Growth Opportunity Analysis of Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing Technologies in Commercial Trucking

R&D Expenditure on HWW to Quadruple for Global Truck OEMs

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With an increasing shortage of drivers compounded by aging societies, the health, wellness, and wellbeing (HWW) of truck drivers is gaining importance globally. Truck manufacturers will incorporate in-cabin HWW technologies to retain drivers and attract a younger and more diverse workforce. Disparate market participants among truck OEMs, healthcare industry, and wearable device companies are expected to converge. Features such as glucose level/fatigue monitoring will likely become standardized by 2025 in Europe and North America. Focus will center on non-critical features such as seating systems, cabin interiors, and human-machine interface (HMI) in the short term. The study period is 2015 to 2022.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Key Markets
HWW Technologies
Commercial Vehicle Driver Age and Health
HWW Focal Points for Truck Design
HWW Applications and Services for Trucks
First Wave of HWW Proliferation
HWW in Trucks—Current and Future Trends
Truck HWW Ecosystem
2. Research Objective, Methodology, Background, and Scope
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Methodology
Primary Research
Secondary Research
Geographic Scope- North America, Europe, China, India, Latin America, Rest of the World
3. HWW in Truck Industry—Demand Analysis
Evolution of HWW in Truck Industry
Drivers’ Challenges
North America
Driver-reported Factors in Large Truck Crashes
Prevalence of Risk Factors among Truck Drivers
Musculoskeletal Disorders and Anthropometric Study
Women in Trucking
What do New Female Truck Drivers Want?
Truck HWW Industry—Hot Spots
HWW Value Proposition
Key Challenges to HWW Growth
Target Countries for HWW Applications
4. HWW in Truck Industry—Technology Evolution
HWW Design Tenets of Truck Industry
Health Parameters to Track—Key Data
HWW Technologies Focal Point
Cabin Ergonomics
Cabin Spacing
Seating Systems
Driver Information Displays
Wellness Programs for Drivers
Driver HWW Training
Conduits for Monitoring HWW of Drivers
Wearables in Trucking
Integration of Wearable Devices in Trucks
Technical Challenges for HWW Features in Truck Industry
5. Profiles of Leading OEMs in HWW Technology Evolution
Wearables and Ford
HWW in Passenger Car Industry
Daimler Group
VW Group
Volvo Group
6. Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
Five Major Growth Opportunities—HWW in Trucks
7. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Legal Disclaimer
Market Engineering Methodology

List of Figures & Charts

1. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Commercial Vehicle Drivers Age and Health Statistics, North America, 2015–2022
2. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Key Features List, Global, 2015–2022
3. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Upcoming Convergence of HWW Applications and Services in Trucks, Global, 2015–2022
4. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: First Wave of Proliferation, Global, 2015–2022
5. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: OEM Activities, Global, 2015–2022
6. Truck HWW Evolution, Global, pre-2000 to 2020 and beyond
7. Factors behind Truck Crashes, North America, 2011
8. Mental Health Risks among Truck Drivers, North Carolina (US), North America, 2012
9. Prevalence of Risk Factors among Truck Drivers, North America, 2014
10. Prevalence of Injuries Causing MSDs, North America, 2014
11. Women Drivers in Commercial Vehicle Industry, Global, 2015
12. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Key Target Countries, Global, 2025*
13. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Design Tenets, Global, 2015–2022
14. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Commercial Vehicle Driver HWW Training, North America, 2015
15. Truck HWW Technologies, Global, 2015
16. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Technical Challenges, Global, 2015–2022
17. HWW Features:
18. Design Mapping, Global, 2015
19. HWW Technologies in Truck Market: Key Conclusions, Global, 2015–2022
20. HWW Technologies in Truck Market, Global, 2015




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