Executive Analysis of the Global Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Transmissions Market

By 2025, 44% of New Trucks Globally to Feature AMT or AT

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Better fuel economy, narrowing price difference with Manual Transmission (due to improving economies of scale) alongside exacerbating skilled driver shortage and increasing level of automated driving across developed economies are expediting the adoption of electronically controlled transmissions: Automated Manual Transmissions (AMTs) and Automatic Transmissions (ATs). This research service offers an outlook of the global medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck transmissions market for the period 2015–2025. The study also offers actionable information and forecasts of the key trends and metrics that are likely to influence the growth and development of the global medium- and heavy- duty commercial truck trans

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key Findings Executive Summary—Global MD-HD Truck Transmission Forecast 2025Executive Summary—Transmissions Technology EvolutionExecutive Summary—Truck Transmission Technology ComparisonExecutive Summary—Key Findings and Future Outlook Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and MethodologyResearch Scope Research Aims and ObjectivesKey Questions This Study Will AnswerResearch BackgroundResearch MethodologyKey OEMs Compared in This StudyDefinitions and SegmentationProduct/Technology Segmentation Product/Technology Segmentation (continued)Commercial Vehicle Definitions and Vehicle SegmentationMega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsImpact of Top Mega Trends on the Truck Transmissions Market Major Trends Influencing Conventional Truck Transmission TechnologiesAdvanced Fuel-saving Technologies—Engine DownspeedingAdvanced Fuel-saving Technologies—Engine DownsizingSuper Truck ProgramRegional Analysis of Powertrain Trends and Influence on Transmission Regional Autonomous Truck Adoption and Influence on TransmissionTechnologies Required for Various Levels of Vehicle Automation Transmission Suppliers Foray Into TelematicsAdvanced Transmission TechnologiesTransmissions Technology EvolutionTruck Transmission Technology ComparisonDual Clutch TransmissionsContinuously Variable Planetary (CVP) TransmissionInfinitely Variable Transmission (IVT)Global Commercial Truck OverviewGlobal MD-HD Truck Market ForecastMD-HD Truck Segment ForecastGlobal Transmissions MarketMD Truck Transmission Segment ForecastHD Truck Transmission Segment ForecastDrivers and RestraintsTruck Transmissions—Focus Area of Key StakeholdersAutomatic Transmissions—Drivers and Restraints Automatic Transmissions—Drivers ExplainedAutomatic Transmissions—Restraints ExplainedAutomated Manual Transmissions—Drivers and Restraints Automated Manual Transmissions—Drivers ExplainedAutomated Manual Transmissions—Restraints ExplainedManual Transmissions—Drivers and Restraints Manual Transmissions—Drivers ExplainedManual Transmissions—Restraints ExplainedSupplier ProfilesAllison TransmissionEaton CorporationZF Friedrichshafen AGChinese Transmission SuppliersRegional Transmissions Market OutlookRegional Outlook—North AmericaRegional Outlook—EuropeRegional Outlook—ChinaRegional Outlook—IndiaRegional Outlook—Next 11* and South AmericaRegional Outlook—Russia and RoWConclusions and Future OutlookMD-HD Truck Transmissions Future OutlookKey ConclusionsThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations and Acronyms UsedLearn More—Next StepsMarket Engineering Methodology

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