Emerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights)


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This report covers developments in gene therapy and DNA vaccines, including new technologies; novel applications; market analysis; and key developments

Table of Contents

Emerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryOverview and PerspectiveOverviewThe TechnologiesScope and MethodologyThe MarketplaceMarket AnalysisBarriers to CommercializationEmerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights), Introduction to Gene Therapy and DNA VaccinesThe History of Gene TherapyThe BeginningThe SetbacksThe Middle GroundTypes of TechnologiesRetroviruses AdenovirusesAdeno-Associated VirusNaked DNAChemical and Physical MethodsOther Types of TechnologiesAlternatives to Gene Transfection Regulatory FactorsRNA InhibitionOther AlternativesEmerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights), Gene Therapy Markets and Barriers to CommercializationGene Therapy MarketGene Therapy MarketWhere to FocusMarket Sectors that Will Be Affected by Gene TherapyCancerApoptosis-Modulating TherapiesOcular Disorders: Therapies for Macular Degeneration and Retinopathy VaccinesDiabetes TherapiesCystic Fibrosis TherapiesAnti-TNF TherapeuticsRheumatoid Arthritis TherapiesBiotech DrugsBlood Disorder and ProductsOther SectorsBarriers to CommercializationBarriers to CommercializationEconomic BarriersRegulatory BarriersGene Therapy in Europe: Lagging BehindOther Critical BarriersEmerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights), Technology DevelopmentsVector and Gene-Transfer TechnologiesMirus: Transport Genes to Intracellular TargetsGenteric Inc: Gene PillsCytRx and Merck: Transfection Technology Brings Milestone PaymentPurdue: RNA-ATP Motors As Gene Delivery Vehicles?Athersys: Synthetic MicrochromosomesTargeted Genetics: Large Genes Packaged in Adeno-Associated VirusTargeted Genetics: Synthetic Liposome Gene Delivery Slows Tumor GrowthValentis and Schering AG: Polymer Based Synthetic Gene DeliveryUniversity of South Carolina: Silica and Polystyrene Nanotubes for Gene Delivery?Washington University: Nano Polish Dumplings Carry DNA Rice University: Unraveling the Mystery of Membrane FusionStanford University: Integrase Makes Gene Therapy SaferUniversity of California; Santa Barbara: Hydrogel Scaffolds for Gene DeliveryIntrogen: Adenoviral Vectors For Cancer TherapyGlygen: Glycoconjugates for Gene TherapyGene Therapies for Specific DisordersGenVec: TNF Gene Therapy Shrinks TumorsCeregene: Growth Factor Genes for Neurologic DisordersTargeted Genetics: CF Gene Therapy Introgen: PTEN Gene Therapy For Restenosis And MelanomaDynavax: Immunostimulatory DNA Sequences in Asthma TrialsHybridon: Tiny Pieces of DNA May Fight Infections; Cancers; and InflammationAngiogenic Therapies: Blocking or Promoting Blood Vessel GrowthAntisense TherapiesHybridon: Antisense Compound for Prostate CancerIsis: Antisense for Crohn’s disease in Phase IIIIsis: Antisense for Pancreatic Cancer in Phase IIIsis: Antisense Inhibitor of TNF-alpha in Phase II for ArthritisIsis/Lilly: Antisense Drug for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer DisappointsIsis Regains Hepatitis Compound from ElanGenta: Antisense Drug for Colorectal Cancer Enters Clinical Trials AVI: Oral Antisense AgentsAVI: Antisense Drug Protects KidneysAVI: Antisense Drug Boosts Cancer ChemotherapyAVI: Antisense Vs. RestenosisAVI: Antisense Compound Prolongs Drug Half-LifeAVI: Antisense Drug Prolongs Paclitaxel LifeAcorda: Antisense Technology for Spinal RepairNovaRx: Antisense Cell Vaccine in Phase II Trial for CancerEpiGenesis Pharmaceuticals: Antisense