Financial Assessment of the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Financial Assessment of the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Financial Management is the Key Strategy for Sustainability

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This financial assessment study analyzes the financial ratios of public companies across the globe in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The research objectives are to rank companies based on their financial and risk management while also identifying key trends that can impact the performance of industry participants over the next year. Those analyzed include 718 publicly-listed pharmaceutical and 482 publicly-listed biotechnology companies across the globe. To assess the financial performance, ratios are divided into four categories: profitability, liquidity, activity (turnover), and solvency. Top performers in each industry are also highlighted.

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Analysis of Financial Ratios of Public Companies in the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

  • Financial Assessment of Participants of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
This research service presents an overview and analysis of the global clinical trials and research outsourcing (CRO) market. It provides revenue forecasts for CROs globally by phase, therapeutic type, and region. It addresses the major issues and challenges, unmet needs, and emerging trends in the market. Detailed information has been provided on support services such as Central Laboratory services, Bio analytics, and Data management. It also outlines market drivers and restraints, market engineering measurements, and R&D trends. The report covers the complete life cycle of the CRO industry, starting from preclinical trials to post marketing surveillance. It highlights emerging trends and their importance in the current and future market scenario. Apart from preclinical and clinical segments it also focuses on the emerging trends than can be seen in the CRO space. One of the focus areas of this study is bio analytics services, which is making a big impact in the CRO industry. Earlier, pre-clinical and early phase research were handled by pharma companies themselves, but now, due to the high cost and risk involved, the big companies have started to look for partners, giving rise to Bio analytics focused CROs. --BEGIN PROMO-- Global CRO Market
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