Future of Driving in China—New Mobility Business Models in China

Internet Connectivity and Convergence Bring New Market Improvements in the Future of Driving in China

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This study examines the future of the new mobility business models in China with respect to the government, OEMS, public transport operators, fleet management providers, software platform providers, and end-user segments. It charts the major developments in the market in terms of automotive services, new energy vehicles, e-commerce, connected services, big data, car sharing, car leasing, women's empowerment, health functions, first and last mile connectivity, the taxi market, park and ride interchange centers, cashless payment systems, and autonomous driving approaches. The base year is 2015.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Executive Summary—Key Highlights
Executive Summary—Strategic Fact Sheet 2015-2022
Executive Summary—Strategic Fact Sheet by Regional Differences
Executive Summary—Chinese National Consumption Indices
Executive Summary—Impact of Mega Trends on Mobility in China
Executive Summary—Top Mobility Changing Trends
2. Research Scope, Objectives, and Methodology
Research Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Methodology
3. Introduction of New Mobility Business Models
Mobility Business Landscape and Perspective
Mobility Business Opportunity
4. Future of Driving in China—New Mobility Business Models
Transformative Shift from Automotive Products to Services
New Energy Vehicle Market—Chinese Government’s Implementation
E-Commerce Market—Booming of OEM’s Online Flagship Store
Connected Services—Integration of PV, Mobile, and Human Interaction
Connected Services—The Penetration of Telematics Application
Big Data Application—The Development Roadmap of Smart Parking
Big Data Application—Smart Parking Industry in China
Car Sharing Market—China Market Transformation
Car Sharing Market—The Development Roadmap
Car Sharing Market—Main Service Providers
Ride Sharing Market—The Penetration of Uber in China
Car Leasing Market—Leasing Market Overview in China
Car Leasing Market—Leasing Ratio in China
Women’s Empowerment—The Development Roadmap
Women’s Empowerment—Dynamics of Women’s Self Improvements
Women’s Empowerment—Why Chinese Women?
Built-in ‘Health’ Function in Mobility
First and Last Mile Connectivity
Taxi Market in China—Overall Snapshot
Taxi Market in China—The Development Roadmap
Park and Ride Interchange Center—Rising of ‘No Transit’ Concept
Cashless Payment System
Key Regulation and Legislation—Implementation of Two-Child Policy
Key Regulation and Legislation—The 13th Five-Year Plan
Autonomous Driving in China
Opportunity Analysis—Consumer Behavior
5. Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Trends and Recommendations
The Last Word—3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
6. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Future of Driving: Impact of Mega Trends on Mobility, China, 2015
2. Future of Driving: Top Mobility Changing Trends, China, 2013 and 2014*
3. Future of Driving: Mobility Business Landscape and Perspective, China, 2015
4. Future of Driving: The Development Roadmap of New Energy Vehicle Market, China, 2008–2022
5. Future of Driving: Automotive Online Flagship Store and Key Features, China, 2013–2015
6. Future of Driving: The Development Roadmap of Smart Parking Industry, China, 2000–2022
7. Future of Driving: The Development Roadmap of Car Sharing Market, China, 2012–2022
8. Future of Driving: Main Car Sharing Service Providers, China, 2015
9. Future of Driving: Comparative Analysis of Top 2 Market Leaders, China, 2015
10. Future of Driving: Key Market Opportunities, China, 2015
11. Future of Driving: The Development Roadmap of Women Benefits in Automotive Market, China, 20092022
12. Future of Driving: Built-in ‘Health’ Function in Mobility, China, 2015
13. Future of Driving: The Development Roadmap of the Taxi Market, China, 2012-2022
14. Future of Driving: Cashless Payment System, China, 2015
15. Future of Driving: Key Objectives and Impacts of the 13th Five-Year Plan, China, 2015–2020

1. GDP Growth, China, 2015–2022
2. Age Demography, China, 2014*
3. Top 10 Regions by GDP Per Capita, China, 2014*
4. Passenger Vehicle Ownership, China, 2014*
5. New Passenger Vehicle Registration, China, 2014*
6. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), China, 2014*
7. Future of Driving: Regional Breakdown, China, 2015
8. Consumption Expenditures, China, 2014*
9. Price Indices of Transportation, China, 2014*
10. Future of Driving: Mobility Business Opportunity Breakdown by Key Leading Regions, China, 2014
11. Future of Driving: Transformative Shift from Automotive Products to Services, China, 2015
12. Future of Driving: Application Penetration Rate of PV Connected Services, China, 2015
13. Future of Driving: Connected Services (Explained), China, 2015
14. Future of Driving: Smart Parking Industry, China, 2015
15. Future of Driving: Car Sharing Market, China, 2015
16. Future of Driving: Ride Sharing Market Share, China, 2015
17. Future of Driving: Key Participants and Market Share of Car Leasing Market, China, 2015
18. Future of Driving: Ratio of New Vehicle Purchase, China, 2015
19. Future of Driving: Ratio of Vehicles in Operation, China, 2015
20. Future of Driving: Car Leasing Ratio Breakdown by Cities, China, 2015
21. Future of Driving: Ratio of Leasing Segment, China, 2015
22. Future of Driving: Population by Gender, China, 2012-2014*
23. Future of Driving: Women Breakdown by Education Level, China, 2012-2014*
24. Future of Driving: Childbearing Women Breakdown by Age Group, China, 2012-2014*
25. Future of Driving: Key Reasons that Strengthen Women’s Empowerment, China, 2015
26. Future of Driving: Health Expenditure as Percentage of GDP, China, 2011-2014*
27. Future of Driving: First and Last Mile Transportation Scheme, China, 2015
28. Future of Driving: Opportunities and Challenges of Taxi Market, China, 2015
29. Future of Driving: Key Highlights of Taxi Market, China, 2015
30. Future of Driving: The Concept of Park and Ride Interchange Application, China, 2015
31. Future of Driving: Two-Child Policy Demands, China, 2015–2022
32. Future of Driving: Autonomous Driving, China, 2015
33. Future of Driving: Consumer Behavior, China, 2015




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