Equipment Manufacturer Professional Service Strategies - II

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Table of Contents

Equipment Manufacturer Professional Service Strategies - II, PrefacePrefacePrefaceEquipment Manufacturer Professional Service Strategies - II, Market Assessment & ForecastIntroduction & MethodologyIntroduction & MethodologyProfessional Services: Changes in Service Offerings Since 2000Changes in Service Offerings Since 2000Network Design/Engineering ServicesNetwork Monitoring/Maintenance ServicesOSS/BSS Systems Integration ServicesCo-Marketing/Sales Support & Business Plan DevelopmentASP-Enabling ServicesFinancing ServicesEducation/TrainingStrategic Partnership/AcquisitionsOther Important ChangesThe Services Strategy ContinuumThe Services Strategy ContinuumProduct-AttachedMulti-VendorEngineering; Furnishing & Installation (EF&I)Integration ServicesManaged Services NEMs Professional Services for SPs: Quantitative Market Analysis & ForecastQuantitative Market Analysis & ForecastProfessional Services - Opportunities for NEMsOpportunities for NEMsEquipment Manufacturer Professional Service Strategies - II, Company-Level Strategic AssessmentsADCIntroductionUpdate from 2000 EMPSS ReportADC: Current Professional Services StrategyADC: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesADC: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesAlcatelIntroductionUpdate from 2000 EMPSS ReportAlcatel: Current Professional Services StrategyAlcatel: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesAlcatel: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesCiscoIntroductionCisco: Changes from the 2000 ReportCisco: Current Professional Services OfferingsCisco: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesCisco: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesEricssonIntroductionEricsson: Update from 2000 EMPSS ReportEricsson: Current Professional Services StrategyEricsson: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesEricsson: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesFujitsuIntroductionFujitsu: Changes from the 2000 EMPSS ReportFujitsu: Current Professional Services OfferingsFujitsu: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesFujitsu: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesLucentIntroductionLucent: Update from 2000 EMPSS ReportLucent: Current Professional Services OfferingsLucent: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesLucent: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesMarconiIntroductionMarconi: Update from 2000 EMPSS ReportMarconi: Current Professional Services OfferingsMarconi: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesMarconi: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesMotorolaIntroductionMotorola: Current Professional Services OverviewMotorola: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesMotorola: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesNortelIntroductionNortel: Changes from 2000 ReportNortel: Current Professional Services OfferingsNortel: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesNortel: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesNokiaIntroductionNokia: Changes from the 2000 EMPSS ReportNokia: Current Professional Services OfferingsNokia: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesNokia: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesSiemensIntroductionSiemens: Current Professional Services OfferingsSiemens: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesSiemens: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesTellabsIntroductionTellabs: Update from 2000 ReportTellabs: Current Professional Services OfferingsTellabs: Sustainable Competitive AdvantagesTellabs: Near-Term & Long-Term VulnerabilitiesEquipment Manufacturer Professional Service Strategies - II, Best-In-Class RankingsBest-In-Class RankingsIntroductionEngineering; Furnishing & Installation (EF&I)Systems IntegrationManaged ServicesEquipment Manufacturer Professional Service Strategies - II, Stratecast Partners: The Last WordThe Last WordThe Last WordAbout Stratecast Partners

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