Targets Asthma ReceptorAptamer TherapiesDuke University: Aptamers For The Rational Design Of Drug-Antidote PairsEyetech Pharmaceuticals: Anti-VEGF Aptamer Blocks Blood Vessel GrowthCyntellect and University of Texas: Thioaptamers Resist BioterrorismVitex: Aptamers To Remove Prions from Blood ProductsGenta Inc: Decoy Aptamers for CancerDNA VaccinesTargeted Genetics: Preclinical AIDS Vaccine Looks GoodVical: DNA VaccinesVical and Merck: Naked DNA for HIV VaccineVical: Ebola VaccineVical: Human Tests of Anthrax DNA VaccineVical: Testing Malaria Vaccine With US NavyRemedyne Corp: Bacteria Deliver DNA Vaccines to Dendritic CellsTherion: Anti-Cancer Vaccines Use Multiple Antigen GenesGenzyme: Vaccine Uses Fused Tumor and Dendritic CellsGenzyme: Dual-Antigen Melanoma Vaccine in Phase IIGenVec: Malaria and Dengue Virus Vaccines for NavyMerck; Vical; and Crucell: HIV Candidate Elicits Persistent CD8+ and CD4+ T-cell ResponsesEpimmune: IND for HIV VaccinePowderJect Vaccines: Powder Injection Vaccine TechnologyGenvec: $10 Million from NIAID For AIDS Vaccine R&DElectroporationGenetronics: Electroporation Technology for Cancer TherapyValentis and Genetronics: GeneSwitch Gene Regulation SystemGene- and RNA-Regulation TherapiesSangamo Biosciences: Transcription Factors Control Gene ExpressionSangamo And Onyx: Vaccine and Zinc Finger Binding Give 1-2 Punch to Tumor CellsAlfacell: Ribonuclease May Zap Micro-RNAs and Interfering RNAsMirus: Delivery of Genetic Control through RNA Interference UC Berkeley: Light Controls Gene Expression Inside CellsGenetically Engineered Cell TherapiesAriad: Stem Cell Therapy for Blood DisordersCell Genesys: Cancer Vaccine Uses Genetically Modified Tumor CellsPPL Therapeutics: Genetically Alter Pigs for Organ DonationStanford University: Gene Therapy Corrects Collagen Defect in Skin CellsTranskaryotic Therapies Inc: Autologous; Genetically Modified Cells for Hemophilia A; Diabetes; and OthersChromos Molecular Systems: Artificial Chromosomes for Gene DeliveryGene Repair TechnologiesIntronn and University of North Carolina: Genetic Repair by Correcting Pre-mRNAArgonne National Lab: Using Light To Repair Defective GenesEmerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights), International Initiatives in Gene TherapyResearch and Development in EuropeMologen: The New Minimalism—Tiny Cassette Combines Advantages of Plasmid and Viral VectorsMologen: DNA Vaccine Against LeishmaniasisMologen: Autologous Cancer Vaccine Looks Good in Clinical TrialSchering AG: Angiogenic Genes in Clinical TrialsTransgene and Mirus: Vectors Pushed from Bloodstream into Muscle TissueTransgene: Adenoviral Cancer Therapies Pass Phase I TrialsOxford BioMedica: DNA Vaccine for CancerArk Therapeutics: Viral Vector Gives TKO to Malignant GliomaAventis: Angiogenesis and MoreEuropean SPOTTY DOG Collaboration Targets PolymersResearch and Development in Asia PacificMayne Pharma: Sheep Virus For Human Cancer Gene Therapy Takara Bio and MolMed: Suicide Genes for Cancer; and HIV InhibitionIC-Vec (Mitsubishi Chemical + Imperial College): An Improved Liposomal Vector SystemTohoku University: Enzyme Gene Overcomes Chemotherapy ResistanceInovio AS and Australian Institute of Animal Science: Electroporation for DNA Vaccine Against ParasitesEmerging Developments in Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines (Technical Insights), Technical Insights 2003 Science and Technology AwardsProduct Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Transfer AwardAward DescriptionAward Recipient

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Release Date : 21-Nov-18

Region : North America

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