Emerging Market Growth—Executive Insights on Nigeria and Kenya: Changing Business Environment and Emerging Opportunities

Africa Rising: Policies, Trends, and Business Conditions Shaping Growth Opportunities in Africa

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Frost & Sullivan experts get together to present an executive briefing on the new wave of emerging markets with a special focus on Nigeria and Kenya. Africa is expected to remain among the fastest-growing regions globally and local content policies (LCPs) appear to be increasingly shaping industry. Nigeria has implemented LCPs across oil and gas, automotive, and food and beverage industries, and Kenya has implemented LCPs across infrastructure and automotive industries. The briefing begins by identifying trends and growth opportunities for Africa as a whole, followed by a deep-dive analysis of Nigeria and Kenya.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Africa- A Macroeconomic Outlook
Top Regional Trends
A Look into Sub-Saharan Africa’s Economic Growth
An Assessment of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Moving Towards Enhanced Intra-Regional Trade
Sub-Saharan Africa’s Evolving Business Environment
Africa’s Favorable Demographics
The Urbanization of Africa
Projects in Emerging Mega Cities
The Mobile Money Platform Catches On
Case Study—Success of M-Pesa
Digitalization Across Healthcare and Education
Power Sector Challenges
3. Nigeria in Focus
Nigeria—Country Snapshot
Key Political Trends
Evolving Local Content Policies (LCPs)
LCPs in Nigeria’s Automotive Industry
LCPs in Nigeria’s Food Industry
Economic Outlook
4. Kenya in Focus
Kenya—Country Snapshot
Key Political Trends
Kenya’s Growing Geothermal Capacity
The Transport Infrastructure Boom in Kenya
LCPs Across Kenya’s Automotive and Food Industries
Economic Outlook
5. Top 5 Predictions
6. Q&A with the Country Expert

List of Figures & Charts

1. Geothermal Installed Capacity, Kenya, 2010–2014, 2017
2. Top 5 Recipients of FDI Inflows, Africa, 2014

1. Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Growth, Select Regions and Blocs, 2012-2020
2. Breakup of Inward FDI Stock by Sector, Africa, 2012
3. Share of Economies that Made at Least One Reform to Make Business Easier to Do and Average Number of Reforms Per Economy, Global, 2014–15
4. Population Age Structure, Africa, 2000–2025
5. Population Structure by Class, Africa, 1990–2010
6. Distribution of Urban Population, Global, 2000–2025
7. Percent Population with Account at a Financial Institution, Select Regions, 2014
8. Percent Population* with Mobile Money Account, Select Regions, 2014
9. Real GDP Growth, Nigeria, 2012–2020
10. Real GDP Growth, Kenya, 2012–2020
11. Geothermal Installed Capacity, Kenya, 2010–2014, 2017

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