European Internet of Things Market Outlook, 2017

IoT Shifts to Using Sentient Tools and Cognition or ‘Predictive Computing’

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The IoT market continued to witness more new launches, investments and ecosystem partnership news than announcements related to new customer wins/deployment news in 2016. Almost a third of such news were related to a product or service or solution or organisation launch. The next largest group of news, around 20%, is about investment flows, be they related to funds made available to support research and development efforts or committed finances to acquire companies from chips to application technologies. The third largest group of news, just under 20%, is related to ecosystem news as the IoT community seek partnerships and alliance to address the missing gaps such as portfolio reach and joint business case creation.

In turn, such market development in 2016 also reflected the top 3 most active IoT application areas. In 2016, Frost & Sullivan’s forecast of global IoT connections in 2016 were dominated by usage in connected car, smart cities and asset management areas.
The commercialisation of a standardised cellular communications technology (NB-IoT) using licensed spectrum is expected to give an extra boost to IoT momentum in 2017. IoT ecosystem participants anticipate wider adoption because NB-IoT offers a standardised low power wide area network that can help to capture previously untapped segments of the market. Frost & Sullivan expects this to be one of 8 key growth drivers for the IoT sector in 2017; innovation resulting from significant funding in the last 18 months also suggests that the IoT market is poised for another shift in adoption curve.

Looking ahead, if 2016 was a year of healthy market development, 2017 must show revenue successes and clear leadership. IoT applications integrate the consumer into the wider connected system to truly reflect a true intelligent society. Those IoT applications and use cases that touch consumers directly or indirectly have better data and privacy protection. IoT ecosystem stakeholders report profits in their IoT proposition. End-user enterprises deploy IoT technologies as part of their broader digital transformation journeys. Previous R&D innovation efforts succeed in creating new IoT use cases that are also relevant to end-user enterprises.

Research Scope:
•     2016 IoT market recap
•     New development in IoT application areas
•     IoT investment funding areas
•     Enterprise attitudes to IoT adoption
•     8 Predictions for IoT in 2017

Key learnings from this outlook report
1. Understand the current landscape of IoT in 2016 in terms of adoption, applications and key market players.
2. Understand the IoT market forecast.
3. Discover what emerging areas are in development in IoT for 2017 and beyond.
4. Learn about current enterprise adoption trends.
5. Understand next steps for IoT market development.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2016 IoT Market News Announcements
Key Developments in 2016
New Product/Service Launches 2016
IoT Funding & Investments in Europe in 2016
Predictions for 2017
Top Trends for 2017
2. Research Scope and Segmentation
Research Scope
IoT Market Segmentation
3. European IoT Connection Forecasts
IoT Connections Forecast
Top 3 IoT Application Areas by Value in 2016
Top IoT Application Growth Areas
4. Key Trends to Watch in 2017—IoT Market
Key 2017 IoT Market Trends
Trend 1—Commercial Launches of NB-IoT
Trend 2—Strategic Investments to Enhance IoT Solutions
Trend 3—Artificial Intelligence at the Centre
Trend 4—Blockchain IoT
Trend 5—IoT Applications Widen to New Vertical Uses
Trend 6—Cybersecurity Risks & IoT rewards
Trend 7—‘Security-minded’ Companies
Trend 8—Fog Computing
5. IoT Vertical Adoption Outlook
IoT Adoption Roadmap
IoT in Energy—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
IoT in Automotive—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
IoT in Healthcare—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
IoT in Manufacturing—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
IoT in Financial Services—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
IoT in Government—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
IoT in Wholesale, Distribution and Logistics—Use Cases & Key 2016 Developments
6. IoT Adoption Attitude Outlook
IoT Adoption on an Upward Trajectory
IoT Remains a ‘Wait and See’ Game for Many European Enterprises
Security & Privacy Concerns are Top of Mind
Boosting Customer Experience and Automating Processes is Key
IoT in Agriculture & Mining—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Travel & Transport—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Healthcare—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Manufacturing—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Financial Services—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Government—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Education—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Wholesale, Distribution & Logistics—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Retail—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in IT & Communications—An End-user Perspective, 2016
IoT in Energy—An End-user Perspective, 2016
7. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Ecosystem Collaboration
Growth Opportunity 2—IoT as Part of a Digital Transformation Journey
Growth Opportunity 3—New Business Innovation (Research Labs)
8. Key Conclusions
2017 Wish List
Legal Disclaimer
9. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. IoT Market: Hot IoT Spending Areas, Global, 2016
2. IoT Market: The Horizontal Market Perspective in IoT Programme, Global, 2017
3. IoT Market: IoT Adoption Attitudes among all Enterprises, Europe, 2016
4. IoT Market: Deployment Progress, Europe, 2016

1. IoT Market: Type of Market News Announcements, Global, 2016
2. IoT Market: IoT Connections* Forecast, Europe, 2014–2021
3. IoT Market: IoT Connections*, Europe, 2015 and 2016
4. IoT Market: IoT Connections* CAGR, Europe, 2016–2021
5. IoT Market: IoT Adoption Attitudes among all Enterprises, Europe, 2016
6. IoT Market: IoT Adoption Attitudes among all Enterprises by Vertical Sectors, Europe, 2016
7. IoT Market: IoT Adoption Attitudes Among All Enterprises, Europe, 2016
8. IoT Market: IoT Adoption Attitudes Among All Enterprises, Europe, 2016
9. IoT Market: Status of IoT Investment, Europe, 2016
10. IoT Market: Percent of IT Budget Allocated to IoT, Europe, 2015 and 2016
11. IoT Market: Top 3 Drivers and Concerns, Europe, 2016




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