European Cardiac Catheterisation Labs Market, 2016

European Cardiac Catheterisation Labs Market, 2016

Changing Demographics and Reimbursement Policies to Generate Opportunities for Private Sector Growth

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The objective of this study is to present a comprehensive landscape of cardiac cathlabs in Europe, with respect to total PCI centres, pPCI centres, and key trends. The regional scope of this analysis is focused on major European countries, including Western European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. The Eastern European countries studied were Benelux and Scandinavia.

Table of Contents

Market Segmentation

Key Findings

2015 Snapshot of Cathlabs in Top 5 Western European Countries

2015 Private Sector Landscape of Cathlabs in Top 5 Western European Countries

2015 Snapshot of Benelux’s Cathlabs

2015 Private Sector Landscape of Cathlabs in Benelux

2015 Snapshot of Scandinavia’s Cathlabs

2015 Private Sector Landscape of Cathlabs in Scandinavia

2015 Snapshot of Eastern European Countries’ Cathlabs

2015 Private Sector Landscape of Cathlabs in Eastern European Countries

Market Background

Scope and Segmentation

Scope and Segmentation (continued)

Key Questions this Study will Answer

Challenges in Terms of Implementing PCI Centres

Private and Public PCI Procedures in Europe

Number of PCI Centres and Population Covered per Centre

Number of PCI Centres and Population Covered per Centre (continued)

Number of PCI Centres and Population Covered per Centre (continued)

PCI and pPCI Procedures per Million Population and Percentage of pPCI of the Total PCI Procedures, 2015

Country Analysis of Variable Impacting Private Cathlabs in Europe—2015

Countries Favourable for Private Participants—2015

The United Kingdom—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

The United Kingdom—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

The United Kingdom—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

The United Kingdom—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

The United Kingdom—Private Cathlab Landscape

Germany—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Germany—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Germany—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Germany—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Germany— Private Cathlab Landscape

France—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

France—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

France—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

France—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

France—Private Cathlabs Landscape

Spain—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Spain—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Spain—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Spain—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Spain—Private Cathlabs Landscape

Italy—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Italy—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Italy—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Italy—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Italy—Private Cathlab Landscape

Poland—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Poland—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Poland—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Poland—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Poland—Private Cathlab Landscape

Romania—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Romania—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Romania—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Romania—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Romania—Private Cathlab Landscape

Hungary—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Hungary—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Hungary—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Hungary—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Hungary—Private Cathlabs Landscape

The Czech Republic—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

The Czech Republic—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

The Czech Republic—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

The Czech Republic—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

The Czech Republic—Private Cathlab Landscape

Bulgaria—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Bulgaria—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Bulgaria—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Bulgaria—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Bulgaria—Private Cathlabs Landscape

Denmark—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Denmark—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Denmark—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Denmark—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Denmark—Private Cathlab Landscape

Norway—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Norway—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Norway—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Norway—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Norway—Private Cathlabs Landscape

Sweden—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Sweden—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Sweden—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Sweden—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Sweden—Private Cathlab Landscape

Belgium—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Belgium—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Belgium—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Belgium—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Belgium—Private Cathlabs Landscape

The Netherlands—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

The Netherlands—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

The Netherlands—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

The Netherlands—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

The Netherlands—Private Cathlabs Landscape

Luxembourg—Demographic and Healthcare Overview

Luxembourg—Infrastructure Landscape of Cathlabs

Luxembourg—Procedural Landscape of Cathlabs

Luxembourg—Reimbursement of Cathlabs Procedures

Luxembourg—Private Cathlab Landscape

Key Conclusions

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Global Perspective

Industry Convergence

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