Global MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights)


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This research service discusses the research developments and emerging opportunities in the MEMS Sensors market worldwide. The sectors profiled include industrial sensing, consumer electronics, transportation and biochemical sensing.

Table of Contents

Global MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryTechnology SnapshotMEMS Growth Reflects Economic TrendsTechnological TrendsScope and MethodologyScope of the StudyResearch MethodologyGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), MEMS Market AnalysisMEMS MarketDescription of Technology and ApplicationsMarket TrendsInvestment ClimateMarket PotentialIndustry CharacteristicsGrowth Outlook--Nanotech May Provide for MEMS ExpansionMarket Drivers and RestraintsTechnical and Market DriversRestraintsChallengesGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Sensing Applications in the Transportation IndustryIndustry ImpactAssessment of Existing ApplicationsProducts with PotentialApplication SpectrumSafety DevicesComfort and Safety ApplicationsEngine and Drive TrainVehicle DiagnosticsResearch TrendsGyro Sensors Can Increase Vehicle Stability --JapanThin Film Magnetic Sensors Aid in Automobile Control - JapanNovel Device Promises Safer Rail Travel - United KingdomOn-board Sensors Monitor Engine Oil Viscosity - AustriaMotorola Sensor Improves Tire Safety - United StatesTire Sensor Helps Prevent Accidents - GermanyIndustry Specific IssuesIndustry AssessmentGrowth ProspectsGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Industrial Sensing and Consumer ElectronicsIndustry ImpactAssessment of ApplicationsPromising ProductsApplication SpectrumStrain GaugesIndustrial Monitoring and AutomationWireless Sensor NetworksProcess Control InstrumentationResearch TrendsFabrication of Motion Sensor Using MEMS - TaiwanExtreme Condition Sensors - United StatesCharacterizing Polymers Using X-Ray Scattering Measurements - FranceNovel Inexpensive Humidity Sensor Using CMOS Fabrication Technology - ChinaCharacterization of MEMS Using Digital Holography Microscopes - ItalySymmetrical Circular-Type Sensor Can Measure Thermal Flow More Accurately - South KoreaMicromachining Paves the Way for Low-Power Magnetic Field Sensors - United StatesLow-Cost Inductive Proximity Sensors Find Industrial Applications - SwitzerlandSensor Produces Little Resistance to Flow - SwedenIndustry Specific IssuesIndustry AssessmentGrowth ProspectsGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Analytical and Environmental SensingIndustry ImpactExisting ApplicationsProducts and ManufacturersApplication SpectrumChemical and Electrochemical SensorsChromatographic and Spectrometric SensorsOther Sensor SystemsResearch TrendsSensing Nitrogen Dioxide Using Nano-Crystalline Tungsten - TaiwanControlling Emissions with Combustion Monitoring Sensors - United KingdomLaser Sensors for Cleaner Engines - United KingdomHand-Held Sensor Can Detect Noise - JapanNovel Fiber Optic Laser Sensor Can Detect Pollutants - Hong KongSelectively Adjustable MEMS-Based Chemical Nose - United StatesNanorings as Nanoscale Sensors - United StatesMicromachined Humidity Sensors with Temperature Compensation - TaiwanNovel Chip for Multiple Detection - United StatesEnvironmental Sensors - Treading towards Smart Solutions - United StatesScanning Probe Microscopes Get Integrated into Optical Displacement Sensors - TurkeyMicro Fluxgate Sensors Reach Micrometer Scales - GreeceMicrosystems Enable Precision Spectral Sensing - GermanyMicrodisplacement Sensor Is Based on Beam Divergence - JapanNano-electromechanical Systems To Weigh Individual Molecules - United StatesSpectrometer Detects Environmental Substances - GermanyConducting Combustible Gas Sensing with Microdifferential Scanning Calorimeters - United StatesLow-Power Sensors Detect Hazardous Gases - United StatesUsing MEMS in Seismic Sensors - FranceIndustry Specific IssuesIndustry AssessmentGrowth ProspectsGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Biosensing ApplicationsIndustry ImpactApplications AssessmentProducts with PotentialApplication SpectrumImaging and Medical DiagnosticsDrug Discovery and DeliveryMedical DevicesResearch TrendsTaste Sensor Can Detect Bitterness - JapanSelectively Adjustable MEMS-Based Chemical Nose - United StatesNon-Contact Magnetic Temperature Sensor for Biochemical Applications - JapanArtificial Hands Get a Contact Force Sensor - United KingdomImplantable Wireless Biological Sensors - United StatesSensors Render Inexpensive Monitoring System for High-Risk Professionals - GermanyCritical Applications Get Sensitive Lift Force Flow Sensors - SwedenIndustry Specific IssuesIndustry AssessmentGrowth OutlookGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Characteristics of the Global MEMS Sensors IndustryStructure of the MEMS SectorAssessment of the Market StructureAnalog DevicesMotorolaMEMSCAPColibrysAcreo ABApplied MEMSMicralyneCapres A/SSilicon MicrostructuresBoston MicrosystemsTegalTechnology Strategy AnalysisTechnology TrendsThe Volume DilemmaThe Fab vs Fabless DilemmaThe Evolving Industry ParadigmWhere for MEMS from Here?Global MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Key Patents and Contact DetailsPatentsKey US PatentsContact DetailsKey Developers of MEMS TechnologyGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology LeadershipAward DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in TechnologyAward DescriptionAward RecipientGlobal MEMS Sensor Developments and Opportunities (Technical Insights), Decision Support TablesCar ProductionCar ProductionMachine Tool ProductionMachine Tool ProductionTelecom EquipmentProduction of Telecom EquipmentSemiconductor MarketSemiconductor MarketNumber of AircraftNumber of Aircraft

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