apple WatchMedical Adherence—Propeller HealthPatient Portal—Better DoctorData Privacy & Cyber Security—ImprivataPhilips—Value-based Care Strategies and InsightsStrategies and InsightsStrategy & Insights 1—Private & Public Digitally Focused Investments are Set to Increase Adoption of PDHPs Among Emerging Market Hospital ChainsDigital Health Platforms Help Hospitals Manage Patients BetterGrowth in ICT Adoption and Lifestyle Diseases Drive Hospital Networks to Standardize and IntegrateLarge Hospital Networks in Asia and ME—Best Opportunities for PDHPDespite Prioritizing Digital Health, Gaps Remain in Service OfferingsOpportunity Analysis for Various SegmentsApollo Hospitals, India, AsiaSiloam Hospitals Group, Indonesia, AsiaInvestment Outlays from Priority Hospital NetworksStrategies & Insights 2—As Care Moves Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital, PDHPs will be the Most Important EnablersPDHP—Macro Platform StructureEvolving Healthcare Ecosystem Of The FutureComparison of PDHPsComparison of PDHPs (continued)Comparison of PDHPs (continued)Comparison of PDHPs (continued)Care Beyond Hospital—Huge Impact on Healthcare CostsPayer Use Case: Walmart Shifts Focus from Cost to Value and Outcomes Provider Use Case: Integrated Practice Units (IPU) Around Conditions Drive Transparency, Consistency, and Reliable Long-term Care DeliveryPrescriber Use Case: DaVita ACO & Qualcomm Life Drive Home Care ManagementPatients Use Case: From Reactive to Personalized, Predictive and Preventive CareProminent M&As in the PDHP EcosystemStrategies and Insights 3—ML and AI will Transform US Healthcare System by Disrupting Predictive Analytics and Creating Cognitive Virtual Assistant PlatformsThe Arrival of ML & AI In Healthcare—Timely & DisruptiveAdvent of ML and AI Drives Smarter, Faster, Simpler Healthcare DeliveryMajor Healthcare Industry Transformations Due to ML And AIPositioning of Analytics—ML and AI CompaniesIBM-Watson HealthcareEnliticCancerIQNextITAiCure$425MTop RecommendationsTop RecommendationsCompany ProfilesCompany Profile—GoogleCompany Profile—PhilipsCompany Profile—Vivify HealthCompany Profile—QualcommCompany Profile—IntelCompany Profile—IBM-WatsonCompany Profile—Kaiser PermanenteCompany Profile—BetterDoctorCompany Profile—PractoCompany Profile—NextITCompany Profile—AiCureCompany Profile—EnliticCompany Profile—WelltokCompany Profile—CernerCompany Profile—United Health (Optum)Legal DisclaimerAppendixMicro Boom Research MethodologyBusiness Issues—Patient Digital Health Platforms(PDHPs) Poised To Disrupt, Collapse And Transform US Healthcare SystemDespite Barriers, Digital Health to be the Reality in the Near FutureModern Day Healthcare Needs Demand New Patient Engagement ModelsStrategies & Insights 2—As Care Moves Beyond the Four Walls of the Hospital, PDHPs will be the Most Important EnablersIntel—Collaborative Cancer CloudPhilips—Collaborative Care ContinuumWelltok—Cognitive Computing Intel Health And Life SciencesPDHP Ecosystem led by Technology CompaniesApple ResearchKit & HealthKitCisco Extended CareIBM WatsonIntel Trusted Analytics PlatformMicrosoft Connected Health FrameworkQualcomm Life EcosystemSamsung Architecture Multimodal Interaction (SAMI)ValidicVivify Health

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