Global Medium-Heavy Duty Truck Industry Outlook, 2016

Amidst the Shifting Focus Towards Freight Efficiency, Global Sales to Increase by 60,000 Units

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Frost and Sullivan research indicates that the global MD-HD Truck market is expected grow by 2.4% in 2016 backed by a strong performance in India and Europe. Markets such as China, Latam, and Russia are expected to experience downward pressure because slowing economic activity is likely to impact freight growth. Capacity utilisation challenges will be key, as OEMs re-align product and marketing strategies to tap into the rapidly expanding mid-market value trucks segment. As profits shrink during a period of challenging market conditions, centralised platform development will be crucial for industry participants. Other developments include autonomous trucks, safety, telematics, alternate powertrain, mobile freig

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2015 Key Highlights
2015–2016 CV Industry Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues
2016 Top 6 Predictions
2. Definitions and Segmentation
Vehicle Segments—MD-HD Trucks: Global
Research Background
3. Freight and Economic Outlook
Top CV Market Performance—2015 Versus 2014
2015–2016 Global Freight and Logistics Outlook
Transformation in the Freight Industry Ecosystem—2016
2016 Global GDP and Commercial Truck Market Growth Outlook
4. Global MD-HD Truck Market Outlook—2016
Global Medium and Heavy Truck Market Forecast 2016
Global Medium and Heavy Commercial Truck Market Forecast 2016
Key 2016 Regional Outlook
North America
Western Europe
South America
Attractive MD-HD Truck Segments by Region
MD-HD Truck OEM Sales Performance 2015
Key 2016 Market Introductions—Truck Platforms, Powertrain Launches
5. Global Powertrain Outlook—2016
Global MD-HD Truck Powertrain Technology Forecast
Global OEMs’ Engine Displacement Comparative Analysis
Engine Platform Design Harmonisation 2016–2022
Comparative Benchmarking of OEMs’ Global Truck and Engine Platforms and Engines
Daimler Group
Volvo Group
TATA Motors
Alternate Fuel Truck Market—Regional Market Share Analysis
Global Transmissions Market Outlook
MD-HD Turbocharger Global Outlook
6. Global MD-HD Truck Product Positioning Outlook—2016
Product Segment Overview
Product Segments Outlook—2016
Global OEMs’ Brand Positioning Strategies 2016
Product Planning Focal Points of OEMs
Value Truck Models in Selected Markets—2016
Low-cost Truck Market—Price Range of MD-HD Trucks by Region
Expected Low-cost Truck Platforms
7. Global Soft Technologies Outlook—2016
2016 Telematics Installed Base—Next Generation Markets
Global Connected LCV and M/HCV Contribution—2015, 2016, and 2022
Global HD Truck Safety Systems Adoption Hot Spots
Automated Driving—Safety Technologies Roadmap
8. Special Focus A—Emerging Markets–2016: India, South America, and Iran
India MD-HD Truck Market Snapshot
South America MD-HD Truck Market Snapshot
Iran MD-HD Truck Market Snapshot
9. Special Focus B—Emerging Market OEMs’ Global Growth Strategies in 2016
Chinese OEM—CNHTC Global Sales Outlook
CNHTC—Product Portfolio
Outlook of Indian CV OEMs’ Export Business
Development of Strong Global Supplier Partnerships
Sales Outlook for Hyundai’s Global CV Business
HMG Commercial Vehicle Product Portfolio
10. Special Focus C—Autonomous Truck Technology Developments in 2016
Autonomous Commercial Vehicle Incremental Cost Analysis
Automated Driving Benchmark
Business Models for Truck Platooning
V2X Technology Evolution for Piloting Autonomous Trucks
V2X Benefits
V2X Challenges
Validation and Testing of Automated Vehicles in 2016
Autonomous Driving Technologies Benchmark of Global HD OEMs
11. Special Focus D—Rise of North American Mobile-based Freight Brokering Market in 2016
Future of Connectivity in Urban Logistics
Currently Evaluated Pricing Model—2016
Future of Connectivity in Urban Logistics 2016–2025
What is Mobile Based Freight Brokering?
North American Mobile-based Freight Brokering Market Revenue Forecast
Freight Aggregator/Business Model Analysis
Business Model Analysis 2016–2025
12. Conclusions and Outlook
Key Conclusions and 2016 Outlook
Soft Technologies
New Trends
Product Focus
13. Legal Disclaimer
14. Appendix
Table of Acronyms Used
2016 Topics Focal Points of Global Commercial Vehicle Program
Market Engineering Methodology


