Global Engineering Information Management Solutions, Forecast to 2023

Digitization and SaaS Growth Offset Challenges from Oil & Gas Industry

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Large-scale, process-driven industries, such as utilities, generate large amounts of engineering documentation that requires collaboration for project completion and archiving for regulatory compliance. The days of keeping schematics in filing cabinets and viewing them on drafting tables has given way to digitization and file sharing across employees and contractors on personal computers and mobile devices. With capital projects growing in size and complexity and an increasingly distributed workforce, the need for managing the accompanying engineering information is greater than ever. Growth in the engineering information management (EIM) market will come from companies transitioning to fully computer-aided des

Research Scope

This study on the EIM solutions market covers the following:

  • Global market trend analyses, including market drivers and restraints
  • Detailed unit shipment forecasts for the total media streaming devices market
  • A competitive landscape, in terms of major participants and market share analysis.

The base year for this study is 2016, with forecasts running up to 2023. The research highlights key trends impacting the global EIM solutions market and outlines future implications.

Geographic Scope: The global EIM solutions market has been segmented into North America, Latin America (NALA); Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Challenges on economic uncertainty impact each region uniquely, with EMEA dealing with the ramifications of the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union in 2016 (i.e., Brexit), becoming official in 2019; demographic growth trends in APAC increasing the need for energy, utilities, and infrastructure projects; and NALA refocusing on infrastructure due to the business-friendly economic environment in the short term and transitions to renewable energy sources in the long term.

Key Issue Addressed

  • Will the market continue to grow at its present rate over the forecast period? What are the drivers and restraints for growth in this market?
  • Where do EIM solutions’ underlying technologies stand today and going forward? What are the primary challenges faced by vendors addressing this market? How can vendors overcome these challenges? How do vendor ecosystems factor into this market?
  • What does the current competitive landscape look like? Will there be any new market entrants over the next 4-5 years? Is the market attractive for mergers and acquisitions? • What are the revenue breakdowns by geographical regions - NALA / EMEA / APAC? Which are the fastest growing regions?

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Market Engineering Measurements
CEO’s Perspective
2. Market Overview
Digital Media Ecosystem
Market Definitions
Market Overview—Scope and Regions
Market Overview—Vertical Industry Definitions
The EIM Value Proposition
Percent Revenue Breakdown by Region
Percent Revenue Breakdown by New versus Recurring
Market Distribution Channels
3. Drivers and Restraints—Total EIM Solutions Market
Market Drivers
Drivers Explained
Market Restraints
Restraints Explained
4. Forecasts and Trends—Total EIM Solutions Market
Forecast Assumptions
Global EIM Revenue Forecast
Regional Market Life Cycle
Regional Market Life Cycle Analysis
Percent Revenue Forecast by Region
EIM Revenue Forecast by Region
Technology Trends
Market Share and Competitive Analysis—Total EIM Solutions Market
EIM Competitive Landscape—Market Share
EIM Competitive Environment
EIM Competitive Landscape
EIM Competitive Landscape—Factors and Assessment
Market Leader—Hexagon
Market Challenger—Aveva
Market Challenger—BlueCielo
Market Contender—Synergis Software
Other Market Contenders and Participants
5. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—Renewable Energy Projects
Growth Opportunity 2—US Infrastructure
Growth Opportunity 3—Expansion to AEC/ECM Projects
Growth Opportunity 4—Increasing Mobile Adoption
Growth Opportunity 5—Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
6. Vertical Analysis
Vertical Segmentation
Vertical Breakdown—Energy
Vertical Breakdown—Utilities
Vertical Breakdown—Infrastructure
Vertical Breakdown—Mining
Vertical Breakdown—Other Verticals
7. NALA Analysis
NALA Key Findings
NALA Revenue Forecast
EMEA Analysis
EMEA Key Findings
EMEA Revenue Forecast
8. APAC Analysis
APAC Key Findings
APAC Revenue Forecast
9. The Last Word
The Last Word—Predictions
The Last Word—Recommendations
Legal Disclaimer
10. Appendix
Market Engineering Methodology
Market Engineering Measurements
List of Market Participants
11. Appendix
List of Exhibits


List of Figures & Charts

1. Total EIM Solutions Market: Key Market Drivers, Global, 2017–2023
2. Total EIM Solutions Market: Key Market Restraints, Global, 2017–2023
3. Total EIM Solutions Market: Revenue Forecast by Region, Global, 2016–2023
4. Total EIM Solutions Market: Competitive Structure, Global, 2016
5. Total EIM Solutions Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016

1. Total EIM Solutions Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2016
2. Total EIM Solutions Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by Region, Global, 2016
3. Total EIM Solutions Market: Distribution Channel Analysis, Global, 2016
4. Total EIM Solutions Market: Percent Revenue Breakdown by New vs. Recurring Business, Global, 2016
5. Total EIM Solutions Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2016–2023
6. Total EIM Solutions Market: Regional Life Cycle, Global, 2016
7. Total EIM Solutions Market: Percent Revenue Forecast by Region, Global, 2016 and 2023
8. Total EIM Solutions Market: Market Share Analysis, Global, 2016
9. Total EIM Solutions Market: Competitive Landscape, Global, 2016
10. Total EIM Solutions Market: Revenue Split by Vertical, Global, 2016
11. EIM Solutions Market: Revenue Forecast, NALA, 2016–2023
12. EIM Solutions Market: Revenue Forecast, EMEA, 2016–2023
13. EIM Solutions Market: Revenue Forecast, APAC, 2016–2023

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