European Infrastructure-as-a-Service Market, Forecast to 2021

Enterprises’ Hybrid Infrastructure Drives Focus Towards Managed Services

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This study aims to forecast and analyse the European Infrastructure-as-a-Service market outlook from 2016 to 2021.Technological and economic benefits of using Infastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) continue to be the main factors driving enterprise migration to the cloud. The increased awareness of different types of cloud services (public, private, hybrid, managed) has led IT decision-makers to evaluate a hybrid IT strategy that helps them adopt the cloud configurations that best suit different application requirements. As a result, cloud service providers are aligning themselves to cater to the hybrid cloud/IT requirements of customers. Over the next 6 years, the European IaaS market is expected to grow rapidly at

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
2. Market Overview
Market Definitions
Market Segmentation
Regional Definitions
3. Drivers and Restraints—Total IaaS Market
Market Drivers
Keeping up with changing customer requirements
Embracing the cloud
The Desire to sustain competitive advantage
Cost benefits
Managed services
Market Restraints
Data security concerns
Regional and vertical market regulations
4. Forecasts and Trends—Total IaaS Market
Revenue Forecast
Computing-as-a-Service Segment—Revenue Forecast
Storage-as-a-Service Segment—Revenue Forecast
5. Distribution Channel Analysis
Infrastructure-as-a-Service—Distribution Channel
6. Market Share and Competitive Analysis—Total IaaS Market
Market Share
Competitive Environment
Competitive Factors—Infrastructure
Major Market Providers—Cloud Data Centre Map in Europe
Competitive Factors—Infrastructure
Competitive Factors—Portfolio Strength
Key Industry Participants
7. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Hybrid IT
Case Study—Hybrid IT
Growth Opportunity 2—Managed Services
Case Study—Managed Services
Growth Opportunity 3—Innovative Infrastructure Services
Case Study—Innovative Infrastructure Services
Growth Opportunity 4—Innovative Storage Services
Case Study—Innovative Storage Services
Growth Opportunity 5—Disruptive Applications
Case Study—Disruptive Applications
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
8. UK Analysis
Revenue Forecast
9. Germany Analysis
Revenue Forecast
10. France Analysis
Revenue Forecast
11. Spain Analysis
Revenue Forecast
12. Italy Analysis
Revenue Forecast
13. Benelux Analysis
Revenue Forecast
14. Nordics Analysis
Revenue Forecast
15. Rest of Europe Analysis
Revenue Forecast
16. The Last Word
The Last Word—Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
17. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Market Engineering Measurements
Additional Sources of Information on IaaS
List of Companies Included in “Others”


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total IaaS Market: Key Market Drivers, Europe, 2017–2021
2. Total IaaS Market: Key Market Restraints, Europe, 2017–2021
3. Total IaaS Market: Distribution Channel, Europe, 2016
4. Total IaaS Market: Competitive Structure, Europe, 2016
5. Total IaaS Market: Cloud Data Centre Map, Europe, 2016
6. IaaS Market: State of the Market, UK, 2015–2021
7. IaaS Market: State of the Market, Germany, 2015–2021
8. IaaS Market: State of the Market, France, 2015–2021
9. IaaS Market: State of the Market, Spain, 2015–2021
10. IaaS Market: State of the Market, Italy, 2015–2021
11. IaaS Market: State of the Market, Benelux, 2015–2021
12. IaaS Market: State of the Market, Nordics, 2015–2021
13. IaaS Market: State of the Market, Rest of Europe, 2015–2021
14. Total IaaS Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Europe, 2016

1. Total IaaS Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Europe, 2016
2. Total IaaS Market: Market Segmentation, Europe, 2017
3. Total IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2015–2021
4. Computing-as-a-Service Segment: Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2015–2021
5. Storage-as-a-Service Segment: Revenue Forecast, Europe, 2015–2021
6. Total IaaS Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown, Europe, 2016
7. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, UK, 2015–2021
8. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Germany, 2015–2021
9. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, France, 2015–2021
10. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Spain, 2015–2021
11. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Italy, 2015–2021
12. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Benelux, 2015–2021
13. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Nordics, 2015–2021
14. IaaS Market: Revenue Forecast, Rest of Europe, 2015–2021

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