Encoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights)


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This research service analyzes the trends in the encoder industry from the capabilities, market and geographical perspective. It also examines the factors that influence the growth and market potential of encoders across the globe. It discusses in detail, development and adoption trends of both optical and magnetic encoders and provides an exhaustive comparison of the two.

Table of Contents

Encoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryScope and MethodologyResearch Scope and SegmentationMethodologyIntroduction and Key FindingsTechnology SnapshotKey FindingsEncoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Technology and Applications ViewpointEncoder TypesOverview of EncodersMagnetic EncodersOptical EncodersComparative AnalysisIncremental Encoders versus Absolute EncodersOptical Encoders versus Magnetic EncodersHall Effect versus Magneto-Resistive EncodersEncoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisAdoption Factors for Optical EncodersAdvantages of Optical EncodersLimitations of Optical EncodersAdoption Factors for Magnetic EncodersAdvantages of Magnetic EncodersLimitations of Magnetic EncodersEncoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Innovative Developments in EncodersDevelopments in Optical EncodersMotion Control in Harsh EnvironmentMiniature Reflective Optical EncoderTAOS Develops Steering Angle Encoder for Automobiles with MicrochipWireless Industrial EncodersHigh-Precision EncoderHybrid Optical Encoders for High ReliabilityDevelopments in Magnetic EncodersRobust Precision Magnetic EncoderAvtron--Magnetic EncodersEncoders Built for Speed and Harsh EnvironmentsEncoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Strategic Evaluation of Encoder TechnologiesAHP--Prioritization of Encoder TechnologiesDefinition of CriteriaAHP Process and Computation for Goal Node and Level 0 CriteriaAHP Process and Computation for Goal Node and Level 1 CriteriaFinal Priorities and Analyst InsightsApplication Analysis and TrendsSWOT Analysis for Magnetic EncodersSWOT Analysis for Optical EncodersEncoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Patents; Glossary; and ContactsSnapshot of Key Patents in the Encoder SectorIssued Patents-–Magnetic EncoderPublished Applications-–Magnetic EncoderIssued Patents-–Optical EncoderPublished Applications-–Optical EncoderDatabase of Key Participants and GlossaryKey ContactsGlossaryEncoders--A Technology Assessment (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabasesDecision Support Database TablesTotal number of Passenger Cars Produced--World (2002 to 2012)Total Production of Cement--World (2002 to 2012)Total Machine-tool production--World (2002 to 2012)Total Paperboard Production in Metric Tonnes--World (2002 to 2012)

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