Genetic Engineering and Crop Protection: Future Prospects (Technical Insights)

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Table of Contents

Genetic Engineering and Crop Protection, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryGenetic Engineering and Crop Protection, INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTIONGenetic Engineering and Crop Protection, Herbicide Tolerant CropsHerbicide Tolerant CropsHerbicide Tolerant CropsHerbicide Tolerance by Selection Herbicide Tolerance by SelectionTriazinesSethoxydim (Poast)Sulfonylurea ToleranceImidazolinone ToleranceParaquat ToleranceAminotriazole ToleranceHerbicide Tolerance through Molecular BiologyHerbicide Tolerance through Molecular BiologyGlyphosate (Roundup)Glufosinate ToleranceBromoxynil ToleranceProtoporphyrinogen Tolerance (Novartis New Herbicide Tolerance)2;4-DParaquat ToleranceDalapon TolerancePhenmedipham ToleranceIsoxaflutole ToleranceMiscellaneous Herbicide ToleranceMultiple-Herbicide ToleranceGenetic Engineering and Crop Protection, Insect ControlBacillus thuringiensis-Derived ProductsBacillus thuringiensis-Derived ProductsPatent DisputesBollgard and Ingard CottonBt Corn (European Corn Borer Tolerance)Corn Rootworm ToleranceBt-Transformed PotatoesInsect-Resistant RiceResistance to Bt CropsOther Insect-Active Protein GenesThe vip3A(a) GeneThe Pht-toxin GeneProtease Inhibitor GenesLectin GenesAlpha-Amylase Inhibitor GenesOther Toxin GenesSecondary Metabolism GenesGene StackingNematode Resistance GenesNematode Resistance GenesProtease InhibitorsPin ProteinsNematode Antibody GenesCytotoxic Protein GenesTransgenic MicroorganismsVirusesBacteriaFungiTransgenic MacroorganismsTransgenic MacroorganismsGenetic Engineering and Crop Protection, Control of Fungal; Bacterial and Viral DiseasesFungal and Bacterial ResistanceResistance GenesControl of Fungal; Bacterial and Viral DiseasesControl of Fungal; Bacterial and Viral DiseasesFungal and Bacterial ResistanceAntifungal Protein GenesGenes Controlling Enzymes Important in Secondary MetabolismCalmodulin Defense MechanismProtection from Protein InhibitorsCollaborative ResearchTransgenic PotatoesTransgenic VinesDisease Control in RiceControl of VirusesControl of VirusesNatural Resistance MechanismsSatellite Nucleic AcidsPathogen Genome-Derived Resistance Genes (PGDR)Replicase GenesMovement and Helper Protein GenesGenes Coding for RNAGenes Coding for Plant-Produced AntibodiesGenes Coding for Other ProteinsGenetic Engineering and Crop Protection, RegulationIntroductionIntroductionBenefits of Transgenic Crops Concealed by Lack of Understanding and Fear Counseling by Green PartiesEuropean ReactionsEnvironmental LobbyingMonarch ButterfliesGM Oilseed RapeGM CottonGM CornGM PotatoesGM Sugar BeetGM SoybeanAustralian and New Zealand ReactionsAustralian and New Zealand ReactionsSouth American ReactionSouth American ReactionNorth American ReactionNorth American ReactionGlobal ReactionsGlobal ReactionsGenetic Engineering and Crop Protection, Companies Involved in GM CropsIntroductionIntroductionMonsantoMonsantoGeneralCompany ActivitiesProducts in DevelopmentAcquisitionsAgreementsAsgrow SeedsCalgeneDeKalb GeneticsHolden’s Foundation SeedsDuPontDuPontCompany ActivitiesAcquisitions and AgreementsPioneer Hi-Bred InternationalAgrEvoAgrEvoCompany ActivitiesAcquisitionsAgreementsPlant Genetic SystemsRhône-PoulencRhône-PoulencCompany ActivitiesAgreementsNovartisNovartisCompany ActivitiesAcquisitionsAgreementsZenecaZenecaCompany ActivitiesAgreementsMogenGarst SeedsDow AgroSciencesDow AgroSciencesCompany ActivitiesAcquisitionsAgreementsMycogen Corp.BASFBASFCompany ActivitiesAgreements and AcquisitionsCyanamid (American Home Products)Cyanamid (American Home Products)Company ActivitiesAgreementsOther Companies BayerNorsk HydroGenelabs TechnologiesNufarm

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