Emerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights)


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This report discusses the latest developments in drug delivery; what kind of research is under way; who is working on what; how are they progressing; which applications show the most promise; and what obstacles still remain to be overcome before commercialization can begin or mature.

Table of Contents

Emerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryOverview and PerspectiveScope and MethodologyOverviewEmerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights), IntroductionIntroductionSubject SynopsisA List of Drug Delivery Methods and DevicesDescriptions of Drug Delivery MethodsOral DeliveryInjection TechnologiesTransdermal Drug Delivery SystemsInhalation DeliveryImplantsOcular DeliveryTargeted DeliveryLiposomesMicro-encapsulationColloidal ChemistryPolymersNanotechnology and MEMSEmerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights), MarketsMarket ForecastsTechnology ListingOverall Drug-Delivery MarketNeedles and SyringesNeedleless Injectors MarketOral Controlled ReleaseVaccine DeliveryPulmonary and Intranasal Drug DeliveryTransdermal Drug Delivery SystemsSite-Specific Delivery and Other MethodsBiotechnologyMarket DriversPatent ExpirationProprietary systemsPartnership Rather Than ConsolidationAdditional Market driversDevelopment ChallengesChallenges for Drug DeliveryTechnical HurdlesMarkets BarriersMarkets BarriersFear of the NewCostEmerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights), TechnologiesBiological Vectors, Carriers, and SynthesizersSalmonella Delivers Anticancer AgentsRNA-Binding Prodrug-cum-Catalyst Creates 'Smart Bomb' Drug DeliveryVirus Cages Play Host To Deliver DrugsAlgae Shells for Nano-Delivery DevicesTaking Control of Molecular Synthesis in MicroorganismsAntibodies Target Drug Delivery to Tumor Blood VesselsListeria Protein May Get Drugs across Intestinal BarriersGene Regulation Delivers DrugsRadio-Controlled DNA for Drug Delivery?Polymer ChemistryUp the Tempo of Novel Polymer DesignA Smart Nanoporous System with Comb PolymersCombined Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis of Sugar PolymersPEG and Gamma Radiation Form Star Polymers for Drug DeliveryOral Insulin Delivery? PEG + Casein + Calcium PhosphateComposite Acts Like Hydrogel and Conducting PolymerMake Rubber NanowormsMesh-Like Structure Precisely Controls Drug ReleaseShape-Memory Polymers Resist Creep BetterA Tiny Capsule Goes a Long WayTurn Enzymatic Activity on and offPolymerization in Micro-emulsion: Functionalize Polymer Particle SurfacesBifunctional Polymer Stabilizes PeptidesIonic Interaction Controls Erosion and DissolutionEmulate Nature to Build Designer Polymers from Modular PartsSmart Polymer for Carriers and Slow-Release ImplantsAmphiphilic Starlike Macromolecules Improve Polymer/Drug DeliveryPolymeric Micelles Help Medicines Penetrate Multidrug-Resistant Cancer CellsKeeping Drugs in the StomachColloidal ChemistryNanoparticle Halos Stabilize Colloidal SuspensionsSilicon ChemistrySmallest Silicon Particles Light the WayOrganosilicon Materials for Drug DeliveryInhalation DeliveryCoating Makes for More Convenient Inhalation Drug Delivery; with Fewer Side EffectsLarge Particles Can Reach Deep in to LungsInhaler Pushes Liquids Deep into AlveoliCarrier Structures and EncapsulationFullerenes (Buckyballs)DendrimersGelsNanotubes; Nanospheres; Nanoparticles; and CubosomesMechanical Delivery: Microfluidics, Micropumps, and MEMSMechanical Delivery: Microfluidics; Micropumps; and MEMSImplantable Microchip Releases on DemandMEMS Skin Patch to Deliver Metered DosesLight Moves Liquid on Chip-Sized Delivery SystemsElectricity Can Pump Medicine in Implanted Medical DevicesBubbles and Sound Pump MicrofluidsUsing Photocapillarity to Move Liquids at NanoscaleSimulate Fluid Flows in MicrofluidicsNew Micropump Uses BubblesAssemblers for Nanotech Applications Funded by NISTBiomolecular Motors with Propellers Can 'Live' inside CellsLiving Fuel Cell and Osmotic Pressure Power Drug Delivery ImplantsCrossing Barriers: Needles; Iontophoresis; Ion channels; and OthersPainless Microneedles Deliver DrugsSupersonic; Needle-Free InjectionTransdermal Microarray Is Truly Cutting-EdgePotassium Channels Increase Drug Delivery to Brain Tumors.Ultrasound Device for Insulin DeliveryImplants and ScaffoldsCoating Process May Increase Implant Success.Bioreactor Biocapsule Provides Steady Drug SupplyTiny Drug-Delivery Rods for Image-Guided Tumor ImplantsAnchoring of Metal Complexes Inside Nanoporous AluminaFiber Surpasses Silkworm SilkUse Biorubber to Replace Damaged TissueMolecule Mimics Tissue Nanostructure; May Target Drug DeliveryAltered Drug MetabolismAntisense Agent Alters Drug Metabolism in LiverAlter Structure of Drug Molecule to Control ReleaseInjection Alternative. Membrane FusionBuccal Delivery Alternative to InjectionUnraveling the Mystery of Membrane FusionEmerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights), AppendixUS PatentsPatents. July to November 2002Patents. January to June 2002Emerging Technologies in Drug Delivery (Technical Insights), AwardsAwardsTechnology InnovationTechnology Leadership

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