Heat-resistant Polymers in the Automotive Industry - Future Tech TOE

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Heat-resistant polymers or high-performance polymers as they are widely known in the industry, are considered to hold solutions to key challenges faced in multiple industries. The unique differentiation offered by this class of polymers to deliver desired performance at temperatures above 150 degrees C is gaining significant attention from high growth application segments such as automotive, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, mining and construction. This Future Tech TOE on heat-resistant polymers in the automotive industry focuses on the recent developments in heat-resistant polymers that are transforming the landscape of materials used in the automotive industry such as polyimide (PI), poly amide imide (PAI)

Table of Contents

Heat-resistant Polymers in the Automotive Industry - Future Tech TOEIntroduction to Heat-resistant Polymers Trends in Automotive Industry Driving Material InnovationsPolymers in Automotive Industry – 2016 ScenarioHeat-resistant Polymers – An OverviewHeat-resistant Polymers – ClassificationHeat-resistant Polymers – Application LandscapePolyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) – Heat-resistant Semicrystalline Thermoplastic PolymersPEEK – Attributes Defining PerformancePEEK – Top Products and Adoption TrendsPEEK – Top Products and Adoption Trends (continued)PEEK – Innovators and InnovationsPolyimide (PI) – Heat-resistant Amorphous Thermoplastic PolymersPI – Attributes Defining PerformancePI – Top Products and Adoption TrendsPI – Innovators and InnovationsPolyether Imide (PEI) – Heat-resistant Amorphous Transparent Thermoplastic PolymersPEI – Attributes Defining PerformancePEI – Top Products and Adoption TrendsPEI – Innovators and InnovationsPolyamide Imide (PAI) – Heat-resistant Metal-like Amorphous Thermoplastic PolymersPAI – Attributes Defining PerformancePAI – Top Products and Adoption TrendsPAI – Innovators and InnovationsSummary – Future Outlook for Heat-resistant Polymers in Automotive Way Ahead – Future of Heat-resistant Polymers in AutomotiveWay Ahead – Future of Heat-resistant Polymers in Automotive (continued)Appendix Key PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Key Contacts

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