Global Healthcare Data Analytics Companies-To-Action, 2017

Diverse Data Analytics Offerings Together have Potential to Change Industry Paradigms

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Healthcare data analytics refers to information technology (IT) solutions and services that mine structured and unstructured digital content generated by healthcare industry stakeholders with the goal of achieving a pre-defined outcome. The healthcare industry is experiencing a redefinition of “value” through the changing expectations of care quality, reimbursement models, and patient experience. To deliver new forms of “value”, industry stakeholders need a far more granular dissection of data and payers, providers, pharmaceuticals and medical technology companies are taking this move very seriously.To support these rapidly evolving stakeholders, data analytics vendors are bringing new and innovative s

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Healthcare Data Analytics—Market Snapshot
Healthcare Data Analytics—Analysis of Companies 2 Action
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
Healthcare Data Analytics—Future Impact on Healthcare
Scope and Segmentation
2. Companies-to-Action Overview
Industry Convergence Driving Disruption and Innovation
Convergence in Healthcare Creates both Opportunities and Threats
Frost & Sullivan Companies-to-Action have Potential to Disrupt Current Healthcare Industry Paradigms
3. Healthcare Data Analytics Market Overview
Digital Health Benefits from Broader Industry Convergence
Digital Health Priorities
Digital Health Market Segmentation and Convergence
Market Definition and Segmentation
Impact of Key Market Influencers
Five Growth Opportunities
Detailed Solution Segmentation
Vendor Ecosystem
Top Trends and Vendor Strategies
C2A Targets Aligned with Top Trends
C2A Key Findings
4. C2A Profiles
Atomwise—AI-based Drug Discovery
Cogito—Emotional Intelligence-based Customer Care
Evidation Health—Quantified Validation and Prediction
Evidation Health
Flatiron Health—Personalized Genomic Healthcare
Flatiron Health—Behavioral Analytics-based Telehealth
NextHealth Technologies—Member-engagement Analytics
NextHealth Technologies
Prognos—Clinical Diagnostics AI
Protenus—360o Cyber Security Analytics
Qventus—Asset Management and Resource Utilization
Zebra Medical Vision—Medical Imaging Analytics
Zebra Medical Vision
5. The Last Word
Healthcare Data Analytics—Future Impact on Healthcare
Healthcare Data Analytics—Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
6. Appendix
List of Vendors Assessed
7. The Frost & Sullivan Story

List of Figures & Charts

1. Digital Health C2A: List of Vendors Assessed, Healthcare Data Analytics, Global, 2017

1. Digital Health C2A: Vendors Profiled in this Research, Healthcare Data Analytics, Global, 2017
2. Digital Health C2A: Vendors Best Practices, Healthcare Data Analytics, Global, 2017
3. Digital Health C2A: C2A Value Creators, Global, 2017
4. Digital Health Market: Segmentation, Global, 2017
5. Digital Health C2A: Common Client Goals by Segments and Industry Stakeholders, Healthcare Data Analytics, Global, 2017
6. Digital Health C2A: Impact of Key Market Influencers, Healthcare Data Analytics Global, 2017

Why Frost & Sullivan

Working with the CEO’s growth team to create a vision based on a transformation growth strategy

Creating content-based digital marketing strategies that leverage our research perspective to differentiate and “tell your story”

Tracking over 1000 emerging technologies and analyzing the impact by industry and application to reveal the companies to watch in each sector

The Frost & Sullivan team is based in our 45 global offices and have developed a powerful global understandings of how industries operate on a global level.