FinTech in Europe, 2016

Advanced Technologies to Become Mainstream in the Next 5 Years, as Adoption Increases across the Region

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FinTech in Europe has grown rapidly in the last few years. As financial services firms deal with critical customer data, there is a growing focus on combining data and advanced technologies to transform the industry. With tech-savvy customers gravitating towards new industry participants using advanced technologies to launch innovative products and services, incumbents are increasingly focussing on their digital strategies. Whilst the UK continues its stronghold in financial services, post-Brexit many other countries are vying for the business that may be impacted. This report discusses the impact of technology on financial services, the FinTech hubs, current scenarios across verticals and services, and the pot

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Research Scope
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Financial Services
Internet of Things (IoT)
Digital Banking
2. Emergence of FinTech—Technology Drives Improvements
Financial Services—Accessibility, Affordability, and Availability Challenges
Demand and Innovation Driving Technology Adoption
3. Key Technology Trends—Transforming Financial Services
Advanced Technology to Transform Financial Services
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things
Big Data and Advanced Analytics
AI and ML
Cloud Computing—Lower Technology Barriers Promoting FinTech
Cloud Computing Use Cases
IoT—Enhanced Reach of FinTech
IoT—Use Cases
Big Data & Analytics—Smart Insights from Data to Impact Business Outcomes
Big Data and Analytics—Use Cases
AI and ML Benefits—Enhanced Consumer Experience, Reduced Costs, Increased Efficiency, and Fraud Detection
AI and ML—Use Cases
Blockchain—Enabling the All Importance Security Layer
Blockchain—Use Cases
Technology and Innovations—New Rules in Financial Services
4. FinTech Trends in Europe
FinTech Ecosystem in Europe Disrupted by Start-ups
Europe—World’s Largest Banking System
Banks in Europe—Technology Investments as Strategic Decisions
PI Quadrant–Banks in Europe
Digital Banking—Use of Technology across Functions to Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness
Digital Banking—Incumbents and Start-ups Initiate Changes in Traditional Banking
Insurance Industry in Europe—Largest in the World
Major Insurance Companies in Europe
InsurTech—Eliminating the ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach
InsurTech—Immense Benefits but Slow Adoption
WealthTech—Increasing Access with Technology Adoption
Major Wealth Management Companies in Europe
Payments Industry—The First Target for Disruption
Lending and Funding—Disruption in Business Models
Robo-advisory—Enhancing Services for Institutions and Individuals
RegTech—Low-cost Solutions for Regulatory Compliance
5. FinTech Investment Trends in Europe
Key FinTech Investments in Europe
Key FinTech Investment Funds and Plans in Europe
European FinTech Industry—Key M&As
6. Key FinTech Hubs in Europe
Overview—Selected Countries in Europe
Country Profile—Denmark
Country Profile—France
Country Profile—Germany
Country Profile—Italy
Country Profile—Spain
Country Profile—Poland
Country Profile—Sweden
Country Profile—Switzerland
Country Profile—Netherlands
Country Profile—United Kingdom
Important Parameters for FinTech Growth—An Overview
Key FinTech Startups in Europe
Stiff Competition from Global Hubs
7. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity—AI and ML
5 Major Growth Opportunities
Mobile Services
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
8. The Last Word—Key Takeaways
3 Big Takeaways
Advanced Technologies will Disrupt the Financial Services Industry
Payments will Continue to be the Most Disrupted Sub-segment
Stronghold of the United Kingdom on FinTech to Continue
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Selection of Banks
Global Competitiveness Index
Global Ease of Doing Business Index
10. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. FinTech: Major Banks Technology Initiatives, Europe, 2014–2016
2. FinTech: Major Traditional Insurance Companies, Europe, 2014–2016
3. FinTech: Major Traditional Wealth Management Companies, Europe, 2014–2016
4. FinTech: Key Venture Funding Investments, Europe, 2016
5. FinTech: Corporate Funding Initiatives, Europe, 2016
6. FinTech: Overview of Critical Parameters, Europe, 2016
7. FinTech: Key Start-ups, Impact on Sub-segments in Financial Services, Europe, 2016

1. FinTech: Challenges in the Financial Services Sector, Global, 2016
2. FinTech: Factors Driving Technology Adoption, Global, 2016
3. FinTech: Technology Trends, Global, 2016
4. FinTech: Impact of Cloud Computing, Global, 2016
5. FinTech: Cloud Computing Use Cases for Financial Services, Global, 2016
6. FinTech: IoT Trends, Global, 2016
7. FinTech: Use Cases of Impact IoT on Financial Services, Global, 2016
8. FinTech: Big Data and Analytics Trends, Global, 2016
9. FinTech: Use Cases, Big Data and Analytics, Impact on Financial Services, Global, 2016
10. FinTech: AI and ML Trends, Global, 2016
11. FinTech: Use Cases of AI and ML Impact on Financial Services, Global, 2016
12. FinTech: Blockchain Trends, Global, 2016
13. FinTech: Use Cases of Blockchain, Impact on Financial Services, Global, 2016
14. FinTech: Impact of Pioneering Innovations, Global, 2016
15. FinTech: Wide Range of Services, Europe, 2016
16. FinTech: Traditional Structure of the Banking Industry, Europe, 1950–2000
17. FinTech: Digitised Structure of the Banking Industry, Europe, 2015–2016
18. FinTech: Innovation and Partnership Strategies of Banks, Europe, 2016
19. FinTech: Applications across Banking Functions, Europe, 2016
20. FinTech: Digital Banking Use Cases and Trends, Europe, 2016
21. FinTech: Changing Structure of Insurance Companies, Europe, 2016
22. FinTech: Technology Disruption in Insurance, Europe, 2016
23. FinTech: InsurTech Use Cases and Trends, Europe, 2016
24. FinTech: Technology Adoption in Wealth and Asset Management, Europe, 2016
25. FinTech: Technology Adoption Increases Options, Europe, 2016
26. FinTech: User Perceptions and Adoption Trends of Payment Options, Europe, 2015–2016
27. FinTech: Disruptive Solutions, Lending and Funding, Europe, 2016
28. FinTech: Disruptive Solutions, Robo-advisory, Europe, 2016
29. FinTech: RegTech Solutions, Global, 2016
30. FinTech: Mergers and Acquisitions, Europe, 2016
31. FinTech: Comparative Analysis, Europe, 2015 and 2016
32. FinTech: Europe versus Other Locations, Global, 2016

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