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This edition of the Future Tech Alert covers graphene-based sensors. Graphene is a two-dimensional (2D) atomic-scale honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms and has potential for creating enhanced sensors. It is extensively being investigated as one of the most promising material for vivid applications due to its unique and beneficial properties, such as a 2D planar structure, large surface area, chemical and mechanical stability, outstanding conductivity, and biocompatibility. This Alert captures innovations in graphene-based sensors, drivers, and challenges, innovation ecosystem, and application overview.The Future Tech Alerts capture emerging innovations in research and development, or profile existing t

Table of Contents

Graphene-based Sensors-Future Tech AlertNeed for Graphene-based SensorsMacro Factors Paving the Way for GrapheneMinor Factors Paving the Way for GrapheneGraphene–An IntroductionGraphene and its FormsKey CharacteristicsMethods Used to Produce GrapheneGraphene Sensors–Applications Overview and Innovation EcosystemSensor-based Applications of GrapheneInnovation EcosystemKey DevelopmentsGraphene-based Sensor Technology Platform with Potential Impact on Wearables–Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy Enabled by GrapheneGraphene Field Effect Transistor-based Chemical SensorGraphene-based Magnetic Sensor with High SensitivityGraphene-based Thermal Imaging SystemStrategic InsightsStrategic InsightsStrategic InsightsStrategic InsightsAppendixKey Patents–USAKey Patents–USAKey Patents–EuropeKey Patents–Asia PacificKey Contacts

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