Global Sensor Outlook 2016

Sensors Move Towards Predictive and Control Space

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Sensors are experiencing large-scale deployment in diverse end-user applications across all vertical markets. Sensors are used in multiple ways, such as standalone, integrated, combined, embedded, and, more recently, as wearable and ingestible. Sensors enable monitoring, tracking, and control through IoT connectivity in real time. Sensor technologies are becoming robust, highly sensitive, and highly accurate. Sensors are becoming intelligent and prognostic; therefore, ensuring safety. Sensors continue to be in the growth stage of life cycle and are estimated to grow at increasing annual revenue growth rate year after year.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Global Sensors Market—Product: Technology Map
Market Segments- Global Sensors Market
Sensor Product Segments
Geographic Segments
Vertical End-user Segments
Global Sensor Revenue by Classification Segment—2015 and 2016
Global Sensor Sales by Region in 2015—A Snapshot
Total Sensors Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2015
Market Overview
Competitor Overview
Total Addressable Market
Progression of Sensor Technology from 1990s to 2025
CEO 360 Perspective
Changing Sensors Marketplace—2010 to 2020
2. Study Overview
Market Definitions and Scope
Base Year
Study Period
Forecast Period
Monetary Unit
Conversion Rate
Geographic Coverage
Overview—Assessment of Sensors Market
3. Revenue Analysis and Trends
Revenue Forecast
Market Matrix
Base Sensors Market—Revenue Forecast
Application Sensors Market—Revenue Forecast
Emerging Sensors Market—Revenue Forecast
Key Sectors
Process Industry
Discrete Industry
Product Analysis
Growth Trends by Sensor Type
Emerging Sensors
Vertical Market Analysis
Geographic Region Revenue Analysis
Revenue Analysis by Geographic Region—2015 and 2019
Emerging End-user Markets in Key Geographic Regions and Countries
4. Sensor Technology Product Mix and Analysis
Global Sensors Market—Product Technology Map
Analysis of Competing Technologies
Key Future Technologies
Sensors Technology Perspective and Life Cycle Expectation Trends
Market Structure and Life Cycle Relationship by End-user Segments
Sensors and Instruments Market—Competitive Perspective
Markets Offering Opportunities for Sensor Growth
5. Value Chain and Decision-Making Process
Sales Cycle, Selling Points, and Decision-making Process—Sensors
Sales Cycle, Selling Points, and Decision-making Process—Connectors and Terminals (Bulk Buying)
Organizational Chart for Procurement by Buyer—Typical Decision Making at the Top Level
6. Smart to Intelligent Sensors
Key Technology Markets—Smart Sensors
IEEE 1451 Family
Honeywell—Smart Position Sensor Based on 1451
Plug and Play Sensors—Key Advantages
Key Need and Benefits of Smart Sensors
Technology Trends—Diverse Applications
Technology Road Map
Emerging Applications
Recently Commercialized Applications
Technology Paradigm—Share Breakdown by Key Technologies for Smart Sensors in 2015
Emerging Market Trends in Smart to Intelligent Sensors
7. Emerging Optical Technology—Silicon Photonics
Silicon Photonics
Technology Basics
Technology Stimulators
Technology Applications
Parameters of Key Silicon Photonics Devices
Technology Roadmap
Emerging Needs
Recent Patents—Optical Technology
8. Trends in 3-D Vision Technology
Key End Users
Value Chain Matrix
3-D Vision Sensing
SWOT Analysis of 3-D Vision Sensor Technology
Classification of Data Acquisition Methods
Dynamism of Data Acquisition Methods
Key Applications
Key Trends
Innovation Platform
Industrial Automation
Consumer Electronics and Gaming
Automotive Safety
Biometrics and Surveillance
Aerospace & Defence
Recent Patents
9. Global Biosensors Market
Key Technology Markets
CEO’s 360 Degree Perspective
Key Vertical Markets
Technology Classification
Detection Process
Classification by Detection Techniques
Detection Methods
Biosensor Fabrication—Common Biological Elements and Transducers
List of Pathogens Tested by Biosensor Devices
Non-optical-based, Label-free Biosensors
Optical Technology-based, Label-free Biosensors
Biosensors Technology Roadmap
Market Share by Vertical End User
Existing Biosensor Technologies for Glucose Monitoring
Time Lag from Point to Design To Point of Market Introduction—Approval Process and Time Cycle
Key Initial Patents
