Emerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip: Microarrays and Biochips (Technical Insights)


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This research service analyzes technology development of microarrays and biochips. Consequently its impact in the development of LOCs

Table of Contents

Emerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, Executive SummaryIntroductionIntroductionHistoryBackgroundMicroarrays and BiochipsDNA Microarrays Proteomics and Protein chipsAnalyzing MicroarraysApplications PharmacogenomicsBioinformaticsEmerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, Markets; Drivers; and Challenges to Commercialization Markets and Market ForecastsIntroductionMarkets and Market ForecastsPharmaceuticals Industry Diagnostic ApplicationsNanotechnology and NanobiotechnologyMarket DriversLife-Sciences ResearchPoint-of-Care Diagnostics/BiodefenseTechnical Challenges and Barriers to CommercializationMoney; As UsualStandardizationDiagnosticsIndustry Conservatism DNA Chips--Optimization of Hybridization Emerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, TechnologiesDNA and RNA ArraysGeneChip: The Original Disposable DNA Probe Arrays--AffymetrixEntire Human Genome on a Single Chip--Agilent Technologies IncReally Big Chip for Whole Genome Gene Search--Upstate Medical UniversityDiagnostic Rival to PCR Sets DNA Detection Sensitivity Record--Northwestern UniversityArray Uses Chemiluminescence for Femtomolar-Level Sensitivity--Applied BiosystemsProtein ChipsSELDI Protein Chip--Ciphergen Biosystems IncAffinity Binding Immobilizes Proteins but Retains Function--Prolinx Inc.Microarrays as Sensors for Chemicals and MicrobesMicroelectrode-Array-Based Cell Sensor to Detect Chemicals--University of CaliforniaTiny Microheaters as Protein Sensors--University of WashingtonXerogel Arrays Sense Numerous Chemicals--University at Buffalo; University of New York Laser-Based Fluorescence for DNA Adduct Detection--Ames Laboratory Gold Nanoparticles and Color Changes for Microbe Detection--Nanosphere Inc.Other Types of Biochip ArraysBrain-on-a-Chip--University of IllinoisGlycan Array for Glycomics Applications--Consortium of GlycosciencesDetection MethodsNanowire Detectors Instead of PCR--Harvard UniversityDetecting Genetic Variants via Base Stacking--Nanogen Inc.Microfluidic ArraysMiniaturized Liquid Array Bioassays--Luminex CorporationUltrahigh-Throughput Via Flow-Through Array--BioTrove Inc. Biochip Design and Assembly: Microprinting; Lithography; CoatingsNanofabrication Combines Best of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processes--Nanogen Inc.Miniaturized Biochips: A Million Spots in One--NanoInk Inc. Additional CompaniesEmerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, International EffortsAustraliaAustralia and Japan: Chemical Inkjet PrinterUniversal Array Hopes to Identify EverythingDenmark and FranceA Novel Fabrication Process for Cantilever-Based Mass SensorsSpeed DNA Separations on ChipCanadaDNA Switch Senses Big And Small MoleculesMultiplexed Biological Detection Using Luminescent Quantum DotsSelf-Assembling DNA WireIsothermal DNA TagsGermanyBenchtop Arrayer Digital In; Microarray OutCMOS BiochipsIsrael and ItalyNovel Pollution Biosensor Uses Enzyme InductionMEMS DNA Lab-on-a-Silicon ChipJapan and South KoreaWet Protein Chips Help Biology Labs Charge Sensors Can Detect DNA SequencesNorway; Spain; SwedenNucleic Acid Clues for Homeland SecurityMicroarray Analyzes Gene Function in BacteriaEmerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, Patents and ContactsPatentsPatents IPatents IIPatents IIIContactsCompaniesUniversitiesEmerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientEmerging Technologies in Lab-on-a-Chip, Decision Support Database TablesDecision Support Database Relevant to This StudyNumber of Biotech Companies (1999 to 2006)Goverment Biotech R&D Investment (1999 to 2006)Government Healthcare Expenditure (1999 to 2006)Healthcare Expenditure as Percentage of GDP (1999 to 2006)Private Healthcare Expenditure (1999 to 2006)Pharmaceuticals R&D Expenditure (1999 to 2006)Percentage of Pharmaceuticals R&D Expenditure (1999 to 2006)

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Release Date : 21-Nov-18

Region : North America

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