Future Tech--Innovations in Conductive Polymers

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Conductive polymers are a special class of polymers/plastic with electrical conductivity. Applications requiring conductive properties while also demanding other benefits of common plastic materials can take advantage of these electrically conductive plastics. Research is in advanced development stage for inherently conductive polymers, whereas polymers with reasonable conductivity values are commercially available. Some potential application areas of conductive polymers include electromagnetic shielding of electronic circuits, antistatic and anticorrosion coating, sensors, energy storage devices and so on.Keywords: Conductive polymers, electroactive plastic, electromagnetic shielding, conjugated polymer, anti-

Table of Contents

Future Tech--Innovations in Conductive PolymersNeed for Conductive PolymersMacro Factors Paving the Way for Conductive PolymersMinor Factors Paving the Way for Conductive PolymersConductive Polymers–An IntroductionConductive Polymers and their TypesKey CharacteristicsSome Commonly Used Conductive Polymers Strategies Used to Produce Novel Conjugated PolymersConductive Polymers–Applications Overview and Innovation EcosystemKey ApplicationsInnovation EcosystemKey DevelopmentsConductive Polymer Nano-Dispersion for Corrosion ProtectionEMI Shielding of Electronics with Conductive ThermoplasticsLow-Cost Production Process of Making Conductive PolymersElectrically Conductive Nanocellulose for Sustainable ElectronicsHighly Conductive Conjugated Polymers for Flexible Electronic DevicesElectroactive Synthetic Polymer for Robotics and ProsthesisStrategic InsightsStrategic InsightsStrategic InsightsStrategic InsightsAppendixKey Patents–North AmericaKey Patents–USAKey Patents– Rest of the World Key Contacts

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