10. Wearable, Implantable, and Ingestible Sensors
Wearable Electronics
Wearable Sensors—Product Types and End-user Markets
Wearable Sensors—More Applications Emerge Through Collaborations
Wearable Sensors Key Applications
Ingestible Sensors
11. Energy Harvesters—Powering Sensors
Basic Design
Key Stakeholders in the Value Chain
Key Developments in Wireless Powered Networks
Energy Harvesting and Remote Powering for Implantable Sensors
12. Automotive—Sensors Enabling Intelligent Vehicles
Safety Platform
Communication Platforms
Key Regulations in Europe
Key Regulations in United States
Key Regulations in Asia-Pacific
Key Trends
13. Bulk Acoustic Wave and Surface Acoustic Wave
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensors—Key Applications
Acoustic Wave Sensors
Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors- Technology Trends
Bulk Acoustic Wave—Potential Process and Non-process Applications
14. Infrastructure and Sensor Towers
Infrastructure and Smart Buildings Market—Overview
Infrastructure and Smart Buildings Market—Key Price Factors
Infrastructure Market Segment—Key Sensors Deployed
Smart Buildings Market—Key Sensors Deployed
15. Trends in Wireless Sensor Networks—Future of Connectivity
Key Wireless Sensor Network Protocols
Flow of Power and Data Transmission
Wireless Sensor Network Requirements and Convergence
Wireless Sensor Network Topologies
Clustering Model—Low-energy Adaptive Clustering
Hierarchical Topology
Low-energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy
Hierarchical Clustering Model—Threshold-sensitive, Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Network Topology
Key Wireless Sensor Network Functional Application
16. Reality of IIoT Sensors
Sensor Coverage in IIoT
Basic Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Planks
Key Tasks Sensors Enable on Industrial Internet of Things Platform
Industrial Internet of Things Operational Architecture
Key Value at Edges
IIoT Platform Connectivity Reach—Thinking Beyond
Recently Developed IIoT Protocols
IIoT-enabled Impending Changes
Global Sensors in IIoT—High Growth Market
Key Growth Market Opportunities to Target
17. Future of Sensors—Natural User Interface, Ubiquitous Computing, and Sensory Tracking
Types of Natural User Interface (NUI)
Evolution and Fundamentals of User Interaction
Ubicomp and NUI—Relationship and Open Frameworks
NUI—Taking the Physical World into the Digital
NUI—Reason and Challenges
Ubicomp—Future of Mobile Computing
Human-computer Interface and Sensor Applications
Natural User Interface
Ubiquitous Computing—Obtaining Context from User and Sensor Data
Ubiquitous Computing—Challenges Ahead
Sensory Tracking
18. Future Sensors Application Analysis— Future of Display Technology and Sensors
OLEDs—Enabling the Second Display Revolution and the Role of Sensors
OLED—How it Differs from LED
OLED Technology Innovation—From Concept to Commerce
Evolution of Displays
Transparent OLED and Augmented Reality
20/20 Vision—does it Make Sense to go Beyond Retina Displays?
Arc Minutes and DPI—Defining the Perfect HDPI for Humans
19. Growth of End-user Markets and Trends
End-user Market Opportunity Windows for Sensors— Organic Growth
Sensors and Instruments—Vertical End-user Segment Growth Trends
20. New Sensor Markets Poised for High Growth
21. Distributions Trend Analysis
22. Distribution Channel Trends—2015 to 2019
23. Legal Disclaimer
24. Appendix
List of Acronyms
The Frost & Sullivan Story- The Journey to Visionary Innovation

List of Figures & Charts

1. Total Sensors Market: Product and Technology Relationship Map, Global, 2015
2. Total Sensors Market: Segment Analysis, Global, 2015
3. Total Sensors Market: Revenue Forecast by Classification, Global, 2015–2016
4. Total Sensor Market: Revenue by Geography, Global, 2015 and 2019
5. Total Sensors Market: Market Engineering Measurements, Global, 2015
6. Total Sensors Market: Changing Marketplace, Global, 2010–2020
7. Total Sensors Market: Key End Users, Global, 2015
8. Total Sensors Market: Top Trends in Sensors, Global, 2015
9. Total Sensors Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013–2019
10. Total Sensors Market: Revenue Share by Key Sensor Type Classification, Global, 2015
11. Base Sensors Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013–2019
12. Application Sensors Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013–2019
