European Fintech Market Outlook, 2018

Impact of Emerging Technologies will Encourage New Business Models in European FinTech

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FinTech in Europe is evolving rapidly and 2017 has been an eventful year for the industry. Some of the areas within FinTech that witnessed significant growth during 2017 include Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), PayTech, InsurTech, RegTech, and Biometrics. The technology trends that have also significantly impacted the industry include cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning. Frost & Sullivan has covered all these different areas and technologies as a part of its continuous, focused research on FinTech.The objective of this study is to identify FinTech trends during 2018. With a lot of focus on regulations as a result of the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and General Data Protection Regulatio

Key Issues Addressed

  • What was the impact of 2017 trends on the FinTech industry?
  • What can be expected in the European FinTech industry in 2018?
  • What are the technology-enabled applications that will impact the industry in 2018?
  • What kind of developments can be expected in segments within FinTech?
  • Which are the likely trend setters in the industry in the coming year?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Top Predictions for 2018
Key Findings
Segment Summary
2. Research Scope and Segmentation
Research Scope
Market Segmentation
Definitions and Explanations
3. European FinTech Market Trends 2017
Top European FinTech Trends 2017
European FinTech Trendsetters 2017
4. Key 2018 Predictions—European FinTech Market
Top European FinTech Predictions 2018
Prediction 1—Growth in RegTech will be Led by Collaborations between Incumbents and Start-ups
Prediction 2—Predictive and Preventive Security to Cope with Increasing Instances of Hacks
Prediction 3—Impact of PSD2 on all FinTech Sub-segments
Prediction 4—Automated GDPR Solutions are Critical to Meet High and Variable Demand
Prediction 5—Automation with AI-enabled NLU will Improve the Response Rate and Improve Efficiency
Prediction 6—Siloes will Slow Down the Application of Blockchain to Real-world Scenarios
Prediction 7—New Prototypes With Focus on Convergence as Tech Companies and Other Industries Increase Presence in FinTech
Prediction 8—Growth Funding for FinTech to Increase as Companies Expand Globally
5. Technology Outlook 2018
Key Technology Trends 2018
Technology Adoption Trends 2018
Technology-enabled Application—Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Technology-enabled Application—Biometrics
Technology Enabled Application—API
Technology-enabled Application—Cross-border Payment Platform
Technology Enabled Application—Behavioural Analytics
6. Segment Outlook 2018
BankTech Outlook 2018—Market Snapshot
BankTech Outlook 2018—Key Growth Opportunities
BankTech Outlook 2018—Companies to Action (C2A)
InsurTech Outlook 2018—Market Snapshot
InsurTech Outlook 2018—Key Growth Opportunities
InsurTech Outlook 2018—C2A
RegTech Outlook 2018—Market Snapshot
RegTech Outlook 2018—Key Growth Opportunities
RegTech Outlook 2018—C2A
PayTech Outlook 2018—Market Snapshot
PayTech Outlook 2018—Key Growth Opportunities
PayTech Outlook 2018—C2A
Robo-advisory Outlook 2018—Market Snapshot
Robo-advisory Outlook 2018—Key Growth Opportunities
Robo-advisory Outlook 2018—C2A
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
7. Key Conclusions
Key Conclusions
Legal Disclaimer
8. Appendix
List of Exhibits
PSD2 and GDPR Basic Information
Related Reports on FinTech
Market Engineering Methodology

List of Figures & Charts

1. FinTech Outlook: Technology Adoption Trends and Description, Europe, 2017–2018

1. FinTech Outlook: Transaction Value Processed With API Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
2. FinTech Outlook: InsurTech Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
3. FinTech Outlook: RegTech Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
4. FinTech Outlook: Mobile Payments Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
5. FinTech Outlook: Robo-advisory Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
6. FinTech Outlook: Growth in RegTech, Europe, 2017–2018
7. FinTech Outlook: Top 3 Challenges for the IT Department, Europe, 2017–2018
8. FinTech Outlook: Improved Solutions for Security, Europe, 2017–2018
9. FinTech Outlook: Cyber Security Investment Plans for the Next 2 Years, Europe, 2017–2018
10. FinTech Outlook: GDPR Solutions, Europe, 2017–2018
11. FinTech Outlook: Top 3 Challenges for the IT Department, Europe, 2017–2018
12. FinTech Outlook: Impact of AI, Europe, 2017–2018
13. FinTech Outlook: Critical Investments for Organisation's Digital Transformation Success Over the Next 5 Years, Europe, 2017–2018
14. FinTech Outlook: Impact of Blockchain, Europe, 2017–2018
15. FinTech Outlook: Growth in Convergence, Europe, 2017–2018
16. FinTech Outlook: Growth in Funding and Investments, Europe, 2017–2018
17. FinTech Outlook: Transaction Value Processed with API Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
18. FinTech Outlook: Contribution of Functions to APIs Forecast, Europe, 2018
19. FinTech Outlook: InsurTech Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
20. FinTech Outlook: Share in Global InsurTech Market, Europe, 2018
21. FinTech Outlook: RegTech Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
22. FinTech Outlook: Share of Global RegTech Market, Europe, 2018
23. FinTech Outlook: Mobile Payments Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
24. FinTech Outlook: Share in Global Mobile Payments, Europe, 2018
25. FinTech Outlook: Robo-advisory Forecast, Europe, 2017–2018
26. FinTech Outlook: Share in Global Robo-advisory Market, Europe, 2018




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