Future of Customer Engagement in Latin America, 2018

New Business Models Will Be Key to Meet the Demands of the Digital Customer

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In a world of rapidly changing technologies, providing consistently excellent customer support can be challenging. Consider that companies today are developing a widening assortment of popular technology-driven products and services, as well as adding complexity to existing ones. Technology-enabled goods—such as appliances, automobiles, entertainment products, and home security systems—are growing in functionality and complexity. Many products have the ability to be connected to and managed through the Internet; hence, the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, a dizzying array of computers, mobile devices, and medical devices require high levels of technical support. Sales, customer care, and support agent

Research Scope

This growth insight aims to analyze the top trends involving the future of customer engagement in Latin America. It provides insights from a Frost & Sullivan end-user priorities for customer engagement survey in Latin America to gauge companies' readiness for digital transformation and their priorities.

The insight presents a market overview and drivers and restraints. It provides insights regarding growth opportunities, emerging trends, and key takeaways that will affect market participants.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the key trends involving the future of customer engagement in Latin America? 
  • What are the greatest opportunities/challenges for companies?
  • What are the key drivers and restraints for growth in Latin America?
  • Who are the key competitors?
  • What are the main technologies and new business models that companies should invest in?

Table of Contents

Future of Customer Engagement in Latin America, 2018Executive SummaryKey FindingsMarket OverviewCustomer Experience Becomes Digital ExperienceThe Omnichannel ConsumerLatin American Companies Entering the Digital Transformation EraDrivers and RestraintsMarket DriversDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Market RestraintsRestraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Latin American Market Trends on the Future of Customer EngagementLatin American Social Trends by 2025Impacts of Low DX QualityTop Investment Priorities for Customer EngagementChallenges of Employing Customer AnalyticsWhat Does the Future Hold?What Does the Future Hold? (continued)Latin America’s Future of Customer Engagement— Use CasesAWSCognizantGrowth OpportunitiesGrowth Opportunity 1—The IoT: Supporting Immersive Experiences Growth Opportunity 2—Video Growth Opportunity 3—Gamifying the CXGrowth Opportunity 4—Agent Desktop/Agent EmpowermentGrowth Opportunity 5—Social Customer Engagement Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth The Last WordKey TakeawaysLegal DisclaimerAppendixList of ExhibitsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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