Financial Overview and Snapshot of Test and Measurement Companies, 2016

Investments in Multiple Form Factors Drive Business Value

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There is an increasing focus on supporting growth in the T&M market across all form factors including benchtop, modular, and handheld. Companies are focused on a high level of technical expertise with multi-technology platforms and product breadth. Major opportunities will come from hybrid test solutions envisioned to attain hardware and software interoperability. In fact, a trend has begun in utilizing a combination of instruments.New opportunities are coming principally from companies supporting a wide range of radio test functions and applying an open architecture and modular systems, such as PXI, instead of a proprietary model system in research and development (R&D) and production. There is a demand for ne

Table of Contents

Financial Overview and Snapshot of Test and Measurement Companies, 2016Executive SummaryKey FindingsCEO’s PerspectiveAnritsuAnritsu—5-year Financial OverviewAnritsu—5-year H1 Financial ReviewAnritsu—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsAnritsu—Financials by GeographyAnritsu—Company Revenue BreakdownAnritsu—T&M Segment AnalysisAnritsu—T&M Segment Analysis (continued)Anritsu—Analysis and Future StrategyAnritsu—T&M SegmentsAnritsu—High-level SWOT AnalysisADVANTEST CorporationADVANTEST—3-year Financial OverviewADVANTEST—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsADVANTEST—Financials by GeographyADVANTEST—Company Revenue Breakdown by SegmentADVANTEST—Analysis and Future StrategyADVANTEST—High-level SWOT AnalysisAMETEK, Inc.AMETEK—5-year Financial OverviewAMETEK—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsAMETEK—Financials by GeographyAMETEK—Company Revenue Breakdown by SegmentAMETEK—Analysis and Future StrategyAMETEK—High-level SWOT AnalysisEXFOEXFO—5-year Financial OverviewEXFO—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsEXFO—Financials by GeographyEXFO—Company Revenue Breakdown by SegmentEXFO—Analysis and Future StrategyEXFO—High-level SWOT AnalysisIxiaIxia—5-year Financial OverviewIxia—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsIxia—Financials by GeographyIxia—Company Revenue Breakdown by SegmentIxia—Analysis and Future StrategyIxia—High-level SWOT AnalysisFortiveFortive—Financial OverviewFortive—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsFortive—Financials by GeographyFortive—Company Revenue Breakdown by SegmentFortive—High-level SWOT AnalysisKeysight TechnologiesKeysight Technologies—5-year Financial OverviewKeysight Technologies—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsKeysight Technologies—Financials by GeographyKeysight Technologies—Company Revenue Breakdown Keysight Technologies—Analysis and Future StrategyKeysight Technologies—T&M SegmentsKeysight Technologies—High-level SWOT AnalysisNational InstrumentsNational Instruments—5-year Financial OverviewNational Instruments—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsNational Instruments—Financials by GeographyNational Instruments—Analysis and Future StrategyNational Instruments—High-level SWOT AnalysisNETSCOUTNETSCOUT—5-year Financial OverviewNETSCOUT—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsNETSCOUT—Financials by GeographyNETSCOUT—Company Revenue BreakdownNETSCOUT—Analysis and Future StrategyNETSCOUT—Analysis and Future Strategy (continued)NETSCOUT—High-level SWOT AnalysisRohde & SchwarzRohde & Schwarz—5-year Financial OverviewRohde & Schwarz—Financials by GeographyRohde & Schwarz—Company Segment BreakdownRohde & Schwarz—Analysis and Future StrategyRohde & Schwarz—High-level SWOT AnalysisSpirent CommunicationsSpirent—5-year Financial OverviewSpirent—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsSpirent—Financials by GeographySpirent—Company Revenue Breakdown by SegmentSpirent—Comparative Results H1 2016/2015Spirent—Analysis and Future StrategySpirent—High-level SWOT AnalysisTeradyne Inc. Teradyne—5-year Financial OverviewTeradyne—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsTeradyne—Financials by GeographyTeradyne—Financials by Geography (continued)Teradyne—Company Revenue Breakdown by Business SegmentTeradyne—Comparative Results by Key Business 2016/2014Teradyne—Analysis and Future StrategyTeradyne—High-level SWOT AnalysisTeledyne Technologies Inc.Teledyne Technologies Inc.—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsTeledyne Technologies Inc.—Financials by GeographyTeledyne Technologies Inc.—Company Revenue BreakdownTeledyne LeCroy—5-year Financial OverviewTeledyne LeCroy—5-year H1 Financial ReviewTeledyne LeCroy—Segment BreakdownTeledyne LeCroy—Segment BreakdownTeledyne LeCroy—Protocol AnalyzersTeledyne LeCroy—OscilloscopesTeledyne LeCroy—High-level SWOT AnalysisViavi Solutions Inc.Viavi Solutions—5-year Financial OverviewViavi Solutions—Profitability and R&D InvestmentsViavi Solutions—Financials by GeographyViavi Solutions—Company Revenue BreakdownViavi Solutions—Comparative ResultsPortfolio of Key Clients by SegmentsViavi Solutions—Analysis and Future StrategyViavi Solutions—High-level SWOT AnalysisGrowth Opportunities and Companies to ActionGrowth Opportunity 1—Software Centric SolutionsGrowth Opportunity 2—Integration of Test CapabilitiesGrowth Opportunity 3—Integrated Service DeliveryGrowth Opportunity 4—Data Analytics Solution and Application DevelopmentGrowth Opportunity 5—Control of All Test and Repair DataStrategic Imperatives for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) The Last WordThe Last Word—3 Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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