European E-Business Solutions Markets

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Table of Contents

European E-Business Solutions Markets, An Introduction to the e-business Solutions Market An Introduction to the e-business Solutions Market An Introduction to the e-business Solutions Market What is an e-business?What is an e-business?European E-Business Solutions Markets, Origins of the e-business Solutions MarketIntroductionIntroductionStage 1: Web Presence Stage 1: Web Presence Stage 2: e-commerceStage 2: e-commerceStage 3: e-businessStage 3: e-businessStage 4: e-services?Stage 4: e-services?European E-Business Solutions Markets, Industry Challenges and Research MethodologyIdentification of Challenges Facing the European e-business Solutions MarketIdentification of Challenges Facing the European e-business Solutions MarketSpeed of Change in the IP-driven Market EnvironmentFulfilling the Marketing MessageSecurity ConcernsExpanding Human Resources Needs in an Environment of Skills ShortagesRedefining Differentiators in New Market EcosystemsDefining Inter-Company Relationships Defining CompetitionThe Fragmentation of the European MarketConvincing SMEs, Delivering e-business Solution PenetrationEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, ASP MarketIntroduction Introduction How do ASPs Function?How do ASPs Function?Infrastructure ModelsInfrastructure ModelsRevenue ModelsRevenue ModelsFuture ASP MarketFuture ASP MarketEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Net-Marketplaces IntroductionIntroductionNet-Marketplace ModelsNet-Marketplace ModelsIncumbent versus Independent MarketInfrastructure Models Revenue ModelsNet-Marketplace FutureIntelligent Agents/e-services Market LandscapeEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Enabling TechnologiesEnabling TechnologiesEnabling TechnologiesExtensible Mark-up Language (XML)Extensible Mark-up Language (XML)Intelligent Agent TechnologyIntelligent Agent TechnologyWireless Internet AccessThird Generation Mobile (3G)ConclusionsConclusionsEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Drivers and Restraints for the European e-business Solutions MarketIntroductionIntroductionMarket Drivers Market Drivers Market RestraintsMarket RestraintsEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Forecasts for the European e-business Solutions MarketIntroductionIntroductionForecastsForecastsSoftware and Services SolutionsSoftware and Services SolutionsHardware and Telecommunications InfrastructureHardware and Telecommunications InfrastructureEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and InvestmentIntroductionIntroductionStart-upsMotivationStart-ups and Established Solution ProvidersEnterprise to EnterpriseCurrent StrategyConclusions and Analysis Conclusions and Analysis Equity SharingConsolidation, Mergers and AcquisitionsEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Branding and Marketing StrategyIntroductionIntroductionWhy has Branding and Marketing Increased in Importance?The Importance of Branding in the Future?The Importance of Branding in the Future?What are Companies Aiming to Achieve Through Marketing?Conclusions and AnalysisConclusions and AnalysisEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Human Resources StrategyIntroductionIntroductionWhy has HR Increased in Importance?Why has HR Increased in Importance?How are Organisations Dealing with the Skills Shortages?Introduction E-learningInnovation/Development CentresConclusionsConclusionsEuropean E-Business Solutions Markets, Recommendations and ConclusionsStrategic RecommendationsEnterprise-Level Solution ProvidersRecommendations and ConclusionsRecommendations and ConclusionsStrategic RecommendationsNon-enterprise Solution ProvidersConclusions Focus and Fulfilment Key to e-business Success

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