Health & Wellness Top 10 Technologies--2016 (TechVision)

Top technology trends that are likely to have an impact in 2016

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This strategic research service, Health & Wellness Top 10 Technologies, depicts the current landscape and the new trends in a series of developments associated with innovations in biosimilars, cancer screening, molecular scissors, next generation stem cells, three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds, therapeutic antibodies, cancer immunotherapy, high throughput gene sequencing (HTGS), transdermal drug delivery, and nanomedicine. Techvision's professionals have monitored, gathered, and analyzed numerous emerging and disruptive technologies selecting this top 10 technologies, by contacting an extensive network of innovators, technology developers, financial institutions, technologists and researchers, among other players

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Research Scope and Index1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Assessment of Top Technologies: 2014 and 20151.4 Better Outcomes in Healthcare through Innovation1.5 Healthcare Will Become Increasingly Personalized1.6 Cancer Immunotherapy Is an Exciting Research Area of New Cancer Treatments2.0 Biosimilars2.1 Biosimilars Are Poised for Steady and Long-term Growth2.2 Patenting Is Largely Focused on Bio Manufacturing Capabilities2.3 Production Process and Technical Needs Are Complex2.4 Pharma Companies Have a Strong Hold on Biosimilars Industry2.5 European Regulatory Legislations Most Convenient for Developers2.6 Europe Leads with the Highest Number of Approved Biosimilars2.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning3.0 Cancer Screening 3.1 Early Detection and Better Treatments Possible Due to Cancer Screening3.2 United States Leads in Cancer Screening Innovations3.3 Increase in Funding for Liquid Biopsy3.4 Next-generation Sequencing Is a Major Enabling Technology3.5 Novel Screening Techniques Will Have an Impact across the Healthcare Value Chain3.6 Higher Adoption Rates Witnessed in Developed Economies3.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning4.0 Molecular Scissors4.1 Agbio, Human Therapeutics, R&D, and Industrial Applications Impacted by Molecular Scissors4.2 Nucleases Used in Genome Editing Have Varying Technical Capabilities4.3 Steady Growth in Patent Filing Related to Genome Editing 4.4 CRISPR Patent Battle Will Impact the Gene Editing Market4.5 High Series Funding from Venture Capitals for Genome Editing Innovators4.6 Human Therapeutics Is a Key Application Area4.7 North America and Europe Are Dominating the Market4.8 Key Questions for Strategy Planning5.0 Next-gen Stem Cell5.1 Success in Next-gen Stem Cells Demands Impeccable Interaction among Stakeholders 5.2 Clinical Trials and Stem Cell Banking Services Are Spectacularly Driving the Market 5.3 The Advent of Cell Reprogramming Has Reshaped IP Landscape 5.4 Strong Governmental Support and International Collaboration Is Driving Opportunities5.5 Next-gen Stem Cell Technology Is Impacting the Industry at All Decision Levels5.6 Every Region Is Geared toward Innovation and Commercialization5.7 Clinical Translation Is a Major Concern for All Science Driven Establishments 5.8 Key Questions for Strategy Planning6.0 Therapeutic Antibodies6.1 Therapeutic Antibodies Paving the Way for the Precision Medicine Era6.2 An Unprecedented Search for Access to the Latest Advances in Monoclonal Antibodies6.3 Patents of Top 3 Patent Holders Constitute One-third of Total Published Patents 6.4 Private Investors and Funding Organizations Heavily Focused on Antibody Therapy6.5 Immuno-oncology Leading Principal Deals in Antibody Therapeutics6.6 Unprecedented Race to Reach the Top Spot in the Market 6.7 Strong Focus on Clinical Translation Evidenced through Creation of Companies6.8 Key Questions for Strategy Planning7.0 3D Scaffolds7.1 3D Scaffolds a Major Driver for the Growth of 3D Cell Culture Tools 7.2 US Leads 3D Scaffolds Innovation Landscape with Most Patent Applications7.3 NIAMS Is a Major Funding Proponent for Development7.4 Functional Characteristics of 3D Scaffolds Impact Tissue Engineering7.5 Key Stakeholders Are Focusing on the Potential Their Products Have for In Vitro Laboratory Applications7.6 Europe Leads All Regions with Highest Adoption of 3D Cell Culture Systems7.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning8.0 Cancer Immunotherapy8.1 Cancer Immunotherapies Riding the PD-1 Wave8.2 European and Asian Companies Lead the Innovation Landscape8.3 Moderna Therapeutics Leads the Venture Landscape8.4 Most Cancer Immunotherapies Target Immune Checkpoint Regulators8.5 Lung Cancer Is a Major Application Area for Cancer Immunotherapy8.6 The United States and Europe Lead Cancer Immunotherapy Markets8.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning9.0 High-throughput Gene Sequencing(HTGS)9.1 Advances in HTGS Driven by the Race to Develop Low-priced Platforms9.2 China Leads the HTGS Innovation Landscape9.3 Cancer Is a Clinical Hot Spot for HTGS-related Funding Activities9.4 Technology Capabilities and Affordability Fuel Sequencing Innovations 9.5 HTGS May Have Increased Diagnostic Applications in the Future9.6 The United States Leads the HTGS Markets9.7 Key Questions for Strategy Planning10.0 Transdermal Drug Delivery10.1 Transdermal Drug Delivery System Technology Evolution 10.2 Translation to Medical Practice Driving Principal Innovations10.3 Technological Trends Highly Reflected in Patent Analysis10.4 Strong Commitment of Both Public and Private Sources10.5 Microneedles Leading the Technological Space10.6 Worldwide Concerns about Disorders Drive Developments in Transdermal Drug Delivery10.7 Companies Focused on Solutions in Clinical Practice 10.7 Companies Focused on Solutions in Clinical Practice (continued)10.7 Companies Focused on Solutions in Clinical Practice (continued) 10.8 Key Questions for Strategy Planning11.0 Nanomedicine11.1 Smart Nanotechnology Enabling Next-gen Healthcare Solutions11.2 More Than Six Hundred Nanomedicines in Clinical Development11.3 Top-tier Companies Own a Pipeline of Breakthrough Nanotherapeutics11.4 Governments Have Been Aware of the Potential of Nanomedicine for Nearly Two Decades 11.5 Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology Evolution as a Proof of Technology Synergy11.6 Nanomedicine Evolution From Nanostructures to Precision Therapeutic Vehicles11.7 Nanomedicine Shifting Business Models for Global Success11.8 Top-tier Pharmaceutical Companies’ Products Reaching the Market11.9 Key Questions for Strategy PlanningLegal Disclaimer12.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story12.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career12.3 Global Perspective12.4 Industry Convergence12.5 360º Research Perspective12.6 Implementation Excellence12.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy

health & wellness top 10 technologies
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health & wellness top 10 technologies

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