Why Partner with Frost & Sullivan

Unlike traditional market research, 360° Research integrates seven perspectives into a complete, overall view of factors that impact every industry. Monitoring and analyzing Competitive Intensity, Customer Dynamics, Industry Convergence, Disruptive Technologies, Global Mega Trends, New Business Models, and Emerging Markets provides an illuminating view toward future scenarios and visionary innovation.

This composite view of your market, coupled with comprehensive industry coverage and "on-the-ground" analysis in virtually every region of the world, is unique to Frost & Sullivan. No other Consulting and Research firm can provide the depth and breadth of information and analysis that 360° Research provides

  • The Development of a close understanding of your company's growth priorities
  • The delivery of relevant intelligence and consulting support services at time critical moments over the coming 12 monts
  • Real time support and advice for your team on key growth issues
  • A combination of off the shelf and customized intelligence and consulting support
  • Focus on Short, Medium and Long Term Growth Opportunities for your Organization
360° Market Intelligence Platform and Interactive Services:
  • Market Size and Forecasts
  • Pricing, Unit, Shipment, Forecasts
  • Competitive Landscape and Share
  • Value Chain and Business Models
  • Pipeline / Product Analysis
  • Market Trends - Drivers & Restraints
  • Emerging Geographic Markets
  • Coverage of Key Industry Treands and Assessment of Impact of Trends
  • Continuous Tracking of Your Industry's Technology Trends
Customization Service:
  • Client Specific Deliverables: Specific deliverable such as Market Drivers project to support strategic planning
  • Virtual Analyst Briefings: enabling face to face interaction with a specialist on a particular market or technology
  • On Demand Insights: leveraging our global team to provide deep dive insights for specific markets not otherwise covered within syndicated intelligence
  • Mega Trends: a novel platform of global transformative forces expected to change the future market landscape and provide opportunities for future growth