EHR UsabilityCIOs Weigh in On Whats Needed to Improve Information Retrieval

A Frost & Sullivan CIO Survey in US Health IT

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Frost & Sullivan conducted an online survey of information technology (IT) professionals working in US healthcare provider organizations (primarily hospitals) from mid-March to mid-May, 2014. The maximum number of respondents was 66; the average number of respondents ranged between 50 and 66. Topics covered in the study include the deployment of electronic health records (EHRs) among US healthcare providers; typical expenditures for EHRs; perceptions of ROI for EHRs; common experience with information retrieval from EHRs; problems encountered with information retrieval from EHRs and the reason for those problems; core technology features needed to improve EHR search functionality; experience with core EHR vendo

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryThe Use of Electronic Health RecordsEHR Pain PointsResearch HighlightsKey Questions This Study Will AnswerResearch ObjectivesMethodologyHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Summary of Respondent DemographicsCEO’s PerspectiveExecutive Summary—3 Big PredictionsThe US Hospital EHR LandscapeGovernment Policies Drive EHR AdoptionThe Transition to EHRs Dominates Healthcare Providers’ IT Focus and EffortsDefinitions and Purpose of Meaningful UseCMS EHR Incentive Program Basics for Eligible Providers and HospitalsThe Status of EHR Incentive Payments for MUEHR Adoption Trends—HITECH has Spurred Impressive ProgressPhysician EHR Adoption TrendsHospital EHR Adoption TrendsSurveys Show Physicians’ Growing Frustration with EHRsSome Common EHR Pain Points for CliniciansKey Dynamics Influencing EHR UsabilityHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Health IT ExpendituresHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Health IT Expenditures* Among Respondent OrganizationsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Estimated Total Annual IT SpendHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—IT Spend as a Percent of Total RevenueHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Estimated Average Annual IT Spend per BedHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Estimated Average Annual Spend on EHRs per BedHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Attitude on ROI for EHR ExpendituresHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Attitude on ROI for EHR Expenditures by Bed SizeHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Perspectives on EHR Search FunctionalityHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Predominate Experience with Information Retrieval from EHRsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—EHR Information Retrieval Experience by Bed SizeHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Common Scenarios Encountered With Information Retrieval from EHRsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Causes of EHR Search ProblemsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Core Technology Features Needed to Improve Information Retrieval from EHRsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Highest Priorities for Improving Information Retrieval from EHRsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Current and Planned Use of Add On Technology to Improve EHR Information RetrievalHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Sources of Future Innovation for EHR Search FunctionalityHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Vendors Supplying EHRHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Quality of End-User Search Utility Among Core EHR Vendors*Survey Findings—Key Takeaways and DiscussionExperience with EHR Information Retrieval is a Mixed BagCommons Problems Encountered with Information Retrieval in EHRsKey Causes of EHR Search ProblemsCore Technology Features Needed To Improve EHR SearchPriorities for Improving Information RetrievalUse of Add On Technology to Improve Information RetrievalSources of Search Functionality InnovationCore EHR Vendors Deployed by RespondentsHow Core EHR Vendors Rate on Search FunctionalityThe Last WordThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Respondents By Organization TypeHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Respondents By Professional RoleHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Respondents By Number of Hospitals in NetworkHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Respondents By Number of Inpatient BedsHealthcare CIO Survey 2014—Respondents by Total Annual Revenue for Hospital or Hospital NetworkMarket Engineering MethodologyLearn More—Next StepsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition—Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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