Global Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market Assessment

Sustained Threats will Drive Exponential Growth in the Market

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Investment in oil and gas infrastructure has increased, and the industry is facing rapidly evolving threats to the security of its critical infrastructure. These threats are only becoming more frequent and more aggressive, as several prominent attacks on the oil and gas industry in recent years have highlighted. These are the factors driving the expenditure in the global oil and gas infrastructure security market. The research process includes analysis of secondary and in-house sources as well as interviews with key industry participants and end users. The study indicates the total global airport expenditure from 2012–2019.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary (continued)Executive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsExecutive Summary—CEO’s PerspectiveMarket OverviewMarket Overview—DefinitionsMarket Overview—Key Questions This Study Will AnswerMarket Overview—Segmentation Market SegmentationGlobal Oil and Gas Production TrendsCritical Infrastructures in Oil and GasThreat AssessmentThreat Assessment MatrixOil and Gas Value ChainSecurity Opportunities in Oil and GasSequence of Operations—Security SystemsBenefits of Integrated Security SystemsCommand and Control TrendsScreening and Detection TrendsSurveillance TrendsAccess Control TrendsPerimeter Security Trends Cyber Security Trends Cyber Security Trends (continued)Security Services Trends Key Factors for Procurement of Security SystemsExternal Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Total Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security MarketDrivers and RestraintsDrivers—Impact and DurationDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Restraints—Impact and DurationRestraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Forecast and Trends—Total Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsForecast AssumptionsTotal Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market—Expenditure ForecastExpenditure Forecast DiscussionTotal Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market—Percent Expenditure Forecast by RegionTotal Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market—Expenditure Forecast by RegionExpenditure Forecast by Region DiscussionTotal Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security Market—Expenditure Forecast by SegmentExpenditure Forecast by Segment DiscussionMarket Share and Competitive Analysis— Total Oil and Gas Infrastructure Security MarketCompetitive Factors and AssessmentCompetitor Profiles—ThalesCompetitor Profiles—G4SCompetitor Profiles—Industrial Defender (Lockheed Martin)Competitor Profiles—AGT InternationalCompetitor Profiles—Airbus Defence and Space (Formerly Cassidian)Regional Analysis—North and Central AmericaNorth and Central America BreakdownNorth and Central America Breakdown (continued)North and Central America—Expenditure ForecastNorth and Central America—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionNorth and Central America—Market ScenarioNorth and Central America—Expenditure Forecast by SegmentRegional Analysis—AfricaAfrica BreakdownAfrica Breakdown (continued)Africa—Expenditure ForecastAfrica—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionAfrica—Market ScenarioAfrica—Expenditure Forecast by Segment Regional Analysis—Middle EastMiddle East BreakdownMiddle East—Expenditure ForecastMiddle East—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionMiddle East—Market ScenarioMiddle East—Expenditure Forecast by Segment Regional Analysis—Asia-PacificAsia-Pacific BreakdownAsia-Pacific Breakdown (continued)Asia-Pacific—Expenditure ForecastAsia-Pacific—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionAsia-Pacific—Expenditure Forecast Discussion (continued)Asia-Pacific—Market ScenarioAsia-Pacific—Expenditure Forecast by Segment Regional Analysis—South AmericaSouth America BreakdownSouth America—Expenditure ForecastSouth America—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionSouth America—Market ScenarioSouth America—Expenditure Forecast by Segment Regional Analysis—EuropeEurope BreakdownEurope Breakdown (continued)Europe—Expenditure ForecastEurope—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionEurope—Market ScenarioEurope—Expenditure Forecast by Segment Country Analysis—The United StatesThe United States—Expenditure ForecastThe United States—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionThe United States—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsThe United States—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—CanadaCanada—Expenditure ForecastCanada—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionCanada—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsCanada—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Canada—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—MexicoMexico—Expenditure ForecastMexico—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionMexico—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsCountry Analysis—ChinaChina—Expenditure ForecastChina—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionChina—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsChina—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—KazakhstanKazakhstan—Expenditure ForecastKazakhstan—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionKazakhstan—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsKazakhstan—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—IndonesiaIndonesia—Expenditure ForecastIndonesia—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionIndonesia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsCountry Analysis—IndiaIndia—Expenditure ForecastIndia—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionIndia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsIndia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—AustraliaAustralia—Expenditure ForecastAustralia—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionAustralia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsAustralia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—RussiaRussia—Expenditure ForecastRussia—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionRussia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsRussia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—NorwayNorway—Expenditure ForecastNorway—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionNorway—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsNorway—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—AzerbaijanAzerbaijan—Expenditure ForecastAzerbaijan—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionAzerbaijan—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsCountry Analysis—The United KingdomThe United Kingdom—Expenditure ForecastThe United Kingdom—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionThe United Kingdom—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsThe United Kingdom—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia—Expenditure ForecastSaudi Arabia—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionSaudi Arabia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsSaudi Arabia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—IraqIraq—Expenditure ForecastIraq—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionIraq– Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsIraq– Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—UAEUAE—Expenditure ForecastUnited Arab Emirates—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionUAE—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsUAE—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—BrazilBrazil—Expenditure ForecastBrazil—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionBrazil—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsBrazil—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—VenezuelaVenezuela—Expenditure ForecastVenezuela—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionVenezuela—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsVenezuela—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—ColombiaColombia—Expenditure ForecastColombia—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionColombia—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsCountry Analysis—AlgeriaAlgeria—Expenditure ForecastAlgeria—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionAlgeria—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsCountry Analysis—NigeriaNigeria—Expenditure ForecastNigeria—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionNigeria—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsNigeria—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)Country Analysis—EgyptEgypt—Expenditure ForecastEgypt—Expenditure Forecast DiscussionEgypt—Oil and Gas Infrastructure ProjectsEgypt—Oil and Gas Infrastructure Projects (continued)The Last WordThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixAbbreviations Used in the StudyMarket Engineering Methodology

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