Emerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights)

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Food processors are now looking for techniques that could result in the mildest possible processing but at the same time retain their original characteristics such as taste, texture and nutritional value to the greatest possible degree. This research service provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging technologies in the field of Food processing technologies.This research service lists out the major technology challenges and drivers along with the technology adoption drivers. This research service also profiles noteworthy innovations across companies and universities worldwide.

Table of Contents

Emerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights), Executive Summary Scope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyKey FindingsNoteworthy Emerging TechnologiesAssessment of Emerging Food processing TechnologiesTechnology Drivers and Restraints BriefingEmerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights), Emerging Thermal Technologies Emerging Thermal Processing TechnologiesRadio Frequency HeatingMicrowave Processing Ohmic Heating and Inductive HeatingInfrared Heating Technology Drivers & RestraintsTechnology Adoption DriversTechnology or Product Development RestraintsDevelopments in Universities and CompaniesE-Field Technology: CanadaPEF for Recovery of Oil from Plant Origin and Liquid Foods: GermanyMicro-Ionization Heating to Enhance the Rate of Cooking: CanadaInnovative Radio Frequency in Food Preparation: USAOhmic Heating and PEF Technologies: USARadio-Frequency Heating Technology for Minimally Processed Fish Products: GermanyNovel Technique for Uniform Heating in a Microwave: SwitzerlandMicrowave Oven with a Simultaneous Heating Operation: Korea Emerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights), Emerging Nonthermal TechnologiesEmerging Nonthermal Processing TechnologiesPulsed Electric Field TechnologyPulse Light ProcessingHigh Pressure ProcessingOscillating Magnetic Field TechnologyFood IrradiationOsmotic TreatmentTechnology Drivers and Restraints Technology Adoption DriversTechnology or Product Development RestraintsDevelopments in Universities and CompaniesHigh Voltage Solid State Systems: USAHPP for Pasteurization and Sterilization Applications: GermanyFood Processing Technique for Longer Shelf-Life and Nutritional Value: USANovel Food Processing Techniques to Retain Freshness and Texture of Foods: USASteripulse-XL System to Aid in Sterilization for Food Processing: USANovel Research for Modeling Temperature--Pressure Process: ITALYEnzyme Kinetics at High Pressure and Temperature: BelgiumPEF Technique for Pumpable Foods: Netherlands Emerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights), Key PatentsEmerging Thermal and Non-Thermal Processing TechnologiesSome Key Patents in Thermal ProcessingSome Key Patents in Non-Thermal ProcessingDatabase of Key Industry Participants and GlossaryKey Industry Participants in Companies and OrganizationsKey Industry Participants in Universities and AcademiaGlossaryEmerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology Leadership Award Description Award RecipientTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward RecipientEmerging Food Processing Technologies (Technical Insights), Critical Reference Tables Decision Support Database TablesButter ExportButter ImportButter ProductionCoffee ProductionConsumer Expenditure on Food and BeveragesCorn ProductionFrozen food productionMargerine ProductionPoultry DataPoultry Meat Production

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