Emerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights)


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Descibes research and technology development highlights in the field of diabetes treatment.

Table of Contents

Emerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyScope and SegmentationMethodologyDiabetes--An OverviewTypes and Related Health ComplicationsUnderlying Causes; Symptomatic Diagnosis and Treatment ApproachKey FindingsEmerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights), Emerging Therapies in Diabetes - Technology AnalysisTechnology PrimerCurrent Diabetes TherapiesNoteworthy Emerging Diabetes Therapies Noteworthy DevelopmentsCorporate SectorResearch Institutions and UniversitiesFuture Trends; Strategic RecommendationsFuture TrendsAnalyst Views and Strategic RecommendationsEmerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisTechnology Drivers and RestraintsPharmacotherapyInsulin TherapyPancreas TransplantIslet Cell TransplantArtificial PancreasGene TherapyFunding Analysis; Alliances; Mergers and AcquisitionsFundingAlliances; Mergers; and AcquisitionsEmerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights), Assessment of Emerging Therapies and Screening Methods for Diabetes in Key Companies and UniversitiesTechnology Innovations in Companies--North America Breakthrough Inhalable Insulin Therapy Relieves People of Painful Injections--USANew Class of Oral Drugs for Diabetes--USAUnique Diabetic Drug Based on Drug Repositioning Strategy for Type 2 Diabetes--CanadaAntidiabetic Drugs Promote Natural Metabolism by Mimicking Natural Hormones--USAOral Insulin Spray for the Treatment of Diabetes--CanadaFast Acting Nasal Spray Formulation of Insulin for Diabetes Patients--USANovel Protein-Based Therapeutics for Treating Diabetes-Related Complications--USANoninvasive Screening Technology for Detecting Prediabetes and Diabetes--USAScreening for Diabetes through Diagnostic Imaging of the Retina--USANovel Drug for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes with Potential Long-Term Benefits--USAUnique Combination Drug for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension--CanadaNovel Combination Drug for Type 2 Diabetes--USANovel Small Molecule Drug Controls Blood Sugar without Causing Hypoglycemia--USADevelopment of Bioartificial Pancreas for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes--USAIntegrated and Compact Insulin Delivery System--USATechnology Innovations in Companies--EuropeNovel Drug Addresses the Twin Problem of Diabetes and Obesity--FranceNanotechnology-Based Insulin Pump for Pain-Free Delivery of Insulin--SwitzerlandNovel Range of Diabetes Care Products to Serve a Broader Patient Community--DenmarkNovel Antidiabetic Drug Targeting the Pancreatic Islet Dysfunction--SwitzerlandNovel Drug Preserves Beta Cell Function in Type 1 Diabetes--SwedenNovel Drugs that Treat Diabetes and its Complications Enter Clinical Trials--UKTechnology Innovations in Companies--APACHealthy Neonatal Porcine Islet Cell Transplantation Technology for Insulin Production--AustraliaNovel Peptide-Based Drug that Uniquely Targets Diabetes and its Resultant Complications--AustraliaTopical Human Insulin Product for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes--AustraliaCombo Drugs Gaining Recognition for Treating Type 2 Diabetes--JapanTechnology Innovations in Universities--WorldIdentification of Potential Therapeutic Targets for Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome--USANew Method of Treating Diabetes Using a Naturally Occurring Fatty Acid--USANovel Designer Approach to Treat Type 1 Diabetes--USAUse of Chromium as an Adjunct in the Pharmaceutical Therapy of Diabetes--USAStudy Identifies the Role of Brain in Diabetes Therapy--USADelivering Insulin Genes through a Unique Mechanism Boosts Gene Therapy of Diabetes--USAEmerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights), Patents and Key ContactsPatentsUS PatentsEuropean PatentsKey ContactsCorporate ContactsUniversity ContactsEmerging Therapies for Diabetes (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseBiotechnology--Companies; R&D; Funding--WorldNumber of Biotech Companies (2002-2012)Government R&D Investment in Biotechnology (2002-2012)Venture Capital Investment in Biotechnology (2002-2012)Population; Healthcare and Pharmaceutical R&D Expenditures--WorldTotal PopulationTotal Healthcare Expenditure Pharmaceutical R&D ExpenditurePrevalence of Diabetes and Related Health Risks--WorldDiabetes Incidence (2002-2012)Prevalence of Diabetes (2002-2012)Diabetes Foot Ulcer Prevalence (2002-2012)Obesity Prevalence (2002-2012)Cataract Blindness (2002-2012)Cardiovascular Prevalence (2002-2012)Organ Transplants--WorldNumber of Kidney Transplants (2000-2006)Number of Pancreas Transplants (2002-2006)

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Release Date : 21-Nov-18

Region : North America

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