List of Figures & Charts

1. CV Market: Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues, Global, 2015-2016
2. Vehicle Segments—MD-HD Trucks: Global
3. Transformation in the Freight Industry Ecosystem—2016
4. CV Market: GDP and CV Growth Outlook Overview, Global, 2016
5. Key 2016 Market Introductions—Truck Platforms, Powertrain Launches
6. CV Market: Key Global Truck Platforms and Engines, Global, 2016
7. CV Market: Value Positioning, Global, 2016
8. CV Market: Product Planning Focal Points, Global, 2016–2022
9. CV Market: Value Truck Partial Product Portfolio, Select Regions, 2016
10. CV Market: Low-cost Truck Vehicle Model Timeline, Global, 2010–2022
11. CV Market: Safety Technology Hot Spots, Global, 2016–2025
12. CV Market: Autonomous Driving Technologies: Application Roadmap, Europe and North America, 2016–2025
13. India MD-HD Truck Market Snapshot
14. South America MD-HD Truck Market Snapshot
15. Iran MD-HD Truck Market Snapshot
16. Chinese OEM—CNHTC Global Sales Outlook
17. CNHTC Product Segments, China, 2016
18. CV Market: Global Supplier Partnerships, India, 2016
19. Hyundai Motor Group CV Unit Sales, Global, 2014–2022
20. Hyundai Motor Group CV Product Range, Global, 2016
21. Autonomous HD Truck Market: Levels of Automated Driving, Western Europe and North America, 2016
22. Business Models for Truck Platooning
23. Autonomous HD Truck Market: V2X Communication Outlook, Western Europe and North America, 2016
24. Autonomous HD Truck Market: Validation and Testing of Automated Vehicles, Global, 2016
25. Autonomous HD Truck Market: Autonomous Driving Technology Strategy, Global, 2016
26. CV Telematics Market: Prevalent Telematics Hardware and Service Pricing Models, Global, 2016
27. Future of Connectivity in Urban Logistics 2016–2025
28. Mobile Based Freight Brokerage Market : Value Proposition, North America, 2016
29. Mobile-based Freight Brokerage Market: Taxonomy of Mobile-based Freight Brokering, North America, 2016–2025
30. Mobile-based Freight Brokerage Market: Future Business Model Strategies, North America, 2016–2025
31. CV Market: Key Conclusions and Future Outlook, Global, 2016

1. CV Market: Top Regions by Unit Shipment, Global, 2014 and 2015
2. CV Market: Logistics Spending as a Percent of the GDP, Global, 2016
3. CV Market: Logistics by Sub-segment, Global, 2015 and 2016
4. CV Market: Medium and Heavy Trucks-Unit Shipment, Global, 2015 and 2016
5. CV Market: Forecast for Medium Truck Segment Key Markets, Global, 2015 and 2016
6. CV Market: Forecast for Heavy Truck Segment Key Markets, Global, 2015 and 2016
7. CV Market: Highest-selling Weight Segment by Region, Global, 2015 and 2016
8. CV Outlook 2015: MD-HD Truck OEM Performance, Global, 2015
9. CV Market: Powertrain Technology Split by Region, Global, 2016
10. CV Market: OEMs Comparative Benchmarking—Average Engine Displacement and Price, Global, 2016–2022
11. CV Market: HD Truck Engine Platform Requirements, Global, 2016–2022
12. CV Market: Regional Alternate Powertrain Analysis, Global, 2015–2016
13. CV Market: Regional Technology Penetration, Global, 2016
14. CV Market: Region wise Forecast, Global, 2016
15. CV Market: Unit Shipment by Product Segment, Global, 2015 and 2016
16. CV Market: Top OEMs’ Brands, Global, 2016
17. CV Market: Low-cost Truck-Regional Price Analysis, Global, 2016
18. CV Market: Telematics Next Generation Markets, Global, 2015 and 2016
19. CV Market: Connected LCV and M/HCV Contribution, Global, 2015, 2016, and 2022
20. CV Market: Outlook of CV OEMs’ Export Business, India, 2014, 2022, and 2025
21. Autonomous HD Truck Market: Incremental Cost Analysis, Western Europe and North America, 2016 and 2025
22. Connectivity and Urban Logistics—Evolution of Technology Platforms, Global, 2010, 2016, 2020, 2025
23. Mobile-based Freight Brokerage Market: Revenue Analysis, North America, 2016–2025

heavy duty trucks
heavy duty trucks

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