Global Oil and Gas Industry—Trends and Technology

Global Oil and Gas Industry—Trends and Technology

Advanced Integrated Asset Management and Unified Communication Technologies Poised to Make a Mark As Digital Oil Fields Become Widespread

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This study presents the global oil and gas industry as a primary source of energy. Various challenges faced by today's oil and gas companies in this ever-changing environment are discussed in detail, such as how the industry is structured and how the competitive structure has evolved over the study period. Additionally, technology as the key driver is discussed in detail. Some major trends observed in the development of technology are briefly discussed, and key solutions such as digital oilfields, integrated asset management, intelligent well development, and integrity management knowledge are presented.

Table of Contents

Key Findings

Key Findings (continued)

Key Findings (continued)

Structure of the Study

O&G—A Major Source for Primary Energy Mix

Reality of Peak Oil—The Age of Unconventional Oil

Challenges and Risks for the E&P Industry

Unconventional O&G Cost Imperative for Production Cost Escalations

Technology—Key Differentiator

Technology Dependency—On Processes and People

Market Challenges—Enabling Technologies and Required Solutions

Enabling Technologies for the O&G Industry

Future Thrust Areas for Solutions Development to Counter Business Challenges

DOF—Collaborative Ecosystem for O&G Operational Excellence

DOF—Collaborative Ecosystem for O&G Operational Excellence (continued)

Integrated Asset Management—An Holistic View of the Business Portfolio

Development in Intelligent Wells to Increase Production Efficiency

Operational Integrity Imperatives for Solution Development

Unified Communication Architecture for Collaborative Communication

The Knowledge Management Imperative for the O&G Industry

Strategic Conclusions

Legal Disclaimer

The Frost & Sullivan Story

Value Proposition—Future of Your Company & Career

Global Perspective

Industry Convergence

360º Research Perspective

Implementation Excellence

Our Blue Ocean Strategy