Global Autonomous Driving Market Outlook, 2016

Automotive Ecosystem on Track for Disruption, 80% of OEMs to Finalise Automation Technology Roadmaps for Semis

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The 2016 autonomous driving outlook has two sides to its story. One is of a transitional evolution from a technology angle, though with pockets of disruptive innovations. The other is of a transformational revolution of the automotive business that will change the industry and the ecosystem as we know them today. This shift will create winners and losers and the winner could be anything from an OEM to a mobility provider and are likely to be enterprises that provide the best car-ownership and driving experience beyond just the product. The outlook delves into various opportunities that can arise in the market and provides a broad forecast of the number of autonomous vehicles that are likely to be on the roads o

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2015 Key Highlights
2015–2016 Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues
2016 Top 6 Predictions
2. Research Scope and Segmentation
Research Scope
Vehicle Segmentation
3. Autonomous Major Market and Technology Trends—2016
Market Trend
Realization of Level 2 and Level 3 Autonomous Driving
Disruption to Commercialisation
Consolidation at Supplier Level
Evolution of Functional Safety Regulations
Technology Trend
48V Power Net
Sensor Fusion
Deep Learning
High Definition Mapping
4. Autonomous Key Product Analysis—2016 OEM
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Definitions and OEM Positioning
Audi—Piloted Driving
BMW—Connected Drive Project
Ford Motor Co.’s Partnership With Velodyne Inc.
Mercedes Benz—Drive Pilot
Volvo AB—Drive Me Project
Competitive Positioning of Select OEMs
Introduction to Market Roadmap
OEM Unit Shipment Forecast
North America
5. Autonomous Key Product Analysis—2016 Suppliers
Bosch Autonomous Driving Vision
Continental Autonomous Driving Vision
Delphi—Vehicle-to-Everything (V2E)
Texas Instruments—Core Capability
Qualcomm—Next Gen Processors
Supplier Capability and Preference
6. Automated Driving Testing and Regulations—2016
Legislative Overview for Testing of automated Vehicles—US
Member States Initiative for Testing of Automated Vehicles—EU
Regulations for Testing of Automated Vehicles—Asia
Comparative Overview of OEMs and Disruptors
7. Regional Market Trends and Analysis—2016
European Autonomous Market
North American Autonomous Market
Japanese Autonomous Market
8. Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions and 2016 Outlook
Topics Focal Points of Global Autonomous Driving Program
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology


List of Figures & Charts

1. Autonomous Driving Market: Sample Sensor Suite Representation, Global, 2016
2. Autonomous Driving Market: Enacted Legislations, US, 2015
3. Autonomous Driving Market: Legislation, EU, 2015
4. Autonomous Driving Market: Legislation, Asia, 2015

1. Autonomous Driving Market: Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues, Global, 2015–2016
2. Autonomous Driving Market: Level 2 and 3 Autonomous Driving, Global, 2016
3. Recent Mergers and Acquisitions, Global, 2014–2022
4. Autonomous Driving Market: Functional Safety, Global, 2016
5. Autonomous Driving Market: Impact of LiDAR, Global, 2016
6. Autonomous Driving Market: Impact of 48V, Global, 2016
7. Autonomous Driving Market: Deep Learning Capability, Global, 2016
8. Autonomous Driving Market: HD Mapping Capability, Global, 2016
9. Autonomous Driving Market: Definitions for Levels of Automation, Global, 2016–2030
10. Autonomous Driving Market: Audi Capability, Global, 2016–2020
11. Autonomous Driving Market: BMW Strategy, Global, 2016–2020
12. Autonomous Driving Market: Ford Motor Co.’s Partnership with Velodyne Inc, Global, 2016
13. Autonomous Driving Market: Mercedes-Benz Capability, Global, 2016–2020
14. Autonomous Driving Market: Tesla Motors, Autopilot, Global, 2016
15. Autonomous Driving Market: Volvo Strategy, Global, 2016–2020
16. Autonomous Driving Market: Introduction to Market Roadmap, Global, 2016–2030
17. Autonomous Driving Market: Unit Shipment Forecast, Europe, 2015–2030
18. Autonomous Driving Market: Unit Shipment Forecast, North America, 2015–2030
19. Autonomous Driving Market: Bosch Autonomous Driving Capabilities, Global, 2016
20. Autonomous Driving Market: Continental Autonomous Driving Vision, Global, 2016–2025
21. Autonomous Driving Market: Delphi: Vehicle-to-Everything, Global, 2016
22. Autonomous Vehicle Outlook: MobilEye SoC Capability, Global, 2016
23. Autonomous Driving Market: NVIDIA Deep Learning Capability, Global, 2016
24. Autonomous Driving Markey: Texas Instruments, Global, 2016
25. Autonomous Driving Market: Qualcomm, Global, 2016
26. Test Bed for Automated Vehicle Testing—Overview of OEMs Versus Disruptors, Global, 2015
27. Autonomous Driving Market: Autonomous Market Overview, Europe, 2016–2030
28. Autonomous Driving Market: Autonomous Market Overview, North America, 2016–2030
29. Autonomous Driving Market: Autonomous Market Overview, Japan, 2016–2030
30. Autonomous Driving Market: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Global, 2016




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