13. Emerging Sensors Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013–2019
14. Total Sensors Market: Revenue Share by Key Sectors, Global, 2015
15. Total Sensors Market: Percent Revenue by Sensor Type, Global, 2015
16. Total Sensors Market: Growth Trends by Key Sensor Type, Global, 2015–2019
17. Total Sensors Market: List of Emerging and Niche Sensors, Global, 2015
18. Total Sensors Market: Percent Revenue by Vertical Markets, Global, 2015
19. Total Sensors Market: Percentage Revenue Share by Geographic Region, Global, 2015 and 2019
20. Total Sensors Market: Revenue Forecast by Geographic Region, Global, 2015–2019
21. Total Smart Sensors Market: Emerging End-user Markets by Key Geographic Regions and Countries, Global, 2015–2019
22. Sensors Market: Key Product and Technology Relationship Map, Global, 2015
23. Total Sensors Market: Key Technology Merits and Demerits, Global, 2015
24. Total Sensors Market: Key Future Technologies, Global, 2015
25. Sensors Market: Technology Perspective and Life Cycle Expectation Trend, Global, 2015
26. Total Sensors Market: Market Structure, End-user, and Life Cycle Relationship Analysis, Global, 2015
27. Sensors and Instruments Market: Competitive Perspective of Key Product Types, Global, 2015–2019
28. Total Sensors Market: Market Opportunities for Sensor Growth, Global, 2015
29. Total Sensors Market: Procurement of Sensors—Buyer Decision-making Process, Global, 2015
30. Total Sensors Market: Bulk Procurement of Sensors, Connectors—Buyer Decision-making Process, Global, 2015
31. Total Sensors Market: Procurement of Sensors—Buyer Decision Making at Top Level, Global, 2015
32. Total Sensors Market: Smart to Intelligent Sensors, Global, 2015
33. Total Sensors Market: Key Attributes, Global, 2015
34. Total Sensors Market: Sensors and Vertical Markets, Global, 2015
35. Total Sensors Market: IEEE Standards for Smart Sensors, Global, 2015
36. Total Sensors Market: Honeywell's First Smart Position Sensor, Global, 2015
37. Total Sensors Market: Key Advantages of Plug & Play Sensors, Global, 2015
38. Total Sensors Market: Need and Benefits, Global, 2015
39. Total Sensors Market: Combinational Approach, Global, 2015
40. Smart Sensor Market: Technology Roadmap and Applications, Global, 2016
41. Total Sensors Market: Emerging Applications, Global, 2015
42. Total Sensors Market: Recently Commercialized Applications by Key End Users, Global, 2015
43. Total Sensors Market: Percent Revenue by Key Technologies, Global, 2015
44. Total Sensors Market: Transition to Intelligent Sensors, Global, 2015
45. Silicon Photonics Market: Typical Elements and Devices, Global, 2015
46. Silicon Photonics Market: Market Dynamics and Stimulators, Global, 2015
47. Silicon Photonics Market: Applications by Product Technology , Global, 2015
48. Silicon Photonics Market: Device Parameters, Global, 2015
49. Silicon Photonics Market: Emerging Technology Roadmap, Global, 2010–2020
50. Silicon Photonics Market: Emerging Market Needs, Global, 2015–2019
51. Silicon Photonics Market: Recent Patents, Global, 2015
52. 3-D Vision Sensors: Key Existing End Users, Global, 2015
53. 3-D Vision Sensors: Value Chain Matrix, Global, 2015
54. 3-D Vision Sensors: Technology and Market, Global, 2015
55. 3-D Vision Sensors: SWOT Analysis, Global, 2015
56. 3-D Vision Sensors: Classification of Principles of Acquisition of 3-D Point Cloud Data, Global, 2015
57. 3-D Vision Sensors: Relative Strengths and Limitations of 3-D Acquisition Methods, Global, 2015
58. 3D Vision Sensors: Key Innovations, Global, 2015
59. Total Biosensors Market: Vertical Markets and Applications, Global, 2015
60. Biosensors Market: CEO’s 360 Degree Perspective, Global, 2015–2021
61. Total Biosensors Market: Market Segments by Vertical End User, Global, 2015
62. Biosensors Market: Biosensor Technology Classification, Global, 2015
63. Biosensors Market: Detection Process, Global, 2015
64. Total Biosensors Market: Classification by Detection Technique, Global, 2015
65. Total Biosensors Market: Common Biological Elements and Transducers, Global, 2015
66. Biosensors Market: Key Pathogens Tested by Biosensor Devices, Global, 2015
67. Biosensors Market: Non-optical-based, Label-free Technologies, Global, 2015
68. Biosensors Market: Optical-based, Label-Free Technologies, Global, 2015
69. Biosensors Market: Technology Roadmap, Global, 2015 and 2021
70. Biosensors Market: Market Share by Vertical End User, 2015, Global
