Growth Opportunities by Vertical Application Sector in the European Uninterruptible Power Supply Market

Large Datacentres Present Immense Scope for Market Growth

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The UPS market in Europe is expected to register medium growth between 2010 and 2017. Among the end users, datacentres made the highest contribution to the UPS revenue, in 2010. This segment was followed by the commercial and public/infrastructure segments. Datacentres are mainly concerned about the total cost of ownership (TCO) and hence green and energy efficient UPS systems are gaining popularity. Moreover, datacenters are increasingly looking at modular UPS systems, since they can add extra modules when their power requirements increase. Competitive prices, quality, reliability and availability are the factors expected to influence the  customers’ decisions, while choosing UPS manufacturers.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—Market Engineering MeasurementsExecutive Summary—Market Engineering Measurements (continued)Executive Summary—CEO’s PerspectiveMarket OverviewMarket Overview—DefinitionsMarket Overview—Definitions (continued)Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will AnswerMarket Overview—Segmentation Distribution Channel AnalysisExternal Challenges: Drivers and Restraints—Total UPS MarketDrivers and RestraintsDrivers by ApplicationRestraints by ApplicationDrivers ExplainedDrivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Drivers Explained (continued)Restraints ExplainedRestraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Restraints Explained (continued)Forecasts and Trends—Total UPS MarketMarket Engineering MeasurementsMarket Engineering Measurements (continued)Forecast AssumptionsTotal UPS Market—Revenue ForecastRevenue Forecast DiscussionTotal UPS Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by RegionRevenue Forecast by RegionTotal UPS Market—Revenue Forecast by Vertical MarketVertical Market Revenue Forecast DiscussionVertical Market Revenue Forecast Discussion (continued)Total UPS Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by Power RangeRevenue Forecast by Power RangeRevenue Forecast by Power Range DiscussionTotal UPS Market—Per cent Revenue Forecast by Distribution ChannelDistribution Channel Revenue Forecast DiscussionMarket Share and Competitive Analysis— Total UPS MarketCompetitive Analysis—Market ShareMarket Share EvolutionMarket Share AnalysisCompetitive EnvironmentCompetitive Factors and AssessmentMega Trends and Industry Convergence ImplicationsMarket Overview—Impact of Energy Industry Megatrends on the UPS MarketMarket Overview—Impact of Energy Industry Megatrends on the UPS Market (continued)Mega Trend Impact on the Energy IndustryDatacentre Segment BreakdownDatacentre Segment BreakdownDatacentre Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsDatacentre Segment—Revenue ForecastDatacentre Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionDatacentre Segment—Revenue Per cent Forecast by Distribution ChannelDatacentre Segment—Distribution Channel Revenue Forecast DiscussionHealthcare Segment BreakdownHealthcare Segment BreakdownHealthcare Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsHealthcare Segment—Revenue ForecastHealthcare Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionHealthcare Segment—Revenue Per cent Forecast by Distribution ChannelHealthcare Segment—Distribution Channel Revenue Forecast DiscussionIndustrial Segment BreakdownIndustrial Segment BreakdownIndustrial Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsIndustrial Segment—Revenue ForecastIndustrial Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionIndustrial Segment—Revenue Per cent Forecast by Distribution ChannelIndustrial Segment —Distribution Channel Revenue Forecast DiscussionCommercial Segment BreakdownCommercial Segment BreakdownCommercial Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsCommercial Segment—Revenue ForecastCommercial Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionCommercial Segment—Revenue Per cent Forecast by Distribution ChannelCommercial Segment—Distribution Channel Revenue Forecast DiscussionPublic/Infrastructure Segment BreakdownPublic/Infrastructure Segment BreakdownPublic/Infrastructure Segment—Market Engineering MeasurementsPublic/Infrastructure Segment—Revenue ForecastPublic/Infrastructure Segment—Revenue Forecast DiscussionPublic/Infrastructure Segment—Revenue Per cent Forecast by Distribution ChannelPublic/Infrastructure Segment—Distribution Channel Revenue Forecast DiscussionThe Last WordThe Last Word—Three Big PredictionsLegal DisclaimerAppendixMarket Engineering MethodologyPartial List of Others and Companies InterviewedLearn More—Next Steps

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