Global CSP Billing 2015 Edition Part 6: Global Business Drivers, Market Trends, and New Solution Strategies


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This Report defines the key business drivers and market trends relative to end-to-end billing, and those specifically for mediation, rating & charging, other core billing, policy, interconnect & settlement, and partner management.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Market Definition of End-to-End Billing
Billing Mediation
Rating & Charging and Other Core Billing
Policy Management (Rules Function)
Interconnect & Settlement
Partner Management
4. Monetization is About Data Today and Even More Data Tomorrow
There is an App for That
New Things Are Coming
Communications Industry is at the Center of Partner Ecosystems
The CSP Conundrum: Becoming More for a Growing Audience
5. Business Drivers for Advanced Monetization Models
Installed Systems and Processes Lack Market Responsiveness
Demand Side Customer (Consumer, Small Business, Enterprise) Expectations
The Evolving Digital Services Supplier Ecosystem
6. Business Management is No Longer One Size Fits All
Business Model Evolution Means Different Solutions for Different Business Needs
B2C Consumer Services Solutions
Business Model #1 – Cloud-Based Overlay for Real-Time Solution Responsiveness
Business Model #2 – Real-Time Contextual Awareness
Business Model #3 – Time-Based Mobile Data Access
IoT Business and Enterprise Solutions
Large Business and Enterprise Internal Services
B2B2X Business and Enterprise Customer Solutions
Wholesale Revenue Management (Partnership) Services
Cross-Industry 2.0 Business Solutions
7. The Last Word

List of Figures & Charts

1. Consumer B2C – Contextual Awareness and Pricing Offers to Match
2. Business Model #3 – Time-Based Mobile Data Access
3. Hypothetical Example of Time-Based Mobile Broadband Access

1. CSP End-to-End Billing and Policy Management
2. Today It is All About Data and the Mobile App
3. What Will the Next Suite of Life Changing Improvements Bring?
4. CSP-Delivered Network Connectivity Services – The Basis for Everything
5. Existing ODAM Environment Cannot Effectively Meet Today’s Business Needs
6. Customer Service Demands Are Now More Complex
7. Digital Services Provider Partner Ecosystem
8. One Size Fits All Monetization Solution is No Longer Practical
9. B2C End-to-End Consumer Billing
10. Cloud-Based Overlay to Installed Business Management Systems
11. Monetization Flow for IoT Based B2B2X Partner Ecosystem Solutions
12. Large Businesses Want Configurable Offerings and Pricing Plans
13. GRU Business and Compensation Agreement Relationships
14. Wholesale Partner Management – Two Billing Segments as One
15. Centralized Global Digital Services Partnership Administration
16. Enterprise Ecosystem Enablement Monetization Functions
17. Cross-Industry 2.0 Enterprise Ecosystem Enabled Virtual Services
18. Infonova Cross-Industry 2.0 Multi-Tenant Business Architecture

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