Global Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights)

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This research service outlines the key developments in nutraceuticals.

Table of Contents

Global Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroduction and Study HighlightsIntroduction Study Highlights Scope and MethodologyScopeResearch MethodologyGlobal Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Nutraceuticals- Overview; Types & Application AnalysisOverviewNutraceuticalsFunctional FoodsAnitoxidants and CarotenoidsKey DefinitionsApplicationsProteins and PeptidesProteins and PeptidesApplicationsMinerals and Amino acidsMinerals and Amino AcidsApplicationsPhytochemicals and Plant ExtractsPhytochemicals and Plant ExtractsApplicationsVitaminsVitaminsApplicationsNutritional Lipids and OilsOils and FatsApplicationsFibersFibersApplicationsGlobal Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Technology Viewpoint- NutraceuticalsTechnology Viewpoint: Anitoxidants and CarotenoidsSoy Isoflavones' Positive Resistance on Insulin Resistance--IsraelGrape Extracts for Food and Beverage Applications--GermanyQuercetin Antioxidant Health Drink Reduces Fatigue-- USAImproved Beta-Carotene for Food And Beverage Applications--GermanyImproved Isoflavones From Soy Germ--NetherlandsTechnology Viewpoint: Proteins and PeptidesGelatine Hydrolysates for Reducing Tissue Degeneration--GermanyHydrolysed Casein for Natural Blood Pressure Regulation--NetherlandsCysteine Peptide for Enhancing Liver Function--NetherlandsNon-GMO Soy Proteins--IsraelMilk Protein for Fast Muscle Refueling--NetherlandsTechnology Viewpoint: Minerals and Amino acidsNew Technique for Tryptophan Production for Food Applications--Netherlands Cotton Microcellulose to Lower LDL Cholesterol--IrelandSelenium from Plant Sources--USAChromium Complex For Normal Blood Sugar Levels--USAFermented Soybean Paste With High Content Of Calcium And ACE--JapanGRAS Iron Supplement for Anemia--JapanArmor's Additive-Free Calcium Caseinate--FranceCargill's Glucosamine for Joints and Tissues--USAYakult's Fermented Drink to Lower Blood Pressure--JapanMagnesium Compounds for Healthy Body--GermanyTechnology Viewpoint: Phytochemicals and Plant ExtractsPlant Sterols to Lower Cholesterol Levels--USALow Cholesterol Ingredients for Healthy Living--FinlandPlant Sterols To Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels--JapanNovel Technique to Produce Cholesterol Lowering Snack Foods--USAPhytosterols to Lower Heart Disease--SwedenTechnology Viewpoint: Vitamins and PremixesBioavailable Tocotrienol Complex--USACoQ10 For Tackling Heart Failure--USALactic Acid Bacteria for Vitamin Fortification--NetherlandsTechnology Viewpoint: Nutritional lipids and OilsNexera Seed for Transfat free Formulations--USA Diglyceride-based CLA For Increased Fat Burning--USANovel Technique For Improved Delivery Of Nutrients In Oils--IsraelTechnology Viewpoint: FibersBeta-Glucan reduces Risk Of Heart Disease--USANew Dietary Fiber for Better Gut Health--USACaiapo Extract For Increased Sensitivity And Prevention Of Type 2 Diabetes--Japan Beer with Rich Beta-Glucan Content--SwedenKGM maintains Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients--NetherlandsDanisco Polydextrose: a Novel Soluble Fiber Source--DenmarkGluten-Free Bread Incorporates Anti-Carcinogenic Ingredients--USA Activated Barley with High Fiber Content--SwedenLarch Arabinogalactan As Dietary Fiber: SwitzerlandGlobal Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factors and CommercializationMarket and Regulatory FactorsStrategic Market FactorsRegulatory FactorsTechnology Accelerators and BarriersTechnology AcceleratorsTechnology and Product Development BarriersGlobal Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Patents and GlossaryKey Patents - IAntioxidants and CarotenoidsProteinLipids and OilsMineralsKey Patents- IIPhytochemicalFiberVitamins Glossary DefinitionsContactsGlobal Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsExcellence in Technology AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Leadership AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientGlobal Advances in Nutraceuticals (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support Database TablesIncidence of Colon Rectum CancerGovernment Healthcare Expenditure (Billion USD)Prevalence of Obese Population in Over 15 Years of AgePharmaceuticals R&D Expenditure (Million USD)Incidence of Prostate Cancer

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