European Decision Makers Investment Sentiment toward Internet of Things (IoT), 2015

Stakeholder Action Points Clear as Respondents Cite Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance Concerns Holding Back IoT Investments

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This research service aims to provide a snapshot of a small number of end users' investment attitudes towards Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in order to illustrate enterprises' views on developments in the IoT market. The study reveals that though the market is nascent, it has surprising open-mindedness towards traditional and new vendors. A set of 20 questions were asked and the survey results are provided with their implications on the ICT industry, in addition to the explanation of 5 hypotheses statements. Furthermore, the survey reveals 10 vendor action points as a result of a snapshot of enterprises' 10 internal barriers to IoT investments.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Research Scope and Methodology
Hypotheses Explained
3. Survey Insights
Definition of IoT
Available IT Investment Budget & Destination
Questions Arising from Responses on IoT Investment Constraints
Survey Response
Questions for Vendors
Buying Behaviour
Vendor Expectations
Timing Expectations
4. Implications for the ICT Industry
Importance of IoT Investments for the ICT Industry
Opportunities for the ICT Industry
5. Survey Results
Overview Questions
Motivation Summary
Motivation Questions
Buying Behaviour Summary
Buying Behaviour Questions
Vendor Expectations & Timing Summary
Vendor Expectations & Timing Questions
6. Hypotheses Results
Top 10 Conclusions and Recommendations
7. Legal Disclaimer
8. Appendix
Respondents Profiles & Distribution of Industries
The Frost & Sullivan Story- The Journey to Visionary Innovation

List of Figures & Charts

1. IT Decision Makers: Importance of Investment Restraints, Europe, 2015

1. IT Decision Makers: Total ICT Spending by ICT Component, Europe, 2014
2. IT Decision Makers: Respondents’ Definition of Technology, Europe, 2015
3. IT Decision Makers: Distribution of IT Budget Among Respondents, Europe, 2015
4. IT Decision Makers: Distribution of IT Budget Among Respondents, Europe, 2015
5. IT Decision Makers: Destination of IT Budget, Europe, 2015
6. IT Decision Makers: Reasons for Investing in IoT Technologies, Europe, 2015
7. IT Decision Makers: Destinations of IoT Spending, Europe, 2015
8. IT Decision Makers: Payment Patterns, Europe, 2015
9. IT Decision Makers: Payment Patterns, Europe, 2015
10. IT Decision Makers: Respondents’ Sentiment, Europe, 2015
11. IT Decision Makers: Respondents’ Sentiment, Europe, 2015
12. IT Decision Makers: Profile of End User Survey Respondents, Europe, 2015

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