Growth Opportunities in the North American Contact Center Systems Market, Forecast to 2021

Still Under Cloudy Skies, System Sales See Recovery

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New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Digital Transformation program titled Growth Opportunities in the North America Contact Center Systems Market finds that despite healthy growth in the cloud contact center market, in 2016, the market for on-premises contact center systems recovered slightly after several years of decline. Contact center analytics, quality monitoring, and recording were particular bright spots for growth, as companies seek to get the most out of their existing investments. Inbound contact routing, outbound dialing and IVR systems showed less of a decline than in previous years.

Contact center analytics systems include speech analytics, multi-channel customer interaction analytics, and contact center performance analytics applications. Analytics is of utmost importance to companies as they move towards providing omnichannel customer care and digital transformation. While traditionally divided between agent performance analytics and customer interaction analytics, developments include bridging between the two sets to improve the customer experience and worker experience, as improvements in one are reflected in benefits in the other and vice versa.

New analytics offerings focus on customer journey analytics to provide insights into the customer journey and sentiment, to improve the customer experience, fuel proactive to customer outreach, and revenue generating opportunities. Tools such as speech analytics, combined with voice biometrics and other technologies, also are being used to for fraud detection and prevention. Additional advancements have been made in workforce optimization suites, social customer care and mobile applications, reinforcing emphasis on catering preferences of the Millennial consumer and worker, improving operational efficiencies and agent empowerment. This study also provides growth opportunities in emerging areas within analytics, such as robotic process automation, Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, speech technologies, personalization technologies, IoT, and applications such as virtual assistants, chatbots, messaging bots, video, and Gamification.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to source these solutions from their primary contact center infrastructure or workforce optimization vendors.
This study provides market share for 2016 solution providers in the premises-based contact center market, along with a forecast from 2016-2021. This analysis also presents some of the Customer Experience trends that Frost & Sullivan believes will shape, grow, and influence customer contact and the Customer Experience. The study focuses on those growth insights which are the most relevant for 2017-2021 in North America, and highlights the trends and insights for select industries, business models and technology areas, including:
•     Inbound Contact Routing
•     Interactive Voice Response
•     Automated Self-Service
•     Outbound Dialing
•     Workforce Management
•     Call Recording
•     Analytics

Table of Contents

1. Executive Dashboard
Purpose of this Experiential Study
5 Step Process to Transformational Growth
Key Takeaways
Strategic Imperatives for Contact Center Systems Providers (CCSPs)
2. Growth Environment—Market Overview
North America Contact Center Systems Markets
Drivers and Restraints
3. Market Forecasts
Revenue Forecast by Service Segment
Total Contact Center Systems Market Share
Inbound Contact Routing Systems Market Share
IVR Systems Market Share
Outbound Dialer Systems Market Share
Quality Monitoring Systems Market Share
Workforce Management Systems Market Share
Contact Center Analytics Market Share
4. Visioning Scenarios
Levers for Growth
5. Vision and Strategy—Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 1—Omnichannel Customer Care
Growth Opportunity 2—Customer Experience Analytics
Growth Opportunity 3—Big Data & Analytics/Machine Learning
Growth Opportunity 4—Social Media Monitoring
Growth Opportunity 5—Social Customer Engagement
Growth Opportunity 6—Agent Desktop/Agent Empowerment
Growth Opportunity 7—Catering to the New Workforce
Growth Opportunity 8—Automation via Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Growth Opportunity 9—Virtual Agent/Assistant
Growth Opportunity 10—Live Chat
Growth Opportunity 11—Proactive/Interactive Customer Contact
Growth Opportunity 12—Messaging Platforms in Customer Service
Growth Opportunity 13—Gamifying the Customer Experience
Growth Opportunity 14—Video
Growth Opportunity 15—Back Office WFO
Growth Opportunity 16—The IoT: Supporting Immersive Experiences
Growth Opportunity 17—WebRTC Applications
Growth Opportunity 18—BC/DR: Enabling Continuous CX
6. Brand and Demand—Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunity 19—Innovation & Transformation
Growth Opportunity 20—Third Party Validation
Growth Opportunity 21—Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Growth Opportunity 22—Best-in-Class
Growth Opportunity 23—Industry Vertical Marketing
Growth Opportunity 24—Lead Generation
Growth Opportunity 25—Inbound Marketing Capabilities
Growth Opportunity 26—Outbound Marketing Priorities
Growth Opportunity 27—Social Media Marketing
Growth Opportunity 28—Sales Enablement Content
7. Growth Opportunities Matrix
Identifying Your Company’s Growth Zone
Growth Opportunities 1–19—Vision and Strategy
Growth Opportunities 20–30—Brand and Demand
Growth Opportunities Matrix
8. Growth Strategy and Implementation
Growth Strategies for Your Company
Prioritized Opportunities through Implementation—Recommended Approach
Legal Disclaimer
9. Appendices
Representative Companies Product Offerings by Segment
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used


List of Figures & Charts

1. Contact Center Systems Market: Market Drivers and Restraints, North America, 2017–2021

1. Contact Center Systems Market: Revenue Forecast byService Segment, North America, 2015–2021
2. Total Contact Center Systems Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, North America, 2015 and 2016
3. Inbound Contact Routing Systems Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, Global, 2015 and 2016
4. IVR Systems Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, North America, 2015 and 2016
5. Outbound Dialer Systems Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, North America, 2015 and 2016
6. Quality Monitoring Systems Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, North America, 2015 and 2016
7. Workforce Management Systems Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, North America, 2015 and 2016
8. Contact Center Analytics Market: Market Share by Product Revenue, North America, 2015 and 2016




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