71. Biosensors Market: Market Share by Vertical End User, 2021, Global
72. Biosensors: Market Share by End-user Applications, Global, 2015
73. Biosensors Market: Market Share by End-user Applications, Global, 2021
74. Biosensors Market: Commonly Used Glucose Monitoring Technologies, Global, 2015
75. Biosensors Market: Time Lag from Design to Market Introduction, Global, 2015
76. Wearable Sensors Market: Chip Structure and Collaborative Companies, Global, 2015
77. Wearable Sensors Market: Key Sensor Parameters Monitored, Global, 2015
78. Energy Harvesters Market: Basic Design Network Diagram and Applications, Global, 2015
79. Energy Harvesters Market: Key Stakeholders in Value Chain, Global, 2015
80. Energy Harvesters Market: Key Developments in Wireless Sensor Networks, Global, 2015
81. Energy Harvesters Market: Energy Harvesting in Implantable, Global, 2015
82. Intelligent Vehicles Market: Safety Platform, Global, 2015
83. Intelligent Vehicles Market: Key Communication Platforms, Global, 2015
84. Intelligent Vehicles Market: Key Trends, Global, 2015
85. SAWS Market: Sensor Types and Key Advantages, Global, 2015
86. SAWS Market: Vertical Market Applications, Global, 2015
87. SAWS Market: Wave Structure, Global, 2015
88. BAW Market: Vertical Market Applications by Product Type, Global, 2015
89. Total Infrastructure and Smart Buildings
90. Market: Percent Revenue by Key Segments, Global, 2015
91. Infrastructure Market: Percent Revenue by Vertical End User, Global, 2015
92. Smart Buildings Market: Percent Revenue by Vertical End User, Global, 2015
93. Sensors in Infrastructure and Smart Buildings Market Segment: Key Price Factors, Global, 2015
94. Sensors in Infrastructure Market Segment: Sensor Types, Global, 2015
95. Sensors in Smart Buildings Market Segment: Sensor Types, Global, 2015
96. Total Wireless Sensors Networks Market: Segment Analysis, Global, 2015
97. Total Wireless Sensor Networks Market: Flow Chart for Power and Data Transmission Deploying
98. Sensors, Global, 2015
99. Wireless Sensor Networks Market: Sensor Network Requirements and Convergence, Global, 2015
100. Total Wireless Sensor Networks Market: Network Topologies, Global, 2015
101. Wireless Sensors Networks in IIoT Market: Low-energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchical Topology, Global, 2015
102. Wireless Sensors Networks in IIoT Market: Key Characteristics and Weakness of Low-energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchical Topology, Global, 2015
103. Wireless Sensors in IIoT Networks Market: Energy-efficient, Wireless Sensor Network Protocol Topology, Global, 2015
104. Total Wireless Sensor Networks Market: End-user Application Analysis, Global, 2015
105. IIoT Market: Sensor Coverage, Global, 2015
106. IIoT Market: Key Sensors Enabling IIoT, Global, 2015
107. IIoT Market: Operational Architecture, Global, 2015
108. IIoT Market: End-to-End Stages in Value Chain, Global, 2015
109. IIoT Market: Sensor-enabled IIOT Platform, Global, 2015
110. IIoT Market: Recently Developed Protocols, Global, 2015
111. IIoT Market: IIoT-enabled Impending Changes, Global, 2015
112. IIoT Market: Key Growth Opportunities to Target, Global, 2015–2019
113. Natural Interface Market: Types of Natural Interfaces, Global, 2015
114. Natural Interface Market: Evolution and Fundamentals of User Interaction, Global, 2015
115. Ubicomp and Natural Interface Market: Relationship and Open Frameworks, Global, 2015
116. Ubicomp Market: Future of Mobile Computing, Global, 2015
117. Natural Interface Market: Human Computer Interface and Sensor Applications, Global, 2015
118. Ubiquitous Computing Market: Context from User and Sensor Data, Global, 2015
119. Total Sensors Market: Evolution of Sensory Tracking Technology, Global, 1990–2020
120. Total Sensors Market: Sensory Tracking Technology in Consumer Devices, Global, 2016–2020
121. OLED Technology Market: Technology Innovation Evolution, Global, 2009–2020
122. Future Sensor Applications Market: Evolution of Display Global, 2015
123. Total Sensors Market: Key Organic Growth Areas, Global, 2015–2019
124. Total Sensors Market: Key Growth Trends by End-user Segment, Global, 2015–2019
125. Total Sensors Market: Potential High Growth Markets, Global, 2015
126. Total Sensors Market: Distribution Trend Analysis, Global, 2015–2019




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