Global Energy and Environment Industry Outlook, 2016

Strong Growth Forecast for Solar PV and Energy Storage Technologies, Despite Falling Oil Prices

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In the oil & gas sector, the dramatic decline in the oil price has massively impacted the upstream industry, but investment in downstream remains strong. The impact of the oil price decline on the power sector has been relatively limited, with investment in renewables remaining strong and market interest in storage continues to grow. The homes & buildings sector continues to gradually transition to a smarter and greener ecosystem. For the water sector, investment continues at a steady pace, with expansion the focus of investment in the developing world and renewal the focus in Europe and North America.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryTop Energy & Environment Predictions for 2016Top Energy & Environment Predictions for 2016 (continued)Associated Research and Multimedia on Energy & EnvironmentResearch Scope and SegmentationResearch ScopeOil & Gas OutlookKey Predictions for 2016Key 2016 Oil and Gas Industry Predictions ExplainedKey Dynamics Impacting the Oil Price in 2016Regional Trends 2016Oil Production Costs versus Budget Break-evenIncreasing versus Decreasing Oil PricesUnconventional Oil ProductionRig Production ForecastsGas Supply and Price TrendsOil RefiningOilfield ServicesDistributed Energy OutlookKey Distributed Energy Market Trends for 2016Global Distributed Energy Industry ForecastTechnology Market Growth 2016Distributed Energy Market Growth 2016 Regional Trends2016 Market OpportunitiesCritical Power OutlookKey Critical Power Market Trends for 2016Global Critical Power Market Revenue Forecast 2016Data Centre Investment TrendsModular/Scalable UPS—Market OutlookWireless Power Charging—Market SizePower Management Devices—Lifecycle and Market Opportunity AnalysisSmart Inverters—Global HotspotsEnergy Storage OutlookKey Energy Storage Market TrendsEnergy Storage Technology LifecycleTop 10 Attractive CountriesGlobal Alternative Energy Storage Technologies ForecastBattery Energy Storage Market Size and GrowthConsumer, Industrial and Electric Vehicle Market Size and GrowthWater & Wastewater OutlookKey 2016 Water Market PredictionsTop Global Municipal Water Market Predictions for 2016Global Municipal Water Market ForecastExpenditure Forecast by RegionTop Global Industrial Water Market Predictions for 2016Global Industrial Water Market ExpenditureExpenditure Forecast by RegionExpenditure Forecast by IndustryHomes & Buildings OutlookKey 2016 Homes and Buildings Industry PredictionsTechnology Penetration in Homes and Buildings IndustryRanking of Fastest Growing Markets in 2016—Stakeholders’ OpinionRegional Trends 2016Evolution of Building Energy ManagementLED Lighting Revenue Forecast by RegionKey Technology Trends for 2016Key ConclusionsKey ConclusionsKey Conclusions (continued)Legal DisclaimerAppendixGlobal Economic Snapshot—2014–20162015–2016 to See Uneven Growth in Major EconomiesGrowth in Emerging Economies will Dampen the 2015–2016 OutlookTop 20 Largest Economies in 2015Top 20 Fastest-growing Economies in 2015 and 2016AbbreviationsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy


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