Global Industrial Mobility Market, 2016

Mobile Apps in an Industrial Setting are Propelling New Business Models Focused on Improving the Safety and Skill of the Worker

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The advent of mobile applications is profoundly changing the way factories operate and produce goods all around the world. Though smart devices are predominantly used for consumer applications, their foray into industries is expected to make way for the next giant leap of progress. Industrial mobility allows plant managers and supervisors to get out of their desks and tend to critical needs without wasting their time on analyzing large sets of data. When utilized to its full potential, industrial mobility can tremendously increase overall plant productivity, responsiveness, employee relations, and customer satisfaction.Industrial mobility in this research service has been defined as hardware, software, solutio

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Industrial Internet of hings—A Research Perspective
Industrial Internet of Things—The Four Functional Facets
Frost & Sullivan’s Value Proposition in IIoT
Research Scope and Objective
3. Discovering Industrial obility for Manufacturing
Evolution of Manufacturing
Rise of Industrial Mobility
Industrial Mobility Ecosystem
Mobility Market Mapping
Mobility in the Factory Value Chain
End-user Applications
4. Future of Industrial Mobility
Industrial IoT Inducing Mobility
Charting the Course of Industrial Apps
Case Study—Hillshire Brands
Case Study—Toyo Tanso
Product Profile—Honeywell Pulse
Product Profile—Rockwell Software
Predicting the Pillars of Industrial Mobile Revolution
5. Mastering the Art of Mobility
Roadblocks to Factory Implementation
The Mobility Toolbox
Transforming Needs to Reality
Understanding Business Criticality of Mobility
6. Game Changers in Mobility Market
Industrial Mobility Business—SWOT Analysis
The World of Industrial Apps and Smart Handhelds
Mobility Enabling Convergence of IT-OT Businesses
Connecting Technology to Process Industries
Digital Transformation in Discrete Industries
Industrial Mobility Disrupting Hybrid Factory Models
The Last Word
Legal Disclaimer
7. Appendix
List of Abbreviations
8. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. Industrial Mobility: Key Findings, Global, 2016
2. Industrial Mobility: Research Scope and Objective, Global, 2016
3. Industrial Mobility: Evolution of Manufacturing, Global, 2016
4. Industrial Mobility: Rise of Industrial Mobility, Global, 2016
5. Industrial Mobility: Industrial mobility ecosystem, Global, 2016
6. Industrial Mobility: Mobility Market Mapping, Global, 2016
7. Industrial Mobility: Factory Value Chain, Global, 2016
8. Industrial Mobility: End-user applications, Global, 2016
9. Industrial Mobility: Industrial IoT Inducing Mobility, Global, 2016
10. Industrial Mobility: Industrial Apps Flowchart, Global, 2016
11. Industrial Mobility: Case Study—Hillshire Brands, Global, 2016
12. Industrial Mobility: Case study—Toyo Tanso, Global, 2016
13. Industrial Mobility: Rockwell software – Product Profile, Global, 2016
14. Industrial Mobility: Pillars of Mobility, Global, 2016
15. Industrial Mobility: Roadblocks to Factory Implementation, Global, 2016
16. Industrial Mobility: Mobility Toolbox, Global, 2016
17. Industrial Mobility: Transforming Needs to Reality, Global, 2016
18. Industrial Mobility: Understanding Business Criticality of Mobility, Global, 2016
19. Industrial Mobility: Industrial Mobility Business—SWOT Analysis, Global, 2016
20. Industrial Mobility: The World of Industrial Apps and Smart Handhelds, Global, 2016
21. Industrial Mobility: Mobility Enabling Convergence of IT-OT Businesses, Global, 2016
22. Industrial Mobility: Connecting Technology To Process Industries, Global, 2016
23. Industrial Mobility: Digital Transformation in Discrete Industries, Global, 2016
24. Industrial Mobility: Industrial Mobility Disrupting hybrid factory models, Global, 2016

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